Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plantations and Shopping

Today we decided to go to visit the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. It is listed as one of the Top 25 most visited historic houses in America.

The plantation is also the home of a unique Audubon Swamp Garden.

And that is were our tour started. Below are a few of the residents of the swamp.

After the swamp tour, we enjoyed a tour of the house.

How would you like to have a front porch like this?

or a bridge like this across the pond out back?

After we toured the house we went for a walk through the gardens and these are a few pictures of the beautiful flowers we saw.

After the plantation, we ejoyed lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and then went downtown and walked through the outdoor market area. Ellie and I both purchased a Sweetgrass Basket. The baskets are handmade from native grasses. It is one of the oldest African crafts in America. It appeared in South Carolina in the late 17th century. You can find them displayed in the markets and along Highway 17 just north of Mount Pleasant.

Tomorrow we are taking a Harbor Cruise and a carriage ride through old town Charleston.


  1. We toured Magnolia Plantation in 2007 and really enjoyed walking the grounds. What a beautiful place. We also enjoyed the Marketplace in Charleston. I'm not a shopper, but I still loved all the local items, especially the baskets.

  2. I saw that you had visited our Blog. It is a work in progress. Finding the time to update it has been the biggest challenge. Enjoy your travels! I enjoy reading all about them.

    Jeremy Kinder

  3. Hi guys:

    I really like how you change your main photo. Sounds like the four of you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for taking us along.

    Ginger & Jesse