Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shopping and A Texas Treat

After a leisure start to the day, we decided to take a trip into Freeport.  The first stop was at a rather unique store.  It was

The Maine Event 019

DELORME, the Map Store.  This is the home of the

The Maine Event 011

world's largest globe, "Eartha".  Here are a few facts as certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

The revolving globe "Eartha" was designed and built by Delorme employees in Yarmouth, Maine.  It has a circumference of 129 ft. 2 1/2 in., in a surface area of 5313 1/4 square feet, a diameter of 41 ft. 1 1/4 in and weights 5600 lbs.  And it spins on

The Maine Event 007

on its own axis just as the earth does.

This picture puts the size

The Maine Event 020

a little more into perspective.

We had a good time shopping in the gift store.  We found the most up to date maps and travel books for anywhere and everywhere.

From here, we went to the LL Bean Outlet Village . Here there was

The Maine Event 026

big time shopping featuring

The Maine Event 027

lots and

The Maine Event 033

lots of stores.  Even ones with

The Maine Event 037

ice cream.  The moose tracks was yummy.

Our treasures of the day included a new pair of 10x28

The Maine Event 047

binoculars for Mark.  And, a

The Maine Event 050

Joby Gorillapod "tripod"  for my camera.  It even has it's own

The Maine Event 051

built in leveling system.  It can sit or hang on just about anything.  It will hold up to 6 1/2 pounds of camera and equipment. And, the best part is that it will fit in my backpack.  I can't wait to try it out.

When everyone had shopped themselves out, we headed back to the campground. 

After resting for a little while, everyone gathered at our house.

While we have been in Maine, we have enjoyed many dinners of yummy Maine lobster.  So, tonight, Mark and I decided to treat our Maine friends with some

The Maine Event 041

grilled shrimp from our Texas Gulf Coast.  While Mark did the grilling, Judy, Peggy, and Sylvia put together the side dishes and before we knew it, we had a

The Maine Event 042

feast.  And, where there is food, there are always good

The Maine Event 044

friends and lots of fellowship.

And, with that we concluded another wonderful day at the "Maine Event".

Friday, July 30, 2010


Again this morning we woke to crisp air coming through the open windows.  Peggy says, this is the start of fall in Maine.

  We had no plans until around 10, so I had plenty of time to get out for my morning walk.

And, as planned...we were all ready when Mike and Peggy arrived.  Our trip today was taking us into Portland, which is about 30 miles down the coast from Topsham.  Our actual destination was Fort Williams Park located at the Portland Harbor.

  From the 1750's Portland Harbor was of economic importance as the closest American harbor to Europe and of strategic importance as protective anchorage for the Navy.

It is also home of the

The Maine Event 031

Portland Head Lighthouse.

We enjoyed the walk around and through

The Maine Event 084

the park.

We got some great pictures of the

The Maine Event 054


Sylvia even went out

The Maine Event 077

on the ledge to get a better shot of the

The Maine Event 079

light house.

We watched the

The Maine Event 098

waves, looked at the

The Maine Event 053

flowers and chased the

The Maine Event 044


Then there was a

The Maine Event 068

committee meeting to make a decision about lunch.  We all wished we had thought to pack a picnic, but since we didn't, the vote was to drive to Freeport for

The Maine Event 113

some BBQ.  The food was good enough that the guys all decided that we should return to the campground for a afternoon nap!

After a leisure afternoon, we gathered again around 6 with drinks and snacks. Peggy, Judy, and I got in an evening walk before it

The Maine Event 122

got too dark. The only thing that was missing was a good old campfire.  But, since we had no wood and the night was cooling fast, it was time to conclude another day from the Maine event.

And, as for me and my love for lighthouses, the day was Awesome!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maine Event Fun and Food

It was a little before 7 am when I realized that the morning light was filtering its way through the window.

Soon everyone was up and doing their own thing.  We had no real plan until around noon.

By the time I got back from my walk, Darrell was busy

The Maine Event 001

getting the lobster ready for tonight's dinner.

Mike and Peggy arrived at the campground by noon.  By this time, we were all ready to head out for an afternoon drive.

We first stopped at

The Maine Event 004

Fat Boy's for a small lunch snack.  A pretty fun place...I mean, when is the last time you were waited on

The Maine Event 005

by a car-hop and your lunch served on a tray that hung on your window.

Next...a drive out to

The Maine Event 050

Land's End gift store...were

The Maine Event 026

the land ends!  There is a

The Maine Event 037

a beautiful privately owned island just off the

The Maine Event 052


As, we were making our way back to Topsham, Darrell decided we need a few more lobsters for dinner.  So, we made a stop by

The Maine Event 064

Glen's Lobsters.  We placed our order with

The Maine Event 065

this young man.  He got in his boat and headed out to this floating dock where he

The Maine Event 068

bagged our lobsters and then

The Maine Event 071

returned to the dock.  Darrell paid for our purchase and off we went.  Boy, were

The Maine Event 082

little guys ready to get out of the bag...however, little did they know they were headed for our

The Maine Event 085

dinner of lobster stew.

While Darrell was finishing the stew, Sylvia made this

The Maine Event 086

yummy fried cornbread and I put together a

The Maine Event 090

apple, blackberry, and blueberry cobbler.

After dinner the

The Maine Event 087

visiting and planning continued until it was finally too chilly to stay outside.

Now, the

The Maine Event 043

girls and the

The Maine Event 048

guys are looking forward to tomorrow's trip to Portland.

See you there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Maine Event

A few months ago, when I started posting about our summer travel plans to New York and beyond, we received an invitation from Darrell and Judy Patterson.  This was an invitation to join a group of fellow RVers in Topsham, Maine, for a week of food, fellowship, and fun all wrapped up in a week they have called "The Maine Event".

Of, course, it didn't take us long to respond...we would love to join.   And, ever since we were extended the invitation, we have been counting down the days to today.

This morning, we packed up in Belfast and headed

The Maine Event 001

inland to I-95 and the 81 miles to the town of Topsham, Maine which is just outside Brunswick.

We followed Darrell's great directions and easily found the Topsham Fairgrounds.  Sure enough he and Judy were

The Maine Event 006

parked right where they said they would be.

Soon, we too were

The Maine Event 008

were parked.

Not long after we arrived, Mike and Peggy, who live here in Topsham drove out to join to group...all we need now is for

The Maine Event 007

Glenn and Sylvia to arrive.

After everyone was settled in, we decided to head to

The Maine Event 009

Captain Mike's for an early dinner and

The Maine Event 011

more visiting.

After dinner, we took ourselves back to the campground were we discussed what everyone would like to do for the week.  Of, course, meal planning was the first thing on the list and shopping was a close second, site seeing was right in there too, maybe a boat trip and a baseball game.  Gosh, I am not sure a week is enough!

Now that everyone is in

The Maine Event 012

their place, and the fellowship has started, the food is under control, the activities are lined out...let the fun begin.

I am sorry to say that for the curves life sometimes throws our way, Randy and Terry, Gene and Judy, and Mike and Gerri are not able to join us this week.

You all will be missed.