Thursday, October 30, 2008

Washing and Waxing

It was already decided that today was going to be a down day at the RV Park. Now you have to understand that a down day at the RV Park means that the guys want to wash and wax cars and motor homes or clean out and rearrange compartments. The morning started out cool so we were slow to get out and about.

When it warmed up a little, Mark took the jeep down the road to the 25 cent car wash. Okay, a down day means to me that I can opt to stay in my jammies and play on the computer. I needed to clean up my emails. I also wanted to catch up on blogs. I also needed to make my grocery list.

By the time Mark got back from the car wash, Jim was off to the store to pick up a few things before he started washing the motor home. Mark had finished the car and was starting on the motor home when Jim returned and got started with his blue jobs.

Well, they both washed and cleaned, and polished and cleaned some more. Around 1:00, they decided it was lunch time and they wanted to go just down the road to The Pink Pig, another place on their list of things to do in Savannah.

So, we were off.

The Pink Pig is a must for everyone visiting the Savannah area. It has been named one of the best places to eat by Southern Living Magazines. Everyone had bbq but me. I had the Brunswick Stew. Everything was really good!

Well, it was time to get back to the chores. We got back to the RV Park, Mark was on the roof, Jim and Ellie were washing the rest of their motor home and I headed off to Wal-Mart. By the time I returned from my grocery shopping, they were all finished for the day and about ready to start dinner. Tonight we grilled out, bacon wrapped turkey fillets, mixed veggies with pasta, and strawberry shortcake was the menu for tonight. After dinner, the guys made a fire and we set out for awhile until the fire didn't even keep us warm.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Tybee Island for the day. Hope you will join us there.
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