Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Another Day

Today was just another day in Rockport. Now, don't get me wrong about saying it is just another day, because I am thankful for everyday. What I meant was that it was a day with nothing that had to or needed to be accomplished.
We got our walk in before we had a few sprinkles of rain, so that was good. After that Mark and I decided to go make a post office run and just do a little driving around with the possibilty of a few pictures. We tried to find the cranes, but they weren't at the feeder. Then we drove to Fulton Beach and saw
this great blue heron. Then it was on to Rockport Beach were we found

this guy taking his afternoon nap!

Then it was on to Walmart before heading home.

Jim and Ellie had their own agenda for the day which included taking the furkids to the vet for their shots and to pick up Jazz's medicine. We are all planning on a long day trip to the Valley so, Ellie wanted to check out a doggie day care for Wednesday. She found one that will take good care of the kids while we are gone. In fact, they are planning for a sleep over. LOL

Once we were all back at the RV park, Mark and Jim decided they want to go to Alice Fay's for dinner. Ellie and I gave in, but the guys had to promise dinner at home tomorrow night! After dinner we made another Walmart stop to look at some capri pants. However, our capri pants shopping also included cookies and ice cream. LOL!

So much for just another day!

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