Monday, October 27, 2008

Savannah...Here We Are

We left Charleston this morning for our 97 mile drive to Savannah. Mark was delighted that he got 8.9 mpg and we were both glad to only pay $3.35 a gallon for fuel. Isn't it a shame to be excited to only pay $3.35. We did see it for $3.19 down the road, but they were out. Go figure.

We arrived at our new home, the Hardeville RV Park, which is really in Hardeville, SC, just outside Savannah. We got the motor homes set up. Ellie had a hard time getting the satellite to come in, but she finally got it. Mark turned on our hot water heater and the light on the switch didn't come on, so we had to figure out if it was just the light or the switch. Well, after a little while we had hot water, so we decided it was just the light that is out. Now, this sounded like a good enough reason to make a trip to the local Camping World, plus Jim needed to go by the Saturn dealership. Now, we have the making of an afternoon trip. So we were all off...

We found the Camping World, no switch. We found the Saturn dealership and Jim got his part ordered and it will ready for pick up on Friday. Then we located Best Buy where Mark and I purchased a GPS. Our children will be glad to know that Pop finally spent his gift card. Thanks guys. Now, we won't get lost. We also looked at camera's while we were there. Mark is wanting his own, so the deal is he can have mine and I will get the new one. Well, what I found will have to wait until another day. One new toy at a time. Ellie looked at new telephones while we were there, but decided she would just go to the Verizon store for what would probably be a better deal.

We weren't too far from Skidaway Island State Park, so we made a fast trip through there and by that time it was past time to find dinner. We had located a Mexican food restaurant downtown that was on the top 10 list. We found it and it was yummy. By this time it was time for us to head back to the RV park so Ellie and Jim could take care of the fur kids.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to River Street and checking out the sights there. So for now, I will say goodnight and see you tomorrow from the Savannah River.


  1. Love the new header picture!! Is that from Magnolia Plantation?

  2. The light on my HWH is only for the gas side. It goes off after the ignitor lights the heater. The electric side does not have the light? Yours must be different?


  3. Ya, a GPS, that means GEOcaching! It's a lot of fun and you get to see the coolest places that you'd normally never know they're there. Have fun. See you in chat.

  4. Did you mean 2.35 a gallon?