Saturday, December 3, 2011

Home for the Holidays...

A couple of weeks ago, we left the warmth of the RGV, and traveled just a little over 500 miles north to Fort Worth.  And, here we are parked at Karen and Kenneth's, which we will call home until after the new year.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving at my mom's, where the kitchen is


is always a busy place.  Kourtney is getting a lesson from Great MiMi on how to assemble the relish tray and then she learns from


Aunt Bobbi about baking rolls.



is just hanging out enjoying her first Thanksgiving.

This year, it was just Mark and I, the little girls, our moms, my sister, brother-in-law and one nephew.  A little on the quite

The rest of the family was either out of town or having lunch with their spouse's families.  However, before the day was over, most all of them showed up for visiting and leftovers.

We were both thankful and blessed to have shared the day with family.

On Friday, we joined the kids at the Gaylord Texas Resort in Grapevine. 

While they all attended the


Shrek Ice Show, played on the


ice slides, and


snow tubes, Pop and I chose to keep


Kinley and take a tour of the resort.

And, as always, the decorations were awesome.  There were




giant toy soldiers,


gingerbread houses, and


beautiful Christmas trees.  And, all of the settings are underneath this glass domed lobby of the resort.  We enjoyed coffee and the terrace of the

DSC_0157 W


Kinley and


Poppa walked and looked until


she couldn't look any longer.

It was a great day.

With the holiday weekend behind us, it was time for Poppa to help out at Scott and Jennifer's house where they are having a


pool installed.

The boys have stayed busy


digging holes and moving


fences.  Of, course, there was time to have fun


riding their bikes in the deep end of the pool.  Oh, what energy!

It has been less than a week now, and, the pool is


taking shape.  If our weather holds out, it should have water in it by Christmas.  Maybe, a dip in the hot tub by New Year's!

I have had an agenda of my own.  And, one of the things on my list was to have my sewing machine serviced.  Even after not using it for quite a long time, the technician said it was in great shape and running like new.  I am now looking forward to several projects.

Last night, the grandkids got together for their annual Christmas project.  This year, they painted


glass ornaments.  And, when the evening was over they were


quite impressed with their talents.  They can't wait to hang them on their trees.

Today, we woke to cold rain which has stayed with us all day and is suppose to last through the weekend.  In, fact, the forecast brings the possibility of a freezing rain and a little snow to just west of us by Monday.  We will have to wait that one out.

Well, I guess, once again, that catches us up, and even though we are a little late, Mark and I hope each of you had a blessed Thanksgiving and we wish you a very happy holiday season as it is beginning to look a lot Christmas everywhere you go!