Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Day of Shopping

We picked Jim and Ellie up this morning around 10:30 and started out for a day of shopping. We figured that we would first stop in Pigeon Forge, then make our way to Gatlinburg, and back to Pigeon Forge by mid afternoon. Ready, set, let's go...

The day started out to be a little on the cloudy side, but promised to end up a beautiful day, which it did.

Our first stop was at the quilt store

where we found lots of quilts

Ellie and I had been talking about new we were delighted when we found this outlet store. Ellie found just exactly what she wanted and made her purchase. On the other hand, I found a few possibilities, but just wasn't sure enough to get them today. Maybe later.

If you don't want to drive in the traffic, you can catch the trolley

There are fall decorations everywhere

Leaving Pigeon Forge and heading to Gatlinburg

Once we made our way to Gatlinburg and found a place to park, we decided we needed lunch before tackling the shopping

One of crafter's displaying her talent

A couple of cute shops

A house that sits high above the main street in Gatlinburg

More fall decorations

The Candy Man pulling the taffy

A few characters we met along the way

Plus a few old crows

This is quite a pair

I think this pumpkin might take the prize

Back in Sevierville

We were real tempted by these fried pies

and what about all these apples

What a way to end another great day in the Smokey Mountains! but before I go...

This is for my friend Joe "Speedy"...just to know...


  1. Sounds like great fun. I love your pictures, makes me feel like I'm along for the ride...

  2. We took a picture of that same house overlooking Gatlinburg!! Wasn't that something? Glad you're having a good time. Safe travels.

  3. Hey how cool. That looks like a neat place to visit. I bet your all having fun..we would sure love to be there with you....

    How far are you all from where Jenny is?

    Joe and Sherri