Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Chores

We woke this morning to a beautiful day. First things first, as that is our morning walk. I was on a mission to see how long it took to get in all 10,000 steps without stopping. It took me about 74 minutes of non-stop walking. That was alot of walking. Well, with that behind me for the day, it was time to get on with what was plan of the day and that was chores.

I put Mark to work dusting furniture while I did some picking up and sorting out the collection of magazines. When all of the cleaning was behind us, he went out to clean up the car while I mopped the floors. It started to rain, so, his car cleaning came to a halt. He and Jim decided to go to HEB for a few items. I spent the afternoon playing on the computer and getting things together for dinner. I had offered to make a pizza and Ellie made a salad. It was all so good. We ate around 4:00 and then decided we would take a drive to see if we could find the Roseate Spoonbills. We did see them, but they were too far to get any pictures.

But, we did these guys hanging out down by one of the piers...

Hey guys what's up tonight?

Who me?, I'm not out of line!
Seeing double!
Well, that is about the extent of this day. Tomorrow, our friends, Donnie and Karen from Weatherford are coming in for the week. So, stayed tuned for some new adventures with more friends.


  1. 74 MINUTES??!?!?! You are my hero! I don't think I've EVER walked, exercised, or done anything strenuous for that long. Good for you! Can we expect this tomorrow, too? :)

  2. Dortha,
    You've inspired me to get my pedometer out of the drawer. I walk Kasey 2 laps around the campground 4 times a day, so better start counting those steps. Keep up the good work.