Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A New Day and New Travelers

Today, we had another fun day in Kerrville. My three travelers were up and on the move early. Today, they would anxious await the arrival of more family due to join us this afternoon.

Andrew and Poppa were up first and outside watching the workkampers get started for the day.

Lauren was next to appear, and trying to make the big decision about what she would wear today.

Hello, sleepy head...come on out and join us.

Big pow-wow about the plans for the day...

Better have a little playtime at the park.

These two are putting a welcome note on the door of the cabin where their parents will be staying when they get here.

Poppa is just relaxing and counting the fish.

Craft time in the heat of the afternoon

This is Kourtney our number 5 grandchild. This is her first vacation.

Welcome Caden. This is our number 4 grandchild. He is busy checking out the tow bar on the jeep. This is also his first vacation.

So, it is goodnight for now, as we look forward to another busy day tomorrow with the arrival of our last two visitors.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun At Buckhorn Lake Resort

Yeah! We arrived at Buckhorn Lake Resort today about 11:30. Of, course, my three travelers were eager to get out and about the business of checking out every corner of the park. And, yes, they have been here before and I don't think one thing has changed. After a quick bike trip around the park they were back and ready for lunch. We spent the afternoon bike riding and in the pool. I won't go into detail with a lot of information. I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves...

I wonder where Poppa has stored all our stuff?

Let's go and see what we can find

This is the loop across from ours. This is out our front window.

These two guys came swimming by this afternoon.

This is the part of the main section of the park

Lauren says to tell everyone hello, and come on in, the water is great!

All is quite when dinner is served!

Well, all is quite tonight and my three travelers are all sound asleep. They will be up with the sun and looking forward to another day here in the park. Tomorrow we are expecting four of the big kids and the two other grand babies (by the way this will be their first vacation). Then on Thursday the other two big kids are coming. So with that thought, I am headed for bed by self. See you tomorrow...

Monday, June 23, 2008

What A Day...

Oh my, when I last wrote, we had arrived in Branson, MO, for the RV Dreams Rally. I said that the story would be continued…but so much happened and I was having so much fun that I am sorry to say my blogging was put on the back burner. Now, many days later, so much time has past and most of that story has already been told by the other dreamers. So, I will not take the time to repeat what has already been said by so many others. My last thought from our week in Branson is to just say thanks to Howard and Linda for all the work they did. Hugs to both of them and let’s get the next one planned.

Now let’s just quickly catch up since the rally. We left the rally and headed towards Carthage. There we got the few items adjusted on the motor home at Coachlight RV. We stayed in the RV Park there. This is where we purchased the motor home and we always like to stay there at the park when we are in the area. And, as always when I am there, I made my trip to the Precious Moments Chapel and gift shop. I might add if you are ever in the area it is an attraction worth taking in.

We finished our business in Carthage on Tuesday and headed on towards Texas. I did talk Mark into stopping at the Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma for the night. We arrived there around 6:00 and quickly made our way inside and found the buffet, which was the best deal of the night. With the senior discount, both of us ate for $12.60. Now, with a full stomach, we were off to the slots. We played until around 11:00 We, didn’t win much, but we didn't leave much either, so guess we can just say we had a good time. It was a casino I will visit again. No RV Park, but they let you dry camp on the back parking lot.

Wednesday morning we were up early and on our way to Fort Worth. We arrived mid-morning and got started regrouping for our next trip. At this point, I will fast forward to today which is Monday, June 23 and the day we leave on our grandchildren trip to Kerrville.

Andrew, Lauen, and Zachary

We were up early this morning, as our first little traveler arrived at 6:00 a.m. and the other two appeared around 8:00. We did not tarry long because the three of them were on board and ready to roll. We were all settled in and doing our own thing. Andrew always rides up front with his poppa. Zachary and Lauren are on the couch with their games and I have the rocking recliner and am settled in with the laptop determined to catch up on my blog in between my flight attendant duties…LOL, but loving every minute I live as Moppah.

Andrew, the co-pliot

Zachary and Lauren

Then came this strange surging and leaping and from the cockpit came...


We have made it almost to Hamilton, which is about 90 miles from the house. The motor home is struggling to go. The same sort of problem we had when we were coming home from Port Aransas. If you remember last time this happened we filled up with new fuel and all was well. However, today, that was not the case. We made a u-turn on 281 and went back into town, filled up with $100 in fuel and took off. Again, we made it a little way down the road and the same thing happened.

Now, Mark has pulled over and we decide that before we get stranded on 281, a back road, we had better head back to Fort Worth. So, we unhook the jeep and he and the boys make one more u-turn and headed for Cummins in Fort Worth. Lauren and I followed in the jeep. Upon arrival at the Cummins dealership, they assess the situation and find that there is a blockage in the check valve in the primmer pump, between the tank and the fuel filter. I think I have described that correctly, but more to the point, $691.00 later, another $130 in fuel, we were back on the road. Mark has just told me while we were having the problem earlier we used 28 gallons of fuel in 90 miles. Well, I guess it could have been worse and we could have had to be towed. So, at this point, I will count my blessings and not complain too much. I am grateful to the guys at Cummins that got us right in and out. And, thanks to Jennifer for coming to our rescue and taking us to get lunch while Poppa was stranded at the repair shop.

The only thing we really lost out on was an afternoon at the RV Park, but, now that we are back on the road, we are planning on making it to Boone RV Park in Lampassas for the night. I am hoping for wifi there so I can chat for a short time later tonight.

We have arrived at the Boone RV Park, yes, I have wifi, and all is well. It will be on to Kerrville tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Busy Weekend and Arrival in Branson

About this past weekend, just let me say it was hectic. There were a lot of things that needed to get accomplished in preparation for leaving on Monday. I will not bore anyone with the busy activities that took place, but I do want to share a couple of pictures of Zachary, our 3rd grandchild.

He came to visit on Saturday and brought his newest toy with him. This is his monster truck. He has worked very hard throughout first grade to earn this. Congratulations Zachary, and Pop and I are very proud of you and all of the awards you earned this year in school.

Oh, yes, let me just say this about his new remote control truck. It will go about 45 mph and for those of you that are complaining about the price of fuel, the gas for this truck is $27.00 per gallon.

It is now off to Branson and the 1st RV Dreams Rally. We got away from home around 4:30 on Monday afternoon. We dodged rain for awhile, but then it turned into a beautiful evening. We drove to Joplin, MO and spent the night in the Sam's parking lot. We were up early this morning and both anxious to get on the road to Branson. After a short 120 miles we arrived at the ABC Campground.

After a trip through the motor home/car wash, we set up in our site. We are next to Karon and her DH, Ellie and Jim are on the other side of them. Joe and Sherri are on the row in front of us and the big tent with Howard and Linda is right behind us. I think we got a prime spot.

The big tent is the central location for the rally. After we checked in and met several of the other RVers, we were ready for the fun to begin and the rally doesn't even officially start until tomorrow.
Linda is getting hair done in a french braid. Ginger is looking on.
Speedy has discovered that the wifi card in his computer does not work. Ellie and Mr. Geek are trying to fix the problem...
This afternoon, Linda and Ginger held class on making braid bottom t-shirts. It was quite interesting.
The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting, some came and some went, and some stayed under the big tent all afternoon. By night fall almost all had arrived. There are a few left to arrive tomorrow. It has been a great day and we are looking forward to getting to know all of our fellow RV dreamers better. Until tomorrow....this story to be continued.

Friday, June 6, 2008

From Plan A to Plan B

Always, one should have a plan B when Plan A doesn't work. Today, we were up early. Mark was off to his construction job, which by the way, is beginning to take shape. They should be finished with it by Monday. I did a load of laundry and did some ironing. Plan A going great. I was busy checking on a few blogs and learning a little about Photo bucket, just waiting until time to go get my hair done. "Ring, goes the phone," my hairstylist has called to see if I can come tomorrow instead of today. "Sure" no problem, just make sure no slip ups tomorrow, I have to have a hair cut.

Now, this is when I have to put plan B in to consideration. That's okay, and it might work out better. I got a few more errands run today and have made one trip to Karen's school to do a few things. We worked until about 4:30.

She has now gone to pick up baby girl at the sitters and will come home to feed her. Her dad is coming home a little early and we will go back to school this evening to accomplish a lot. LOL... Seriously, I hope it is a lot so she doesn't have much left for Monday, since I cannot help. My help for her on Monday will be taking care of 5 children.

And, in between, taking care of children, I will be thinking, I have forgotten anything for the trip. Well, it is time to get back to work.

For everyone out there, here's wishing you a great weekend and I hope your plans stay on track.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What A Windy Day

Well, today was to be another productive day in preparation for departure to the rally. We were up early and had the day planned, breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and then off to run errands, pick up things at Costcos, etc., etc. Before we could leave, my mom called and said that there was a line down in her back yard. I told her we were heading out and would stop by to check it out. It was just an old cable line, so Mark finished taking it down and she was glad to know that it wasn't something she needed.

Okay, we are off. We got everything done that we had on our list for the day. When we arrived back home, I got started putting things away and Mark was busy making another list of things to do. I needed to come back into the house for something, and headed out the door of the motor home when I noticed something strange at the end of the driveway. As I got closer, this is what I found.

The wind had broken off one of the limbs to one of our big elm trees. Oh, my goodness, and we didn't even hear it. I am just so thankful it fell across our neighbors driveway and not on their house or ours. Well, guess what, I know how we are going to spend the afternoon. Well, it took us 3 saw blades and help from our oldest son to get it done.

What A Wind

We were just taking a breather, when my mom called again. She was nearly in a panic because a big tree limb had broken off of her Bradford Pear tree and had fallen on her air conditioner. I assured her we would get it taken care of and that I would send the tree trimmers her way. So, Mark and Scott were off to the rescue.

That is about it from here today. I'm tired.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just Working Away

I didn't journal yesterday as I was busy from sunup to way after sundown. I had a doctor's appointment but finished quickly with the dermatologist and was on my way. Mark was working on the building at our son's house, so, I knew he was quite pre-occupied. So, great, I am thinking, this would be a good time to make a trip through the mall. I found some real bargains and purchased myself some new shorts for the summer. I bumped into my friend, Karen. She and her husband travel with us several times a year. She had also seen the same sale as myself and was trying to add to her summer wardrobe. We had a good time in the dressing room laughing and talking about the Branson trip and then thinking on towards July and where we might like to travel. We made our purchases and she and her DH were off to finish their errands and have lunch.

I made a few more stores and then headed to catch up with Mark. He doesn't tell time too well, and completely forgot to eat lunch. I think I arrived with nourishment just in time to keep him for passing out in the back yard. Somewhat revived, he finished what he had do, picked up his tools and headed for the house and the air conditioning. It was very hot yesterday, like 98, with a 107 heat index.

I was now off to pick up grandchildren and help Karen work in her classroom. We accomplished a little. We took down some bulletin board material and rearranged some book shelves. However, there is still a lot to do before she leaves on Monday for the summer break. Last night we went to run a few errands for the teacher retirement party.

By the time we got back home, she was busy getting baby girl ready for bed and I was off the chat with my friends. All I can say is that the excitement about the rally is growing by the day.

It is now Wednesday and Mark left early to go back to his construction job. I was up and had the laundry started early. I did a little cleaning in the motor home, took out some winter clothes that I am sure I won't need for several months. I took a little inventory of the pantry and have a serious grocery list underway.

I decided to take a little break and got on the computer and made my list of those attending the rally so I could make note of those arriving early and their site numbers as they are posted. I looked over the itinerary one more time and made some mental notes of the events for the week. While working on the computer, I decided to catch up on my blog, which brings me to the present time.

I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, so in case I don't get back, I hope everyone out there is having a great week. For those that are counting down the days to June 11, I hope your packing and travel plans are coming together. Safe travels to those already on the road and see you soon.

In closing, I am posting pictures of the big construction job in progrss.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Better Today

Well, I would like to say that things around here are much better today. Karen and Mark are both back among the living. Kourtney stayed here with me today. She is eating better and at least was somewhat interested in taking her bottle. She also napped pretty good. Okay, so much for the medical report. And by the way, thanks, to all last night that sent their best.

So today, I was pretty much back on my plan for getting things ready for the rally. I did the laundry and got the ironing done, so that will be easy to keep up for the rest of the week. Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment and will run some of my errands while I am out about. I am making my lists and checking them twice to make sure I have everything I think I want before we leave. Then again, there is always Wal-Mart when we get there.

I was looking on-line today and refreshed my memory about Branson. I located the outdoor shopping mall down by the river and saw that there is also an outlet mall in the area. Mark looked up Lamberts and refreshed his memory about how to get there.

Hope everyone had a good Monday and is on the count down to rally time. For this location it is now 6 days until departure and 7 until arrival at the campground.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

10 Days and Counting...

Well, after my two days of doing nothing, things have certainly picked up pace. Yesterday we went to Waco, about 90 miles from home, to a birthday party. So that was the day. My daughter-in-law and I did manage to make a brief stop at the outlet mall on the way home. We went in to the Fossil store while Pop stayed in the car with sleeping baby. I got a much needed new purse and she got a new pair of sunglasses. We arrived home just in time to get to watch the other baby while her mom and dad were off to test drive a new car. They are in the market for something that gets a little better gas mileage. Kenneth works about 25 miles from home

Then, today, I woke up, to the fact that it is only 10 days until rally time. YES...however, all of that planning I did last week and the two days of nothing...well, now I have alot to accomplish. And, in the mist of having that thought, Mark has gotten up and is sick. And, my phone is ringing and it is Kenneth from the house. Karen and Kourtney are both sick. It's that stomach bug...bit them all. So today I have played nurse to two in the house and one in the motor home. All I can say about that is they better keep it to themselves. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for all.

In addition to getting everything ready in the motor home, I have a doctor's appointment and a much needed hair appointment. Mark's mom has a doctor's appointment. I will be picking up grandchildren after school a few days this week and helping Karen to pack up her classroom for the summer. All of that said, Mark will be pushing and wondering how and when will I get it all done. But, I seem to thrive under stress and deadlines, so I will still be putting things in the motorhome as he is cranking up the diesel. And, then I will have all the way to Branson to catch my breath and I will be ready to meet everyone and enjoy "rally time"!