Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Super Sunday

Today was forecast to be a beautiful day and that it was. And, since it was to be so warm Cathy and Doug scheduled to come and make the sunscreens for the motor home.

This is the same company that made the screens for our other motor home and we were very pleased with them, so we were very excited to find that they had a representative here in the Rockport area. So we contacted them and made arrangements for them to come to the RV park and make a set for the Phaeton. They told us they had to wait for a really warm day and today seemed to be the day they were waiting for, so they arrived and
Doug quickly got busy measuring and

Cathy got busy sewing and in just a couple of hours we were all done.

Thanks guys for a great job

I know we will enjoy these especially when the hot summer gets here!
After Cathy and Doug finished, it was time to think about getting started on the party plans
Mark got all the lawn chairs arranged and the drinks iced down, while

Jim was in charge of getting the shrimp boil started. Now, all we needed were our guests.

And they weren't too far away. Rob and Deb, and Gordon and Sandra, joined Ellie, Jim, Mark, and I for a small Super Bowl Party.

Do you think 7 pounds of shrimp will be enough? Surely so, especially with the sausage, corn, potatoes, fruit salad from Deb, and the yummy dessert that Sandra brought.

This is all that was left! Speedy, you need to hurry and get on the road, see what you are missing!! Do I need to say that lunch was great! Afterwards...

Ellie has been wanting a new blog picture, so after lunch, she ask Gordon if he would take their picture using her camera.

So, I followed along and I got a picture of Sandra taking a picture of Gordon taking a picture of Jim and Ellie. LOL
After the picture taking venture, we settled in to watch the football game. We were all pulling for the Cardinals, but...didn't work out quit like we would have liked. But, it was a Super Sunday with super friends.
I hope you had a great day wherever you are and I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Ah, what fun...Looks like it stayed warm enough to stay out and watch the game.

  2. Rodney and I watched the game at the RV and then took the girls out to eat. Not near the fun you guys had but we enjoyed the day. Your right I have to get out there and soon I will

    Joe and Sherri

  3. OH, I can't wait to get out there with you guys! What fun!

  4. We are SO jealous! It looks like you all had an awesome day, and we can't wait to be there, too!!