Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flu Shots Today

Today is the day Mark and I planned to get our flu shots. We have been trying to do so ever since Chattanooga, but keep missing the dates by a day or two. So, we knew that today CVS at Hilton Head was the spot to be.

They were scheduled to be there from 3 - 7 pm this afternoon. We made our plans to go over to Hilton Head in time to look around for a little while and then be at CVS by 3:00. We ask Jim and Ellie if they would like to go with us and they agreed. So, after lunch we headed that way.

I was anxious to try out our new GPS system, which has been named "Flo" for go with the flow. Well, she did great. It is amazing how a little piece of equipment like that knows exactly where you are and can direct you where you want to go.
Well, we arrived at Hilton Head Island...paid $1.25 to take the toll road and then paid $5.00 per car to get into the community where the light house stands by the Harbor Yacht Club.

Welcome to Hilton Head

where you can enjoy the beach and water

or hang out like these guys

or live on one of these "RV's"

you can even have a Paula Deen dinner cruise

take a sail boat ride with these guys

this is the number to call for your reservation

And, let's not forget the guys keeping our shores safe
Thanks, US Coast Guard for the job you do!

We looked around there for a little while, purchased a shirt and a hat. By this time it was time for us to get to CVS for our flu shots. What a trip that was...we were there for over an hour as there was only one nurse there giving the shots. Well, that is done for another year.

We then told "Flo" to get us back to the RV Park. After we made our back through the $1.25 toll booth, she took us a different direction than the route to Hilton Head. At one point we questioned her decision, but we made it back just fine. We were all ready for dinner by this time so Mark and Jim grilled some chicken, Ellie made some potatoes, salad, and acorn squash and I made dessert. Dinner was great and I might add a whole lot less points than our dinner last evening.

Tomorrow we are planning for a down day here at the RV park. See you then.


  1. Thanks for the picture of the pelicans! I love pelicans - they are such odd birds. Glad you're enjoying Savannah.

  2. Hilton Head, another place I want to see. Thanks for some pics, it is just what I pictured it to be. Of course I would be touring by myself because Kevin would I'm sure, be on the golf course!

  3. I told Ellie and Jim I built some houses in Hilton Head many years ago and they were tight on the security then too. There are some communities all along the coast there that are high $$.