Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Finish To The Week

After all of the rain we had on Friday we managed to wake up to just clouds on Saturday. Ellie and I went to the local Weight Watchers meeting and again we were both able to celebrate a loss.
Mark and Jim went to breakfast while we were gone. When we all gathered back at the RV Park, we decided to head out to Camping World so Mark could get himself a new and taller ladder.

Also, during the day, Charles, better known to some of you as "Roz" called to see if we had made our way to Savannah yet. He and Ethel were heading home to Jacksonville, Florida from a 4 month workkamping position in Maine and thought they could catch up with us there. I told him we were still in Charleston and why didn't they come meet up with us here. They discussed the possibility and called decided to do just that. We are all so glad they did. We waited dinner on them and all went out to the Crab Shack at Foley Beach last night and then came back to the motor home for a good visit. After another nice visit this morning they were on their way to Jacksonville.

After the goodbyes, I headed out to get the laundry done and returned right after lunch. This afternoon I spent walking around the RV Park for the last time getting a few more pictures. I got back to the RV and it was time to start dinner. I had invited Jim and Ellie to have dinner with us tonight. I made meat loaf with brown mushroom gravy, green beans with new potatoes, and steamed squash. After dinner, Ellie and I went to the Publix store and found some Fat Free Ice Cream that allowed us to have a whole cup for just "1" Weight Watcher point. We felt very special. What a nice end of the day treat.

And thanks again, Charles and Ethel for stopping over and taking the extra time to stop and meet up with the four of us. We look forward to seeing you again.
Now, if you are planning a trip to Charleston, Plantion Oaks RV Park is a must.

You can probably check with one of these residents for reservations...

and I am sure this fellow is keeping watch from above...

Tomorrow we will be leaving Charleston and moving about 85 miles south to Savannah. We are staying at Hardeeville RV Park in Hardeeville, SC, which is just outside Savannah. We are looking forward to a week or two there. I am sure there will be much to tell so stayed tuned to the adventures that are awaiting us there.

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  1. Did you get to go on the Yorktown? I really enjoyed the tour on that had so much history on board! Have fun