Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saving The Best Till Last!

Even though today was our last day in Rockport, it started as most other days and that was with breakfast.  Today’s choice was

Rockport 2010 001

Rockport 2010 005

JJ’s.   Not the $3.00 special from Alice Faye’s, but a great breakfast.

Afterwards, we headed to

Rockport 2010 007

Flowers to buy shrimp.  I got

Rockport 2010 008

10 pounds of medium/large shrimp.  She gave us an extra pound for our purchase.  In addition, we bought calamari and homemade eggrolls.

Happy with our purchase, it was back to the RV Park where we had to get busy

Rockport 2010 014

peeling and cleaning our shrimp.  With a little team work soon all those little critters were cleaned,

Rockport 2010 016

bagged, and in the freezer.  These should hold us for awhile!

By this time, it was afternoon and everyone was busy at their own rigs picking up, cleaning up, and packing up for our tomorrow’s departure.

When all the chores were done, it was time for this particular group to gather for the last time.  Keith and Donna wanted us to go to Crab-N for dinner.  What a yummy, yummy meal!  Then it was back to the RV Park were we surprised

Rockport 2010 035

Donna for her

Rockport 2010 028

birthday which is tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Donna….great getting to share it with you!

And, with that little celebration, we have ended our time in Rockport for 2010….so it is…

Rockport 2010 021

Donna and Keith…

Rockport 2010 019

Molly and Bob…

Rockport 2010 020

Karen and Donnie…

Rockport 2010 022

Lynette and Mac…

Rockport 2010 023

Arlene and Kevin…

Rockport 2010 024

Deb and Rod…and

Rockport 2010 025

Mark and myself….

signing off on one more great adventure with great friends…but, not without taking with us memories that will last forever.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s What Day?

Wow, I don’t know what happened to the month of March, but it is all but gone.  And, we all here at The Last Resort have realized that our time together is quickly drawing to a close for now.  We have so much to get worked into our last few days.

So, with no time to loose, on Monday, we headed to

Rockport 2010 009

Alice Fay’s for one last $3.00 special breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, and 2 pancakes.  Most of

Rockport 2010 018

gang was there and as usual we had a great time.  We even took time to wish

Rockport 2010 019

Helen a Happy Birthday.

After breakfast, we all parted ways for different reasons.  Deb and I did a little shopping in the local beach shop before Mark and I dropped she and Rod at

Rockport 2010 002

Ford Service Center.  Then, Mark and I took a short drive around Conn Harbor.  The only visitor to the harbor today was

Rockport 2010 021

this pelican, who was watching for his breakfast.

Once back at the RV Park, several of the other girls decided they were going to go back to the beach shop I told them about.  I declined another trip, and instead stayed at the park to get in my daily walk.

Upon their return, Donnie and Mac

Rockport 2010 028

were anxious to show off the new swim suit wraps that Karen and Lynette had purchased.  Looking good guys!  Lot’s of laughs.

After dinner, we all headed to the clubhouse for a couple of games of Hand and Foot and Mexican Train.

Before parting ways, it was decided that we needed one more trip to the beach.  So, we made the plan and this morning, we were all up and headed to Port A for the day.

We made our way down the beach finding

Rockport 2010 037

just the right spot to park.  And, like all of our gatherings, out came the snacks….however, Molly

Rockport 2010 047

didn’t know she would have to share her cheese crackers with the local residents…not only did she share one crackers with the gulls, they

Rockport 2010 048

chased her down for a second one!

Well, then she had to tell

Rockport 2010 050

Bob all about the birds taking her crackers.  Obviously, he didn’t get the message, because they

Rockport 2010 056

came after his crackers too!

We had a great time on the beach today.  While some

Rockport 2010 063

chose to sit and visit, others

Rockport 2010 042

of us walked the beach looking for treasures.

Next on the agenda was lunch at

Rockport 2010 065

Fin’s.  We all gathered

Rockport 2010 066

on the patio and placed our order.  Rod says they hold up to their claim of having big

Rockport 2010 073


After lunch, it was more shopping before one last trip

Rockport 2010 036

on the ferry to the mainland.

This evening, we all gathered at Mac and Lynnette’s for a time of visiting and planning for tomorrow, which will be our last day together in Rockport.

At this point, I think, we have one last breakfast trip planned, some shopping, some shrimp to purchase, and who knows what else.  Guess we will see how the day goes.  So, see you tomorrow for the final chapter of Rockport 2010!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What A Boil…

We have planned and waited all month for today when Bob would get out his special

Rockport 2010 017

recipe for a boil.

We all gathered

Rockport 2010 001

at Molly and Bob’s house with our drinks and

Rockport 2010 004



Rockport 2010 003

was all set up are ready to start.


Rockport 2010 006

with a layer of potatoes and carrots we got started.  Next came a

Rockport 2010 016

layer of chicken wings.  Bob says this is where all the flavor comes from!  While the chicken was cooking, several were

Rockport 2010 010

busy shucking

Rockport 2010 012

the corn.  This would be the next thing to go into the pot.

In between every layer Bob added salt, pepper, and

Rockport 2010 018

Old Bay.

The only thing left to add was the

Rockport 2010 027

shrimp and the

Rockport 2010 022

Stone Crab.  Now, with everything in the pot, it was just a matter

Rockport 2010 026

of time until…

Rockport 2010 031

Bob would arrive at the clubhouse where the

Rockport 2010 034

table was being prepared for

Rockport 2010 047


It didn’t take long for everyone to get right

Rockport 2010 048

down to the business of eating.  And, eating we did.  It was all soooooo good.

And, if the big boil wasn’t enough, there was

Rockport 2010 050

Hummingbird Cake,

Rockport 2010 033

strawberries and pecan pie.

And, when all was said and done….this was

Rockport 2010 049

all that was left of Bob’s hard work!

After a short break, we all headed back to the clubhouse for

Rockport 2010 056

the nightly guys vs. girls Hand and Foot challenge.  Tonight these girls came out winners, but overall the guys are still ahead.  But, we aren’t giving up yet!

And, this bring us to the end of yet another day filled with sunshine, laughs, and friends.  Oh, yes…don’t forget the food!