Monday, October 20, 2008

Arriving In The South

Yesterday was a travel day. We awoke to almost freezing temperatures, so we were all glad to be heading South. That is the nice thing about this lifestyle. If you don't like the temperatures or the surroundings you just pack up and move. Well, we all loved the area we were in, but we were ready to find some warmer temperatures. So we were off...Charleston, here we come!

Heading down I-26...

saying our good byes to North Carolina, the mountains, and the fall colors.

We were welcomed to South Carolina and

found direction to Charleston.

These beautiful wild flowers covered the areas all along the highways. What a change from the reds and yellows of the trees we left in North Carolina and Tennessee.

We arrived at the Oak Plantation RV Park about mid afternoon and got the motor homes all set up when...Ellie wanted to know "do you want to go find the ocean?" I am always ready for the ocean. I love the beach.

First we drove out to James Island to look at their campground for future reference. Then we were off to find the ocean.

Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean

I couldn't wait to put my feet in the water

and take a walk on the beach looking for shells.

and to find lighthouses

and eat some yummy fresh seafood

and take time to enjoy a beautiful day in South Carolina!

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