Friday, October 31, 2008

Food and Fun At Tybee Island

Once again we woke up to chilly temperatures and a little frost. However, it was to warm up and be a nice day. Our plans for the day started out by going to pick up Jim's hubcap at the Saturn dealership and to find the bank. Mission accomplished, now we tuned Flo in for Tybee Island and we were off.

The time is around noon, so of course, Mark and Jim want to know what the lunch plans are. In reality what they were wanting to hear was that this was the day they could go to "Uncle Bubba's Oyster House" for lunch. We were in total agreement with them and they were happy campers. However, we had a little miss communication with Flo and she took us to the wrong side of the road. But a quick turn around and Mark got us to the right location. I guess anything computerized can be mistaken sometimes. Well, we all forgave Flo and all was well.

Lunch was grilled shrimp, grilled oysters, fried fish, fried oysters, fried shrimp, collard greens, french fries, corn on the cob and mini corn muffins with honey butter. We thought there could be no more. That was until the waitress offered us dessert of southern pecan pie. We decided that we would take one piece of pie with four forks. It was delivered to the table on a large plate topped with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Thanks goodness we only ordered one piece! Now, to know exactly how much this dessert was enjoyed you will have to take a look at Ellie's blog for the day at

The four of us have decided that so far Uncle Bubba's is at the top of our list. The guys are trying to figure out how they can go back there before we leave Savannah.

Now, it's time to find the lighthouse and beach...

This is the house where the main light keeper lived

This is the would you like to have cooked on that stove or used that iron?

This is the living room

These flowers were blooming all around the house

Time to climb the 178 steps to the top

yes, it was 178 steps to the top

thank goodness for those landings every 25 steps

We have made it to the top!

What a view...

The importance of a lighthouse on Tybee Island was understood from the earliest days of establishing the British Colony of Georgia in 1733. Founder of the colony, General James Oglethorpe realized that ships bringing settlers and supplies to Savannah were dependent upon safe and well marked waterways and ordered that the lighthouse be built on Tybee Island to mark the entrance to the Savannah River and warn the ships of the shallow waters along the Georgia coastline.

This is the fourth lighthouse to be built on Tybee Island since the first one in 1733. It was built in 1866, with the lower sixty feet of the 1773 lighthouse being used as the foundation. Ninety four feet was added making it one hundred and fifty four feet tall and it was reclassified at a major aid to navigation and required three keepers to man the light station. The new light was displayed for the first time on October 1, 1867 and could be seen for over 18 miles at sea.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Washing and Waxing

It was already decided that today was going to be a down day at the RV Park. Now you have to understand that a down day at the RV Park means that the guys want to wash and wax cars and motor homes or clean out and rearrange compartments. The morning started out cool so we were slow to get out and about.

When it warmed up a little, Mark took the jeep down the road to the 25 cent car wash. Okay, a down day means to me that I can opt to stay in my jammies and play on the computer. I needed to clean up my emails. I also wanted to catch up on blogs. I also needed to make my grocery list.

By the time Mark got back from the car wash, Jim was off to the store to pick up a few things before he started washing the motor home. Mark had finished the car and was starting on the motor home when Jim returned and got started with his blue jobs.

Well, they both washed and cleaned, and polished and cleaned some more. Around 1:00, they decided it was lunch time and they wanted to go just down the road to The Pink Pig, another place on their list of things to do in Savannah.

So, we were off.

The Pink Pig is a must for everyone visiting the Savannah area. It has been named one of the best places to eat by Southern Living Magazines. Everyone had bbq but me. I had the Brunswick Stew. Everything was really good!

Well, it was time to get back to the chores. We got back to the RV Park, Mark was on the roof, Jim and Ellie were washing the rest of their motor home and I headed off to Wal-Mart. By the time I returned from my grocery shopping, they were all finished for the day and about ready to start dinner. Tonight we grilled out, bacon wrapped turkey fillets, mixed veggies with pasta, and strawberry shortcake was the menu for tonight. After dinner, the guys made a fire and we set out for awhile until the fire didn't even keep us warm.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Tybee Island for the day. Hope you will join us there.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flu Shots Today

Today is the day Mark and I planned to get our flu shots. We have been trying to do so ever since Chattanooga, but keep missing the dates by a day or two. So, we knew that today CVS at Hilton Head was the spot to be.

They were scheduled to be there from 3 - 7 pm this afternoon. We made our plans to go over to Hilton Head in time to look around for a little while and then be at CVS by 3:00. We ask Jim and Ellie if they would like to go with us and they agreed. So, after lunch we headed that way.

I was anxious to try out our new GPS system, which has been named "Flo" for go with the flow. Well, she did great. It is amazing how a little piece of equipment like that knows exactly where you are and can direct you where you want to go.
Well, we arrived at Hilton Head Island...paid $1.25 to take the toll road and then paid $5.00 per car to get into the community where the light house stands by the Harbor Yacht Club.

Welcome to Hilton Head

where you can enjoy the beach and water

or hang out like these guys

or live on one of these "RV's"

you can even have a Paula Deen dinner cruise

take a sail boat ride with these guys

this is the number to call for your reservation

And, let's not forget the guys keeping our shores safe
Thanks, US Coast Guard for the job you do!

We looked around there for a little while, purchased a shirt and a hat. By this time it was time for us to get to CVS for our flu shots. What a trip that was...we were there for over an hour as there was only one nurse there giving the shots. Well, that is done for another year.

We then told "Flo" to get us back to the RV Park. After we made our back through the $1.25 toll booth, she took us a different direction than the route to Hilton Head. At one point we questioned her decision, but we made it back just fine. We were all ready for dinner by this time so Mark and Jim grilled some chicken, Ellie made some potatoes, salad, and acorn squash and I made dessert. Dinner was great and I might add a whole lot less points than our dinner last evening.

Tomorrow we are planning for a down day here at the RV park. See you then.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Full Day in Savannah

This morning started off clear and cold, but Ellie and I braved the cold to find the local Weight Watchers meeting. We decided with all the restaurants our two traveling companions have on their "to do" list, we should weigh in at the first of the week instead of the last, and by the end of this journal, you will understand our reasoning!

Well, all weighed in, we returned to the RV park to get a quick low point lunch and pick up the guys so we could head to Savannah and River Street. Well, it just so happened that with a couple of right turns you can go right by Paula Deen's on the way to River Street. First thing Ellie and I know we have been deposited on the corner to make reservations for dinner. Now, we know for sure that we have to do a lot of walking to earn those activity points for the day. After a trip around the block, the guys pick us up and we are off until we have to be back at 4:45 for the 5:00 seating at Paula's.
After trying to get into a couple of parking garages, we finally find one that isn't full, get parked, get our cameras, and we are off to River Street.
Here we go...

Welcome to Savannah and River Street and all the shopping and eating one would want to do

But, to get there, one must descend all these stairs

Here you can shop for T-Shirts, jewelery, candy, gifts, books, peanuts, etc.

River Street is home to the Savannah River Boats

and the tug boats

This is the waving girl...standing next to the river

After shopping from one end of River Street to the other, we made our way back up the steps and down this lovely sidewalk and over a block or three to none other but...

The Lady and Sons for our 5:00 dinner reservations

So Mark and Jim can have dinner with Paula

We didn't have to wait too long to be seated

And now, my friends, dinner is served...and it indeed was a full day in Savannah!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Savannah...Here We Are

We left Charleston this morning for our 97 mile drive to Savannah. Mark was delighted that he got 8.9 mpg and we were both glad to only pay $3.35 a gallon for fuel. Isn't it a shame to be excited to only pay $3.35. We did see it for $3.19 down the road, but they were out. Go figure.

We arrived at our new home, the Hardeville RV Park, which is really in Hardeville, SC, just outside Savannah. We got the motor homes set up. Ellie had a hard time getting the satellite to come in, but she finally got it. Mark turned on our hot water heater and the light on the switch didn't come on, so we had to figure out if it was just the light or the switch. Well, after a little while we had hot water, so we decided it was just the light that is out. Now, this sounded like a good enough reason to make a trip to the local Camping World, plus Jim needed to go by the Saturn dealership. Now, we have the making of an afternoon trip. So we were all off...

We found the Camping World, no switch. We found the Saturn dealership and Jim got his part ordered and it will ready for pick up on Friday. Then we located Best Buy where Mark and I purchased a GPS. Our children will be glad to know that Pop finally spent his gift card. Thanks guys. Now, we won't get lost. We also looked at camera's while we were there. Mark is wanting his own, so the deal is he can have mine and I will get the new one. Well, what I found will have to wait until another day. One new toy at a time. Ellie looked at new telephones while we were there, but decided she would just go to the Verizon store for what would probably be a better deal.

We weren't too far from Skidaway Island State Park, so we made a fast trip through there and by that time it was past time to find dinner. We had located a Mexican food restaurant downtown that was on the top 10 list. We found it and it was yummy. By this time it was time for us to head back to the RV park so Ellie and Jim could take care of the fur kids.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to River Street and checking out the sights there. So for now, I will say goodnight and see you tomorrow from the Savannah River.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Finish To The Week

After all of the rain we had on Friday we managed to wake up to just clouds on Saturday. Ellie and I went to the local Weight Watchers meeting and again we were both able to celebrate a loss.
Mark and Jim went to breakfast while we were gone. When we all gathered back at the RV Park, we decided to head out to Camping World so Mark could get himself a new and taller ladder.

Also, during the day, Charles, better known to some of you as "Roz" called to see if we had made our way to Savannah yet. He and Ethel were heading home to Jacksonville, Florida from a 4 month workkamping position in Maine and thought they could catch up with us there. I told him we were still in Charleston and why didn't they come meet up with us here. They discussed the possibility and called decided to do just that. We are all so glad they did. We waited dinner on them and all went out to the Crab Shack at Foley Beach last night and then came back to the motor home for a good visit. After another nice visit this morning they were on their way to Jacksonville.

After the goodbyes, I headed out to get the laundry done and returned right after lunch. This afternoon I spent walking around the RV Park for the last time getting a few more pictures. I got back to the RV and it was time to start dinner. I had invited Jim and Ellie to have dinner with us tonight. I made meat loaf with brown mushroom gravy, green beans with new potatoes, and steamed squash. After dinner, Ellie and I went to the Publix store and found some Fat Free Ice Cream that allowed us to have a whole cup for just "1" Weight Watcher point. We felt very special. What a nice end of the day treat.

And thanks again, Charles and Ethel for stopping over and taking the extra time to stop and meet up with the four of us. We look forward to seeing you again.
Now, if you are planning a trip to Charleston, Plantion Oaks RV Park is a must.

You can probably check with one of these residents for reservations...

and I am sure this fellow is keeping watch from above...

Tomorrow we will be leaving Charleston and moving about 85 miles south to Savannah. We are staying at Hardeeville RV Park in Hardeeville, SC, which is just outside Savannah. We are looking forward to a week or two there. I am sure there will be much to tell so stayed tuned to the adventures that are awaiting us there.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rain and More Rain

Today we woke up to rain with the promise of more rain all day with rain all night and into tomorrow. Something like 3" or so before it is over with. Therefore, there will be no site seeing plans for today. I did get out to get my hair cut and Ellie went to the store. Other than that, we have been here at the RV park all day trying to stay dry.

Since we are home bound, I thought I would try the wifi again just to see if it would let me post a few pictures from the last couple of days.

A look at the harbor with the Ashley River Bridge in the background from the Maritime Center

Our cruise ship awaits

A look back towards town from the harbor

Fort Sumter

Some have fun in the harbor

while others have to work

The USS Yorktown has found its home here in the Charleston Harbor

The Ashley River Bridge

The oldest fire station in Charleston

Jestine's is the place for lunch for a taste of great low country food
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After lunch it was time for us to walk a few blocks to where we would be boarding the local carriage for our afternoon tour of homes.

What a way to see Charleston! Enjoy the tour...

The carriage ride and seeing these beautiful old homes made for a delightful afternoon.

Posting these pictures today turned out to be a great rainy day activity. The 3" of predicted rain has turned out to be about 6 or 7" as of 10 o'clock tonight and it isn't over with yet. Hope we are floating in the morning when we wake up. See you tomorrow.