Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back in the Hills of Tennessee

So, I've told, I am behind in my journal. Okay, let's get caught up. I know most of you know what we have been doing if you read Ellie's blog. But, for those of you who don't, here is the last few days of adventure.

Tuesday Mark and Jim spent most of the day here at the park doing some of those blue jobs. You know that bright and early Mark was out with his wax! And, that was most of his day. But he has got this motor home shining.

I did the laundry and had just finished putting it away when Ellie came to tell me it was time to leave. As most of you know, she went to a Weight Watchers retreat last week. I had told her that I too did WW, but it had been a while and really needed to get back on program. So, we just decided find a meeting and go. Thanks Ellie for asking me to go. I needed that push. We have been on track for 2 full days now, and there might even be hope for Jim and Mark. Who knows.

Anyway, back to our day. After the meeting, we found a Souper/Salad and had a great lunch and then went to the Publix Grocery and got pork chops to grill and a few other things. Then it was back to the motor homes and a fairly quite afternoon and evening.

Yesterday, we were up early and ready for the day trip that Mark and Jim had been planning for the last month. And, that was a trip to Lynchburg to the Jack Daniel's Distillery. We got on the road and remembered that we were in the Eastern Time Zone and that when we got to Lynchburg we would be the Central Time Zone. Hope they are open. Well, let's head on down the road to Lynchburg.

This picture was taken out Jim's front window. We were glad to know that he was just being towed!

We traveled on down the road and across the river and around the bend and up and down the hills
and then...

Well, at least we don't have to worry about getting to Lynchburg too early

Once we back on the road, we got just outside Lynchburg and Ellie and I made Jim stop for this photo...

I love covered bridges

and old barns

From the covered bridge we went on into the little town of Lynchburg. We walked through a couple of the little antique shops before making our way over to Jack Daniels.

Lynchburg Town Square

In this shop they make furniture and other items from the used whiskey barrels

Well, let's get started on the tour

Jim and Mark meeting up with Jack Daniels

We are official visitors

It all begins here with this sugar maple that gets burned into the charcoal

And it ends up in these barrels where it stays for 4 years before it is bottled...but in between these two steps there is the brewing, but that part of the tour was shut down for maintenance and so that is left to your imagination because I have no pictures...


they did show us the bottling of this Single Barrel whiskey. You can purchase your own barrel for $9,000 to $12,000. They will bottle it one bottle at a time for you. It will even have your own name label on it...

After lunch we visited a much smaller distillery by the name of George Dickel. It was set back in the hills.

This is where the tour started and ended

What a good looking tour group...we are standing in front of the storehouse

This is the distillery

We had a great day and it was a nice trip. You can tell that fall is really beginning to arrive.

Today is Thursday and other than a trip to Walmart, we have spent the day here at the park. Mark and Jim waxed some more. We made chicken and noodles for dinner and had a nice visit.


  1. I had read on Jim & Ellie's blog that you didn't get to actually tour Jack Daniels which is a shame 'cause it's pretty interesting. It IS smelly, though, so maybe you're lucky. I never knew making whiskey was so malodorous!

    Glad you're having a good time. Safe travels.

  2. Well it looks like you all had fun. I talked to Mark yesterday and told him I was on the way to Thackerville to visit the casino and drop off some money...which we did. They have added a new wing to the casino and it has an additional 1200 machines in it. They will add another 1200 machines this next month when they open up the next area. this place is getting so big. I could not believe how big. You can hardly see from one end to the other on the new section!!!

    Joe and Sherri