Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Full Day in Savannah

This morning started off clear and cold, but Ellie and I braved the cold to find the local Weight Watchers meeting. We decided with all the restaurants our two traveling companions have on their "to do" list, we should weigh in at the first of the week instead of the last, and by the end of this journal, you will understand our reasoning!

Well, all weighed in, we returned to the RV park to get a quick low point lunch and pick up the guys so we could head to Savannah and River Street. Well, it just so happened that with a couple of right turns you can go right by Paula Deen's on the way to River Street. First thing Ellie and I know we have been deposited on the corner to make reservations for dinner. Now, we know for sure that we have to do a lot of walking to earn those activity points for the day. After a trip around the block, the guys pick us up and we are off until we have to be back at 4:45 for the 5:00 seating at Paula's.
After trying to get into a couple of parking garages, we finally find one that isn't full, get parked, get our cameras, and we are off to River Street.
Here we go...

Welcome to Savannah and River Street and all the shopping and eating one would want to do

But, to get there, one must descend all these stairs

Here you can shop for T-Shirts, jewelery, candy, gifts, books, peanuts, etc.

River Street is home to the Savannah River Boats

and the tug boats

This is the waving girl...standing next to the river

After shopping from one end of River Street to the other, we made our way back up the steps and down this lovely sidewalk and over a block or three to none other but...

The Lady and Sons for our 5:00 dinner reservations

So Mark and Jim can have dinner with Paula

We didn't have to wait too long to be seated

And now, my friends, dinner is served...and it indeed was a full day in Savannah!

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  1. What a neat place. I want to go...
    I bet dinner was wonderful. I love Paula's recipes (unfortunately).
    Have fun.