Friday, May 30, 2014

Next Stop...Watson Lake

May 30, 2014

As we approached this day's journey, I couldn't wait to get to Watson Lake.  I guess, because I have heard so much about it.  Our trip was only 120 miles, so I didn't have to wait long.  But, oh, the things we saw before we arrived in Watson Lake.

There were


buffalo and


momma bear and her cub, and


a fox out for breakfast!

Even though we were only going 120 miles, we still made our


stops along the way.  Thank goodness for those long pullouts.

And, finally, one more milestone...we crossed into


Yukon Territories and made it to Watson Lake.

We headed straight to the business of the day, and the reason for stopping in Watson Lake...the


Famous Sign Post Forest.  This was the stop I was waiting for, and it truly is a forest.

We wandered up


and down and in and out row after row of signs that have been placed here over the years.  The first sign was placed here by Carl K. Lindley of Danville, IL, a U,S. Army Solider, working on the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942.  Visitors today are still adding signs which now number over 72,000.

Be careful Mark...


don't get lost!

We found the perfect post to hang


our sign, and were glad to help


keep the tradition going!

Mark and I found a sign from our


hometown.  We added our name to it as well.

It is also said, that while you travel the Alaska Highway, you will probably meet up with others you know that are also traveling to Alaska.  And, today, we found that to be true.

First, we saw


Chuck and Kathy...then came


Mark...with another sign for the forest.  Dennis, Carol, and a whole group called the Loosy Goosey's were there for the


hanging of their sign.

  Now that all the signs were officially hung with care, it was time to get settled in the big town of Watson Lake...population 1,563.

We stayed at the


Downtown RV was downtown and was nothing more than a big parking lot.  However, it was a good overnight spot with a place to do laundry and Wi-Fi...nothing like catching up with the outside world after several days of being off the grid.

After dinner Bob, Molly, Mark and I took a drive up Highway 4 to find the lake, when we were sidetracked by this guy


out for his evening walk.  We watched him for a good while...of course,


he was watching us too!

After a while, we thought we might scout out an new campground...


Molly and I decided it wasn't down this road...hey guys, time to turn around!

Meanwhile, back at the Downtown RV Park where


the day is winding down... it is 9:00 p.m. and way to light to think about sleeping.  However, tomorrow is a travel, we pull down those blinds and close our eyes on another day in the Yukon.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jasper to Liard River Hot Springs...

May 27, 2014

Too soon we found ourselves


heading out of Jasper National Park.  I will return...


what beautiful country!

Today's travel destination would take us just 250 miles up the road to Grand Prairie.  The day started off cool and



We were able to catch sight of someDSC_0065-001 

wildlife before the


sky darkened and the


rains came.

By the time we arrived in Grande Prairie, the only thing on Mark's mind was


finding a truck wash for the motor home and



Bob wasn't


far behind.

Thank goodness we found that truck wash!  With clean vehicles, it was time to pick out our site at Camp Wal-Mart.  Of, course, this is the most expensive free campground around!  And, yes, we did pick up a few things we thought we really needed.

Lunch at Five Guys and a leisure afternoon rounded out the rest of this travel day.

May 28, 2014

On Wednesday, we were up and ready to pull out by 7:00 a.m.  Today's travel plan would put us on the


right track.  Not far up the road we made our way into


British Columbia.

We stopped along the way for  Mark and Wanda to


pass out  morning snacks.  I think they have a new friend.

Time to get back on the road...places to go!  Next stop


Dawson Creek...Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway!

We also made stops at the Historic


Kiskatinaw River Bridge.  This 531 food structure is the only original timber bridge built along the Alaska Highway that is still in use today.

A pretty amazing


job of engineering this curved wooden bridge!

I guess those morning snacks didn't last too long, because by Mile 72, we were stopping at


The Shepherd's Inn for lunch and a nice break.

Once we were back on the road, we enjoyed a nice afternoon of travel...we saw


workers sweeping the up the gravel from the winter and



bears playing along the road.  And, lots of signs

North To AlaskaCanada 2014-001

to beware of of wildlife...however, other than the bears, these two


took the prize!  I was moaning because I haven't yet seen a moose!

We found a great


pull out just outside of Fort Nelson.  We decided to own it for the night!  We put out our lawn chairs and


set up camp.

Thanks Bill


for cooking the hotdogs!

Another great finish to a great travel day!

May 29, 2014

This getting up by 5:30 in the morning and being ready to leave before 7 is getting to be a habit.  Today's journey took us straight into Fort Nelson...we all needed fuel.  This was our $$$ fuel stop so far at $6.00 a gallon.  But, what was ahead of us, made the pain at the pump go away!

From Fort Nelson, we traveled into the Northern Rockies and as we were enjoying the beauty of the


mountains, we rounded the corner and headed down the hill to


Muncho Lake!  There are no words to describe the sight we saw.  The reflections


were awesome!

And, just when we thought the day could get no better...

Our day's end and


campground came into sight...Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park. Our $24 for the night got us no water, no electricity, no sewer...but, it did get us a nice spot to park and a


dip in the 100 degree river turned hot tub!  It was so wonderful, we went back after



And, yet another amazing day for the books!

Monday, May 26, 2014

On To Jasper National Park

Tuesday, May 26, 2014...

It was still


rainy this morning.  And,it was cold enough that


I had to pull out the winter hat that my friend Sue, from Minnesota, let me borrow.  Thanks Sue, it sure felt good today!

As every other day, the gang was up early and ready to get on the road.  We traveled from Lake Louise on 93N...destination, Jasper National Park.  And, Oh, the things, we saw!

Thank goodness on this late in May day, the winter travel conditions were showing


Good, because, we saw


yet another frozen lake and


lots of snow covered mountains.

I wish we could have seen the


them hiding behind the fog and clouds.

This still another frozen lake and glacier


prompted a


little fun in the I see a snowball fight in the making?

Here, I met a


Raven that tried to hitch a ride north.

Back on the road, the mountains became


more majestic...just breath taking.

Soon, we were at the


Visitors Center for


The Columbia Ice Field.  Can you find the bus that takes you on the glacier?

More mountains


and snow, and


magnificent waterfalls made up the morning.  And...

We weren't the only ones


out today enjoying the views.  This guy stopped traffic in both directions.  This was taken right out the front window of the motor home as we waited for him to get across the road.  Yes, pedestrians do have the right away!

From here is was on to


Whistlers Campground in Jasper National Park...this is the second night in the park system.

As the routine goes...once we were settled in, it was time to hit the local streets.  Today, in the little town of Jasper, we found


lunch of burgers, fries, and


salad.  Yummy!

With full tummies, it was off to do a little walking,


shopping and


hanging out with the local bear in town!  And, he gave us a little tip about where we could take an evening outing...and


find the real thing!

In addition, we saw


a deer, who by the way, was watching the bear as well!

Today was another great day...from the snow covered mountains to the Canadian wildlife, we just can tomorrow be better than today!