Saturday, June 1, 2013 we come!

We left Fort Worth this morning to start our trek to Gillette, WY in preparation for the 2013 Escapades.  We headed out early to get in front of possible thunderstorms.  We did have a little rain, but, we were quickly out of that, but, faced some pretty stiff winds for several miles.  We decided that we would stop in Dumas, Texas for the night.  However, we arrived in Dumas around 1:30.  We had lunch, and, of course, my driver's way too early to stop.  That is a waste of a travel day.  And, seriously...what is there to see in West

So...we traveled on.  I connected and consulted with my Street and Trips and we went to Plan B and decided to drive on the Lamar, Colorado.  Well, we got into Lamar around dinner time.  We found a Subway with a large parking lot...great choice.  Now, I am not sure what was in the meatball sandwich Mark ate, but...the Energizer Bunny took over, convinced him that he was not tired, and, after all, we gained an hour when we crossed the Colorado State why are we stopping in Lamar.

So, once again, I consulted with Streets and Trips, and found a Walmart in Fort Morgan, Colorado.  We can be there before dark!  I have put my foot down and said...that's it...park it!

Now, I know, I will be glad come in the morning that we had a really long travel day today.  Because that will mean we have a few hundred miles to get to Gillette.

But, if the truth be known...I think he heard Bob and Wanda say...Hurry!