Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day On The Blue Ridge

We were all up early this morning and anxious to make our trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway with plans of ending up at the Pisgah Inn for lunch. However, we had to wait until 9:00 when the office opened here at the campground because we have decided that we want to stay another couple of days. Also, we wanted to get our tickets for the Biltmore Tour on Wednesday and the campground office offered them for a group rate price. After that we were ready to head out and enjoy this beautiful weather.
Come along as we enjoy the day...
Our first stop
Looking Glass Falls

The cliffs nest to the falls

A look across the road from the falls

Stairway down to the falls

You never know what is around the next corner

Stairway down to the Sliding Rock

and a Sliding Rock it is!

This is where you end up after you slide down the rocks...the sign indicated that the water was 8 feet deep. Of course, the area is closed for the season, but you can have all this fun, slide as many times as your little legs will carry you back to the top all for the price of $1.00 or you can get a season pass for the family car at $25.00.

Looking down stream from the Sliding Rock pond

Moving on down the road

Still enjoying the flowers

We stumbled across this house sitting back up in the trees. I kept waiting for Ma or Pa Kettle to come out on the porch

Looking out across the valley to Cold Mountain

I wonder if Mark could apply for a workkamper job here?

It is time to find lunch, turn right

This is the Mt. Pisguh Inn and our destination for lunch

These are my three lunch companions...they are on a mission to get to lunch...wait until they find out we are going to have to wait an hour or so before being seated!

I think this is the guy taking lunch reservations

Once we were seated this was the view from our table. Lunch was great and worth the wait. After lunch we headed down the mountain and towards the RV Park. We enjoyed the beautiful colors all day.

I will close for today with a couple more pictures of the beautiful view from the Parkway. Hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did.

Stayed tuned for more adventures in and around the Blue Ridge Parkway

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  1. Yes I did enjoy traveling with you today. I hope you let me come back tomorrow. I think Mark could get a job in that fire tower...He would enjoy the climb to the top every morning.

    Joe and Sherri