Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Hanging Out

Well, after a big birthday outing, we decided to just hang our in the RV Park today. Jim and Ellie still had some motor home cleaning to finish, while Caden and I decided to sleep in this morning. Mark just sit out and enjoyed his coffee and his new chair.

Jim had also decided that today was the day that he was going to make Beer Can Chicken. So, we planned a late lunch. He was first in charge of

South Dakota 2009 001

getting the fire ready. While he was busy with that, Ellie was making sure the chicken was

South Dakota 2009 002

well seasoned and

South Dakota 2009 003

positioned upright on top of the beer can. She even put a potato in the top to keep in all the juices.

Once the fire was hot enough,

South Dakota 2009 005

Jim placed it in the middle of the grill, added

South Dakota 2009 006

the top and now all we had to do was wait for 1 hour and 40 minutes. So, while waiting, Jim would also grill the peaches and cream corn on the cob on the gas grill. Ellie made a pot of greens and Caden and I headed over to our motor home

South Dakota 2009 007

to put together an apple cobbler.

Once we got it in to cook, we then proceeded to

South Dakota 2009 008

clean up our mess.

It wouldn’t be long now until that crazy chicken would be

South Dakota 2009 010

ready to eat. It was more than yummy. In fact, we pretty much

South Dakota 2009 011

picked that chicken clean! It will be a repeat meal sometime.

Well, once we were finished with a delicious lunch we decided to

South Dakota 2009 012

head out and take a walk. Caden and I took some outgoing mail to the office, while Pop tried to go do some laundry, but all the washers were being used. We will try that later. Ms. Ellie took the fur kids out for a little walk. Caden had to also check out the horses. But, then we had to all head back to the motor homes as it looks as if

South Dakota 2009 013

we might get a few late afternoon thunderstorms. In fact, Mr. Jim just came and told Mark that there might be hail in the storms. So they are out putting in the awnings.

Glad we got that crazy chicken cooked!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Moppa

Today Moppa turned 60 years old.  She said it was okay because she says, you are only as old as you feel.  She said she chooses to only feel 40.  Anyway, Happy Birthday, Moppa.

Poppa and I gave her a present and so did Mr.Jim  and Ms. Ellie. South Dakota 2009 144

Pop and I gave her that really cool pink ipod nano.  Mr. Jim and Ms. Ellie gave her that pepper grinder and peppercorns.  Moppa was so excited about the pepper grinder because it has a light on it and it is electric.

She is charging the ipod so she can put music on it.  I can hardly wait so I can listen to it too.

After she opened her presents, we took her to lunch in Custer.   We ate at

South Dakota 2009 090 

The Wrangler Cafe.  Everyone ordered Buffalo Burgers except for me and I wanted fish sticks and French fries.  Everything was good.  When we finished, we went to Custer State Park to

South Dakota 2009 091

Legion Lake Resort.  They rent these

South Dakota 2009 033

paddle boats there and we were going to take Moppa for a ride.  But, we got there and Poppa and Mr. Jim could not ride because the man said they weighed too much.  So, Ms. Ellie and I had to take Moppa for a ride.

We saw some

South Dakota 2009 098

ducks.  And we paddled over to this

South Dakota 2009 020

big rock.  And we saw some men fishing and some kids swimming.  And after we had paddled around for awhile, it was time to take the boat back to the dock.

We had lots of fun.  I am sorry Poppa and Mr. Jim couldn’t get in the boats.  When we left the Legion Lake, Poppa wanted to go see if we would find some more buffalo.  It didn’t take long until we saw

South Dakota 2009 038

these two big guys by the side of the road.  Poppa and Mr. Jim thought that was pretty cool.  Then we drove on down the road and all these cars were parked and these people were out looking at something.  It was then that we saw

South Dakota 2009 039

this really big buffalo.  The signs say be careful because buffalo can be dangerous, but we could get out of the car and stand on this bridge and look at him.  We watched him for a while and then he walked off to go to the stream to get a drink.  We got back in the car and decided to take a drive

South Dakota 2009 135

down this road.  No one knew where it went, but they wanted to drive on it anyway.  Poppa was driving and driving, and then he said oh no…and this was the reason…

South Dakota 2009 142

So, we had to turn around and come back to town.  Poppa said it would be okay, because the bell had not gone off yet and we would have enough gas to get back to town.  We did, but, we still don’t know where that road goes.  Maybe we can go see another day.

After, Poppa got gas, we just went back to the RV Park.  Ms. Ellie made Moppa

South Dakota 2009 145

this great chocolate birthday cake.  After dinner, we had some with ice cream.  It was yummy.

Well, I am pretty sure Moppa had a good birthday.  She got some cool presents, and we took her out for the day, and she said lots of family and friends called her today to wish her a Happy Birthday.  She said to tell everyone thanks for making this day special.

Well, it is about my bedtime, so I had better go for now.  Come back tomorrow to see what is happening in Custer, South Dakota.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Day At The RV Park

Everyone had their own agenda today and we just hung out at the RV Park.  Mark and Caden were up and out early after breakfast.  Then I talked them into going to do the laundry while I cleaned up in the motor home.  While doing so, I watched a couple of different church services via the TV from around the country and just had a quite morning.

Jim was off to do their laundry while Ellie was busy in her motor home baking yummy chocolate muffins.  When Jim returned home, he announced that he was going to wash the motor home.  That task would take up pretty much of the rest of the day.

Today was my day to cook dinner.  We had stuffed pasta shells and salad.

Since there was no real adventure today I thought I would share some pictures of the RV Park here in Custer.  This is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone coming to this area.

When you turn on Flynn Creek off of Sidney Park you seeSouth Dakota 2009 036 this welcome sign.  Then you proceed on down to

South Dakota 2009 032 office where you will be greeted by Larry, Geri, and Cocoa.  Here Caden is trying to get Cocoa to pay a little attention to him.

Larry will direct you to

South Dakota 2009 021 your RV site.  And, if you are lucky to be on the front row like us, you have

South Dakota 2009 020 this great view out your front window!

If you have horses, you would be directed to the upper part of the park where you will be camped closer

South Dakota 2009 034 to where your horse is boarded.

If you don’t have a camper, trailer, or motor home you can staySouth Dakota 2009 017 in the bunkhouse, orSouth Dakota 2009 033 there are a couple of these little trailers around the park.

Now, entertainment around here includesSouth Dakota 2009 007 getting acquainted with Bobo and Jazz, Jim and Ellie dogs.  Or, you canSouth Dakota 2009 012 talk Poppa into playing soccer with you.  And, then there is alwaysSouth Dakota 2009 015 a dip in the pool….that is if you bring your own with you!

You canSouth Dakota 2009 024swing at the playground orSouth Dakota 2009 019  go for a walk.  Just be sure you always remember toSouth Dakota 2009 001 wear your hat.

I hope you enjoyed your tour around the park.   Remember if you are ever in Custer, SD, this is a great place to stay, and tell Larry, Caden recommended it to you!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Fun Begins

Well, as promised, we were up early yesterday, Mark and Caden started on the outside of the motor home while I tackled the inside. Both jobs took us most of the day…but now they are complete and the fun can begin.

And that fun started last night with

South Dakota 2009 013a chuck wagon cookout. After getting the wagon set up

South Dakota 2009 025

and the fire started, the meal would consist of

South Dakota 2009 032 beans with lots of peppers, onions, and beef tips

South Dakota 2009 044

potatoes cooked with lots of onions and bacon

South Dakota 2009 046 steaks that the chef hand cut from a big slab of beef

South Dakota 2009 048 and there is peach cobbler hiding in this Dutch oven.

Wow, what a great meal. And, even

South Dakota 2009 049

Caden enjoyed it. In fact, he ate about 4 helpings of beans and potatoes. And he loved the meat that was cooked in the beans. And, I only got one bite of peach cobbler.

Well, after we had all had our fill at dinner, we

South Dakota 2009 011 found this little horse to ride and

South Dakota 2009 034 looked at the real horses that are camped here.

We also played at the

South Dakota 2009 041 play ground for a little while until it was time for us to make our way

South Dakota 2009 001

back to the motor home to get on warmer clothes so we could

South Dakota 2009 050 leave and get over to the laser light show that was being held at

South Dakota 2009 052 The Crazy Horse Monument. They were having a special show last night and a blast. We had a great time in spite of the fact that it was cold. Caden took it all in and was quite a trooper.

While we were waiting for the laser light show to start, we watched

South Dakota 2009 058 the Indians perform some ceremonial dances.

After a late night, we all slept in a little longer this morning. After everyone was up and moving, we decided that we would take a drive to Custer State Park.

After entering the park, we stopped to enjoy

South Dakota 2009 072this pretty little lake. Joe, it was perfect for your boat! We took a walk and saw

South Dakota 2009 077 wild roses growing along the water’s edge and

South Dakota 2009 079

this mother duck and her ducklings sitting on the top of this waterfall.

Poppa and Caden then South Dakota 2009 081took a little hike down this trail to get a better glimpse of the water fall

Once they were back to the top of the hill

South Dakota 2009 086 Caden stopped for a short rest on the bridge.

We were then off to drive the wildlife loop, but first we saw a look out that was at the top of a mountain. South Dakota 2009 098Caden says….you guys come on, we still have more steps to climb! And when we got to the top, we were able to see

South Dakota 2009 094

all the way across to the Needles and to Mount Rushmore. We barely caught a glimpse of George Washington on the face of the mountain.

Now, we are ready to drive the wildlife loop where we saw

South Dakota 2009 107 ground hogs,

South Dakota 2009 182 antelope,

South Dakota 2009 187 buffalo, and

South Dakota 2009 189

big horn sheep.

What a day we had. Tonight, Ellie made King Ranch Chicken and salad. I made strawberry shortcake. After dinner we took a walk around the RV park. Before dark, Mark, Jim, and Caden took a drive down the road to look for Elk, but no luck.

It was then time to turn in for the evening. We aren’t sure what tomorrow will bring, but it is for sure that

South Dakota 2009 174 Caden will be ready for another fun adventure!