Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Big Fish Story

The morning started here around 5:45 this morning. Mark and Jim were up, ready, and waiting on Rod. They were off for their big bay fishing trip today. However, the nice day that was forecast turned out to be cloudy, windy, and chilly. Oh, well, the trip was already booked. So off they went.

Now, I wasn't there to see this first hand. But, I am imagining that they stopped at the Whataburger for breakfast. Then they walked across the street to board their fishing vessel like three little boys heading out for a big adventure.

I could go on with this story and tell you some "big fish" story, but let's just get to the real truth of the day, ugly as it was. Jim caught something called a whiting, but threw it back. Rod, on the other hand, caught 3 hard head catfish and a pregnant blue crab. Threw them all back. Now, Mark caught nothing! His only excitement for the morning was that he threw his rod and reel into the bay. He said it just jumped out of his hand and overboard it went! The boat captain was probably not too happy with him, but did give him another one for a second chance. LOL.

Well, that is the true story of the 4 hour fishing trip, sad as it is. I am just glad that Deb, Ellie, and I weren't back here waiting patiently for a fish fry.

Sorry guys....better luck next time!


  1. I would LOVE to hear the guys' version of the fishing trip! :) Sorry you had no fish to fry, but I bet you had fun enjoying your "3rd day." :)

  2. Fishing Trip....$45.00......One Day Licence...$10.00....Rod & Reel into the Bay...Priceless..We did have a great time and will do it again...:)..Jim