Saturday, October 11, 2008

On The Road Again...

Today we traveled from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to Hendersonville, North Carolina. We are just south of Asheville. We left the campground and headed out Hwy 411 to connect with I-40E. Well it wasn't long before I knew we had taken the scenic route for sure. It was narrow, up and down, and round and round! However, it was really beautiful and I was able to catch a few shots in between telling Mark to slow down. His only comment was, "the map showed it to be a 4 lane road, how was I to know?"

Asheville, here we come....I hope all 71 miles is not like this

The narrow road up ahead

When is the last time you saw a posted sign for a tractor crossing?

I guess this is were the tractor lives...our grandson, Andrew, would love to ride his Kubota here

I love that all the little country churches are painted white

Such a beautiful view

We finally found I-40

Even though we found the interstate, it was still up and down and round and round

and in and out of tunnels

and finally we made it to the RV Park

and this is the scenery out of our living room window

We are looking forward to spending the week here in the Asheville area, so stayed tuned to the upcoming adventures


  1. Have a blast with this weeks activities. Welcome to our state of NC.