Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Days in Rockport

We are down to only two days left in Rockport. I can't imagine where the time has gone. It seems like only a few days ago we were preparing to come here and now we are preparing to leave. Oh, well, I guess that is what happens when you are having fun!

However, when you are with Mark and it is time to leave one place and head out to the next, that means time to wash the motor home. In addition to washing, there is the routine of checking the tires, batteries, oil, etc., which he did yesterday. So today that left the final clean up. Soon after his walk,

he was right on top of that task! And, I do mean on top.

By the time I finished my walk and breakfast, he was down on ground level. It was now time for a little help. I started on the inside cleaning windows and screens. When that was done, I went outside to do the windows. Gosh, the motor home looks great. I hate to think about getting it out on the road to get dirty.

With that big chore behind us, we are planning on a relaxing evening at Donnie and Karen's motor home, which includes grilling hamburgers and apple pie. Yummy!

Tomorrow, we still have a little outside cleaning/polishing on the motor home. And, then there is a trip to the fish market for shrimp to take with us and the last of the laundry to take care of, and we are then planning one last fresh fish dinner at Charlotte Plummers. All of this in preparation to move on up the road to Kerrville. On Sunday we will be meeting up with many of our other RVing friends and family. We will be there two weeks and you will have to stay tuned to what will be many fun adventures and I am sure a few tall tales.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buckhorn Update

A great Wednesday morning to everyone. What a beautiful day this is turning out to be. We all got in our morning walks and then each settled in to different things for the rest of the morning. Ellie was busy sorting receipts, while Jim was off to the Walmart store. Mark is waiting on the RV tech to come and check out our hot water heater. It seems we have a bad valve. I am just hoping they fix it. Cold showers don't appeal to me! Donnie and Karen were off for a drive to Sinton to check out a golf course for a possible game tomorrow. As for me, I anxiously awaited the email update from Buckhorn with our reservations.

I am posting the list in my blog and hope everyone sees it. I don't have everyone's email so this seemed the best way to me. If you see a mistake or if you can get me more input with names, I would appreciate it. I certainly don't want to leave anyone out. And, by all means, if you know someone that might not see it on my blog, please let them know it is here if interested. Thanks for all your help. We are excited about getting to see everyone again as well as meeting several for the first time. Safe travels to all over the next several days.

Buckhorn Lake Reservations
As of 2/25/09
Name Dates Site #

Angelo, Jake March 12 - 20 6016
Avery, Glenn & Sylvia March 4 - 11 6024
Bertelsen, Jerry & Kit March 24 – April 1 6061
Donley, Chuck & Kathy March 1 – April 1 6091
Dray, Ed & Marilyn March 24 – April 1 6062
Green, Keith & Donna March 1 – March 8 6092
Griffin, C March 12 – 19 6017
Hall, Mark & Dortha March 1 – 15 6063
Haman, Jesse & Ginger March 5 – 16 6069
Kendall, Rod & Deb March 1 – April 1 6080
Martin, Donnie & Karen March 1 – 15 6044
McHenry, Greg & Lynnette March 1 – 14 6088
Meacham, Jim & Ellie March 1 – 12 6061
Naylor, Annette March 15 – 18 6090
Pinner, Bob & Molly March 1 – 15 6021
Pittman, Joe & Sherri March 6 – 14 6006
Stehling, B. March 13 – 15 6014
Stenger, Nolan & Donna March 1 – 15 6018
Sullivan, Kevin & Arlene March 1 – 15 6011
Thacker, B. March 12 – 19 6074
Thurston, Rollie & Gina March 7 – 14 6062
Turner, Rodney & Becky March 6 – 14 6007

You can see at site map at the Buckhorn Lake Resort website. If you have any questions or input, please let me know.
Again, we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Great Day with Friends

Wow, we woke to a beautiful day! Mark was the first one out walking and came back to report that is was warm outside. And it was only 8 a.m. Pretty soon, Ellie, Jim, Karen, Donnie, and I were out getting our laps in. I could these days every day. Jim was then off to do some laundry while Mark tried to figure out why our hot water heater didn't want to work on propane. Finally, we had to call the RV tech, who is suppose to be here tomorrow morning to take a look at it. Thank goodness for mobile techs.

We had planned to go to the Big Fisherman for the $2.25 lunch today, but upon arrival the line was all the way out the door, on the porch, around the corner, down the side of the building and almost to the parking lot, and it was almost 1:00. Too long to wait today, we were starving. So, we decided to go to the Diner. It wasn't the Big Fisherman, but it was yummy.

After a great lunch, we made a quick stop back by the RV park, so Karen could get her camera.
Then we headed over to Port Aransas to do some geocaching. This was a new adventure for Donnie and Karen. Ellie and I picked out 4 caches and loaded them to the GPS's.

Before we could get started on our geocaching, someone spied these guys out in the bay. They were having a great time playing in the waves just ahead of a big ship.

Jim found the first geocache. That was right after Ellie said she had her hand on it first. LOL

On to the next one. Mark found this one before and replaced it before we all got there. Donnie then found it too. We signed the log and off we went.

Our third cache was a level three difficulty and we all left scratching our heads. No luck. Great job in hiding this one. Oh, well, off to find our fourth and final cache for the day. It was located somewhere

close to this sign. Mark, Jim, and Karen gave out on us, but with determination Ellie's GPS got real close to it and I found it. It was a great hide and a great find!

We then wandered through one T Shirt shop. I got a new ankle bracelet and Ellie got a new toe ring and anklet. Karen and I then wanted to go down to a little shop, "Popsicle Toes", but they were already closed. Oh, well, an excuse to get to back to the island!
What a great day with great friends.

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Friends In Rockport

Yesterday, we anxiously awaited the arrival of more friends here in Rockport. After a few days at Goliad State Park, Donnie and Karen, friends, from home came into the park to stay for the week. They will also be going to "the gathering" in Kerrville. Donnie, like Mark was a Fort Worth Fireman. We have enjoyed traveling with them on several trips in the past and look forward to spending time with them over the next few weeks. They too are looking forward to meeting all of you too.

They arrived early afternoon and got all settled in. Since, it was a travel day for them, Ellie and I planned dinner. I cooked pork tenderloin in the crock pot all night in preparation for fajitas. Jim made salsa and Ellie made chocolate muffins for dessert. In addition, Mark grilled stuffed jalapenos. After, we all were more than full, Ellie, Karen, and I took a walk through the park and over to the water and back. We then all settled in for the rest of the evening.

We awoke to a beautiful Monday morning. Everyone has been out walking this morning and I think we will probably just take this day as it comes. So, until this evening, I hope you all have a great Monday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Chores

We woke this morning to a beautiful day. First things first, as that is our morning walk. I was on a mission to see how long it took to get in all 10,000 steps without stopping. It took me about 74 minutes of non-stop walking. That was alot of walking. Well, with that behind me for the day, it was time to get on with what was plan of the day and that was chores.

I put Mark to work dusting furniture while I did some picking up and sorting out the collection of magazines. When all of the cleaning was behind us, he went out to clean up the car while I mopped the floors. It started to rain, so, his car cleaning came to a halt. He and Jim decided to go to HEB for a few items. I spent the afternoon playing on the computer and getting things together for dinner. I had offered to make a pizza and Ellie made a salad. It was all so good. We ate around 4:00 and then decided we would take a drive to see if we could find the Roseate Spoonbills. We did see them, but they were too far to get any pictures.

But, we did these guys hanging out down by one of the piers...

Hey guys what's up tonight?

Who me?, I'm not out of line!
Seeing double!
Well, that is about the extent of this day. Tomorrow, our friends, Donnie and Karen from Weatherford are coming in for the week. So, stayed tuned for some new adventures with more friends.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Big Fish Story

The morning started here around 5:45 this morning. Mark and Jim were up, ready, and waiting on Rod. They were off for their big bay fishing trip today. However, the nice day that was forecast turned out to be cloudy, windy, and chilly. Oh, well, the trip was already booked. So off they went.

Now, I wasn't there to see this first hand. But, I am imagining that they stopped at the Whataburger for breakfast. Then they walked across the street to board their fishing vessel like three little boys heading out for a big adventure.

I could go on with this story and tell you some "big fish" story, but let's just get to the real truth of the day, ugly as it was. Jim caught something called a whiting, but threw it back. Rod, on the other hand, caught 3 hard head catfish and a pregnant blue crab. Threw them all back. Now, Mark caught nothing! His only excitement for the morning was that he threw his rod and reel into the bay. He said it just jumped out of his hand and overboard it went! The boat captain was probably not too happy with him, but did give him another one for a second chance. LOL.

Well, that is the true story of the 4 hour fishing trip, sad as it is. I am just glad that Deb, Ellie, and I weren't back here waiting patiently for a fish fry.

Sorry guys....better luck next time!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Day of This and That

Today started early as Mark had to have the jeep at the dealership at 7:00 this morning to get the front main seal replaced which included changing the fan belt too. Well, I guess we are good as new and all for $25.00. Jim was the assignment of picking him up at the dealer. And, we all know when those two are left alone, it involves food. So, they were off to the Diner for a breakfast that included eggs, bacon, and homemade biscuits.

When they returned from breakfast, Jim headed in to Rockport to the laundry. Mark and I headed out for our morning walk. We passed Ellie as she was taking her last lap. After our walk, I had breakfast and then needed to do some computer work. First thing I knew it was almost lunch time and the jeep was ready to be picked up. Jim took Mark back in to Aransas Pass and they made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up some ice cream for desert tonight.

When they returned, I was almost finished with my computer project. Mark wanted to go get the car washed and I needed to do the laundry. I opted to stay at the RV park laundry while he went into Rockport.

With all of that accomplished it was then late afternoon. Jim had purchased a new MP3 player today and I helped him download i tunes while Ellie made dinner. Ellie was also trying to get her older MP3 player updated and found that it was no longer compatible with her music player. Oh, no! Well, that isn't good, so after dinner we went into Walmart to get her a new MP3 player. Now, she and Jim are both happily getting their music organized and downloaded to the new MP3 players. And, Mark is happily downloading music from CD's he borrowed from Jim.

And, now after a day of this and that, we are all in for the evening and the guys are preparing for their big bay fishing trip tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow to find out how many fish can 3 guys catch.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time To Catch Up

I know, it's Tuesday and I haven't written anything since Saturday. S0, I will try to catch you up on life in Rockport. I hope you all had a great Valentine's day and that is where I will pick up.

Saturday was kind of a quite day. Mark got sick on Friday night with one of those nasty stomach bugs and stayed in bed all day on Saturday. The only valentine I had for the day was a bottle of Lysol! LOL However, Jim and Ellie invited me to drive into town with them. Ellie and and I shopped at Beall's while Jim went to the auto store. Then we drove on down the road to locate an old book warehouse. Jim found several books he thought he couldn't do without, while Ellie and I had a good laugh looking through some 1990 magazines. Boy, how times have changed. Then it was back to the RV Park for the afternoon, where we found Mark still sleeping off the effects of the stomach bug. We finished up this day with a small dinner that Ellie and I put together for the three of us. Hope Mark is better tomorrow. I spent the rest of the evening just playing around on the computer.

Sunday, Mark was up and feeling much better. He even felt like taking a walk and just kicking around a little while, including a trip to Walmart for a few groceries. All in all it was a pretty uneventful day.

Monday morning we woke to a cool, cloudy, and windy day. We all got in our 2 mile morning walk. Mark and Jim are now on a mission, even though they say Ellie and I are trying to kill them with all the exercise and healthy food! LOL However, they have both lost almost 20 pounds each. You go guys!
After our walk, breakfast, and showers, we decided to get out for awhile. I needed to make a return to Walmart plus pick up a few items I didn't get the day before. After which we decided we had time to drive over to Port Aransas to Leonabelle Turnbull birding center.

This was the first sign we saw when arriving at the bird viewing area. Some of you might need 80 reasons, but...I only need one reason not to stay away from the alligators! Let's go find the birds.

Then we were off across the bridge to find some birds.
This is one of the first fellows we saw. Cute little tricolor heron.

As I turned around I saw the Roseate Spoonbills coming in.
This one is thinking, mirror, mirror, who's the prettiest spoonbill here today?
While this guy is just thinking, I wish the sun would come out and warm this place up.
And then there was Mr. Pelican coming in for a landing and hoping to catch lunch!

We had had enough of the wind, but all too soon it was time for us to head back across to get ready to go and have dinner with friends. However, as we were coming across on the ferry, we saw
that someone was in a hurry to get across on the ferry. Wow, I never thought about emergency vehicles on the ferry boat! Hope they were okay.

We made our way back to the RV Park and quickly cleaned up and Mark and I headed back out to go to meet up with family friends. Troy and LeAnn, their two precious children, and LeAnn's parents, Chuck and Sherri. LeAnn and our daughter, Karen were college roommates at Texas A&M. She and her family have become an extension of our family over the years. And we are so excited to be spending some time with them while we are in Rockport.
Troy and LeAnn are adding on/remodeling a house in Portland. They invited us out to see the progress on the house and then to have dinner with them and her parents. So, we drove into Portland and with great directions,

we found the house without any problems. When it is finished, LeAnn and Troy

will welcome you into their new home through this beautiful entry.

Troy and LeAnn, thanks for the tour of your new home. I know it is going to be a place that you and your family will be able to make some great memories. And, thanks to you, Troy, and your parents for a great dinner and a great visit last evening.

We have finally made it to Tuesday and this has been a full day. It started off by Mark taking the jeep back to the dealership. You remember that oil leak I told you we found on Friday the 13th. Well, his luck held out, and even though we are 700 miles out of warranty, Jeep is going to honor it and cover the repair all, but $25.00. He will be taking it in tomorrow for them to do the work.

When he returned from Aransas Pass, we finished getting things together and the four of us headed in to Corpus Christi for a day of shopping and lunch. We made our way through the Currcit City that was going out of business, Hobby Lobby before we decided it was lunchtime. We had a buy one/get one free coupon for TGI Friday's, so that was the lunch choice. Afterwards, Ellie and I walked down to Academy while Mark and Jim choose to drive and meet up with us. Then we made our way through Shoe Carnival, Bed Bath and Beyond before the guys were ready to find TCBY for a frozen yogurt. From there we headed out to make our way home via the ferry. We did make one other stop at The Islander T Shirt Shop.

Wow, I think I just made myself tired thinking about all that shopping we did today! And, I think that you now officially caught up with the last few days and all the happenings in and around Rockport.

Stayed tuned for what might happen next and I hope you all are having a great week so far.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day To You!

Hugs to all our family and friends.

Be sure you hug someone today!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday The 13th, Make It A Lucky One

Some might make a big deal out of it being Friday the 13th and think it is a very unlucky day, but for Mark today was a lucky day.
The other day Ellie went to the lab for blood work and she had to leave very early. Well, on her way she saw the Roseate Spoonbills and ever since Mark has been looking everywhere to find some. So, last night after we went to bed, he said, you want to get up early and go see if we can find Rosie? Sure....I think, but how early is early?
So, a little before 7 this morning, I hear him up and getting dressed. So, I crawl out of bed, get dressed, pick up the camera and we are off. And this is what we found...

What a beautiful Friday the 13th this is going to be!

And sure enough we saw them ...

The Roseate Breakfast Bunch!

Now, back at the RV park, we got in our 2 mile walk, while Jim headed out to the laundromat. Mark has now gone to get the oil changed in the car, and there is dusting, and sweeping and mopping going on here.

Today, we are also anxious awaiting to meet two more RV friends of Ellie and Jim's. Janna and Mike have been up in the Hill Country and are coming to Rockport for a few days. Since this is a travel day, the four of us are making dinner for Janna and Mike.

Well, for now, I have to get back to cleaning floors. Have a great Friday and I will see you later today with an update and a finish to our Friday the 13th!

Well, the afternoon didn't play out quite as lucky as the morning. You know that oil change I mentioned earlier. Well, it appears we have a leak around some seal. So, Mark made a trip in to the Jeep dealership in Aransas Pass and we have an appointment to take it in on Tuesday. The glitch is that we are 700 miles out of warranty. Did someone say this was Friday the 13th. He was told that there is a possibility that it will still be covered. Now, the second glitch to this story is that we have an extended warranty, but it is only 100% covered at the dealership in Fort Worth were we bought the jeep! And, there is a deductible of $100 if we are outside 40 miles of the home dealership. However, after talking with Jeep, they are probably going to cover it under warranty, but will not know until the dealership in Aransas Pass calls to tell them exactly what is wrong with it.

There was a good finish to this day...Janna and Mike made it over for dinner. It was great to finally get to meet them. We have been following their blog for a while now. Jim grilled pork chops and pineapple. I made brown rice with veggies, and Ellie made an angel food cake, which we turned into strawberry shortcake. After dinner, we had a great visit and all too soon it was time for them to leave and head back out to Goose Island. We have planned to see them again before they leave in a few days.

Well, I hope your Friday the 13th was a lucky day for you and here is wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weigh In and Walking

Today was weigh in day at Weight Watchers. Once again, Ellie and I both had a loss, but we laughed and said anything with a minus in front of the number would be okay this week. We have eaten out a lot this past week, plus a trip to Mexico yesterday. We will be more serious this week. And to get started in that direction, we decided that since we missed our walk at the RV Park this morning, we would
go to the beach this afternoon and do our walking. So, we got to the beach, took off our shoes and headed down the beach.

It looks like they manicured it just for us.

Now, Mark and Jim had already done their walking this morning, so they just took the camera and went across the road to the bay and found some photo opts...

Mark found this little bird digging around in the dirt.

And this is the prize he found

And off he goes with it to show his friends.

This fellow is just hanging out while

these big guys keep watch over the cleaning station!

By this time Ellie and I had finished our walk and returned to find Jim and Mark. We needed to make a quick stop by the farmer's market to get a couple of pineapples and Ellie needed to stop by Walgreen's for a battery for her pedometer. Afterwards, we headed back home for dinner. Tonight was my night to cook. We had shrimp with veggies and pasta. Ellie brought the salad and dessert was left over pineapple lush cake with strawberries. All of that for eight points.
Have a great evening and see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mexico Here We Come

Today started early. Randy and Terry and Rod and Deb arrived at our RV park around 8:30 a.m. Along with Jim and Ellie, the eight of us planned a trip to Mexico today. We packed a few snacks and drinks and headed off for the day.

If was about a 3 hour drive to the border. We got parked and paid our 25 cents each to cross the bridge. It was lunch time, so we headed to Artero's for lunch. After lunch we did a little shopping. When we had our fill, we headed back to the bridge where we had to pay 30 cents to get back across the bridge. Then with passports in hand, we checked through customs and were welcomed back to Texas.

We then headed into Donna and went to the local flea market and farmer's market. After a full day, we had a 3 hour drive back to Rockport, but what a great day.

Once we were back to the park, we said our "see you laters" to Randy and Terry who will be leaving tomorrow and heading up to San Antonio for the week before they head west. Have a safe trip you two, and I loved you being here and we will see you down the road!

I wish I had pictures to share with you, but I took my small camera with me today and it uses a large SD card and I can find the card reader to download the pictures. LOL!

Again, what a great day with great friends.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chores Today!

Yes, even when you are on the road, there are still chores! Today is that day for us. We got up early this morning and headed out for our walk. We went across the road and down to the water and back, then made a couple of trips around the park to get to that 2 mile mark. That is the routine for the morning which equals about 5,000 steps. Then the goal for the rest of the day is to somehow get in another 5,000 steps.

After our walk, I went into Rockport to get my hair cut. I would have probably
NOT chosen this place, but it came recommended by the girl who works in the office here at the RV park. Thanks Chris, good choice! I don't know about you, but, hair cuts is the one thing in this lifestyle that has caused me to have to step out of my comfort zone! However, only once, have I gotten a haircut that I almost cried before getting out of the chair. And, my daughter and my sister would tell me that you don't get your hair cut at the same place you buy groceries! Okay, lesson learned.

Now, back at the RV park, and it's laundry time. Usually, I go into town to the laundromat, just because I can get it all done at once. And, there are only 3 washers and 3 dryers at the park and they are usually busy. However, today, I am choosing the park laundry room. I didn't have to wait but just a few minutes for someone to finish up and now I have the laundry to myself. In fact, as we speak, wash is all done and I am just waiting on the dryers to finish. If there was just an iron and ironing board, I would do that while I was here. In fact, I think I will put that in the suggestion box. LeAnn, are you listening!

Later this afternoon we are going to grill chicken and we are having cabbage and carrots, and some sort of desert which hasn't been determined yet. Then, we might just sit out and enjoy the 80 degrees it is suppose to be today. And, oh yes, get in those other 5,000 steps.

Well, I better get my laundry finished, so I will see you all later. Enjoy your day wherever you are.
Well, laundry is all done, except for the ironing which I will get to before bedtime tonight. When I got back to the motor home it had been decided that we were going to have late lunch/early dinner. So, I got a Pineapple Lush Angel Food Cake made. Jim came and got the chicken to marinate and I got started with the carrots, fried cabbage, and mashed potatoes. When we all had our fill, Ellie and I cleaned up the kitchen, while the guys decided that we should take a late afternoon drive. We drove down to the water and about all we saw was

this tug boat hard at work. Then

we saw all these gulls and

and some angry waves.

It wasn't a real good day for walking on the beach or bird watching. Better luck another day.
Tomorrow we are planning to take a day trip over to the Valley. There a good flea market there, a great farmer's market and a great Mexican Food Restaurant right across the border.
See you all after our trip.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Another Day

Today was just another day in Rockport. Now, don't get me wrong about saying it is just another day, because I am thankful for everyday. What I meant was that it was a day with nothing that had to or needed to be accomplished.
We got our walk in before we had a few sprinkles of rain, so that was good. After that Mark and I decided to go make a post office run and just do a little driving around with the possibilty of a few pictures. We tried to find the cranes, but they weren't at the feeder. Then we drove to Fulton Beach and saw
this great blue heron. Then it was on to Rockport Beach were we found

this guy taking his afternoon nap!

Then it was on to Walmart before heading home.

Jim and Ellie had their own agenda for the day which included taking the furkids to the vet for their shots and to pick up Jazz's medicine. We are all planning on a long day trip to the Valley so, Ellie wanted to check out a doggie day care for Wednesday. She found one that will take good care of the kids while we are gone. In fact, they are planning for a sleep over. LOL

Once we were all back at the RV park, Mark and Jim decided they want to go to Alice Fay's for dinner. Ellie and I gave in, but the guys had to promise dinner at home tomorrow night! After dinner we made another Walmart stop to look at some capri pants. However, our capri pants shopping also included cookies and ice cream. LOL!

So much for just another day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The End of the Road

Yesterday after going to the flea market, the mall, and having lunch, we decided to drive out to the National Seashore. As many times as we have been to Corpus Christi, we have never been out past Mustang Park. So, I wanted to go see what was there. I guess I pictured in my mind that it would be just like South Padre, lined with condos, hotels, restaurants, etc. Boy, was I wrong! Here is what I saw...

After a 10 mile drive after the last building we saw, we finally arrived at the visitor center.

Other than two ladies working in the visitor center, one in the gift center, and a few people on the beach,

this was about the only other breathing thing we saw!

We looked around the gift shop, Ellie purchased a couple of little books and Mark treated us all to Diet Dr. Peppers and he and Jim a payday candy bar. Then, from outside on the balcony we

took a few pictures of the beach! Okay, I wonder what else is around here? We left the parking lot of the visitor center and turned left. This is what we found.

the end of the road!

It was beautiful in it's own way. If it hadn't been sooooo windy, it would have been a beautiful day to walk on the beach because you could have walked forever.

Today is another beautiful day in Rockport. We all were up early and had our 2 mile walk completed when we learned that Randy and Terry were just getting into town. So, that meant a phone call to them and Rod and Deb to make arrangements for dinner. And, you guessed it...The Big Fisherman here we come!

See you after dinner!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day With The Girls

This morning was another beautiful morning. We all got out first thing and made our 2 mile walk around the park. Ellie and I then got ready to go and meet up with Deb for lunch. Ellie had picked out a cute little place in downtown Rockport. So, programed the address into "Flo" and headed out. Just as we were driving up into the parking lot, so were Deb and Rod. However, to our amazement, this is what we saw...

Oh, no! Well, on to plan B. We decided on a little Mexican Food place. Afterwards, the three of us met Sandra at the Beall's for a little shopping. Ellie found a couple of shirts and Sandra looked at some lotion. Then it was time to get on with our afternoon plan of geocaching.
Today was Deb's first attempt at geocaching and she picked right up on the process. Our first find was behind

This was a geoduck find. We signed the log and headed on to the next cache.

This one was located at Triangle Park and was a little tricky to find. Again, we signed the log, placed it back in its secure hiding spot and took off to find the next cache, which was at the park by the bay. Deb now has a few finds behind her and she has caught on to the game. But at the next find
she is thinking, how can they put anything into a tube this small. We explained to her that that container was small, but that we hadn't found a "nano" yet, which is the smallest container I have seen.

We took a little while to look around the park before locating our next few caches.

This is the pool located at the park, and the beach is right across the street! Our next cache was located not far from here

You look up and I'll look down, but you will have to look all around! Wow, I am not sure how people figure out where to hid some of these caches. They are good.

We had only planned for 6 caches today, but had time for a few extra ones. Ellie and I took Deb and Sandra to a couple we had already located and to one that we had looked for but couldn't find. This one Sandra found and it is a "nano" container. I told you they were small!

Sandra finally got the log out of it, signed it, and returned it to its resting spot for the next visitor to locate. What a great day we have had. We dropped Sandra off at her truck, took Deb to "Big D" and headed back to The Last Resort.

However, she and I had to make a small detour to get home...

there had been a large grass fire this afternoon and we got in the middle of the clean up! We finally made our way home. Ellie made flat out pizzas tonight and then we all settled in for the rest of the evening.
Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to check out the Farmers Market!