Friday, May 30, 2008

Two Days of Doing Nothing

Well, it is late on Friday night and I have just finished chatting with my fellow RV Dreamers. I decided I would catch up on my blog from the last couple of days. However, I realized that I haven't done anything to blog about. I am not sure if that is good or not. It certainly isn't like me. I am usually busy doing something. Other than a load of laundry, cooking dinner, and playing on the computer, I did absolutely nothing. And, for some reason, I don't even feel guilty.

Today, was not much more productive. However, my little man was back, and I am glad to report that he is finally feeling like himself. But, I didn't get anything done because I was too busy chasing after him. So, at the end of two days, some might say I wasted a lot of time. But I am just going to think I needed a little down time because I know that every day from now until we leave for the rally will pick up speed. Not only do we have to do the routine things, I have several appointments next week and will also be helping our daughter pack away her classroom for the summer. Oh, me, the days will pass by really fast, I think I am glad that I had two days of doing nothing!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Making Plans...

Well, my Mr. Brooks is back today. He is still not feeling well. Poppa said he was just looking for an excuse to come to Moppa's house and not go to the babysitter. I am not sure at 13 months he comprehended that, but it sounded good to Pop. So, needless to say, we haven't done much today but entertain a little person. That's okay.

Mark and I have just been discussing our plan for next week and things that have to be done before leaving for the rally. I can't believe it is just a week and half away. Even though we live in our motor home things get taken out and used here at the house. Therefore, those items need to be accounted for and returned to their proper place. I think this weekend, I am going to do a front to back cleaning in the motor home. It has been a while since I inventoried cabinets and pantries. So, I thought I would work on that and start my grocery list.

I will be keeping up with the laundry on a daily basis so that won't sneak up on me before leaving. Mark will be starting the routine chores like airing up tires, taking off screens, checking the oil, etc. The days will pass by quickly.

We are really looking forward to getting to meet and visit with everyone at the rally. I am just not sure that there will be enough hours in the day.

Well, my little man is up from his nap, so I guess my blogging time is over for now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is It Monday or Tuesday?

Do you ever have that confused feeling after a long weekend? You don't know for sure what day it is. This is one of those days. Everyone was off yesterday and now they are all back to work, so it should be Monday, but it is really Tuesday. For certain, this whole week will be off.

Today started early. Mark was up and off Scott's house to oversee a slab being poured for a new storage building. Jennifer brought Caden to spend the day with me. He was sick yesterday, and she didn't want him going to the the sitter today. Since he isn't feeling 100%, we have had a quite day. He has just played and slept, so I have just played catch up on a few things.

I just finished my blog from the weekend and got it published. Mark came home from his construction job and had just finished getting a snack when it started to rain. Oh, my, rain on the new concrete. He was out of here in a flash to go and cover up the newly poured slab. The concrete workers had already taken care of part of it. He finished and in just the nick of time. We had a good rain this afternoon. He was then off to my mom's to pick up some fresh turnip greens she had for him. While he was out, he made the school run.

It was a busy around here for a little while, but all extra children were accounted for and picked up. It was just myself, Mark, Karen, and Kourtney for dinner. Now all have been fed, the dishes in the the dishwasher and all has settled down for the night.

So here's hoping that you knew better than I that today was Tuesday and not Monday.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Recap of Our Holiday Weekend


started with Field Day at the elementary school. I have attached a few pictures of what fun the grand kids had with their classmates. This is definitely our little competitive granddaughter. Lauren is in the 2nd grade. She is like her dad and aunt and doesn't like to loose.This one would be entitled Ready, Set, Go, and I am going to win!
This is our grandson, Andrew, he is in the 4th grade. He and his principal are showing the others how this game is played.
He is ready for a good ole game of tug of war here. Go for it guys!
Here he is being crazy for the camera. He takes after his uncle and is becoming the clown of the family.

Our daughter, the one in the red shirt, is a first grade teacher. We had fun with her class too. I ended up taking 431 pictures for the day and am making some field day posters for the kids to enjoy at school. The hard part is picking out the pictures I want to use.


was a little slow getting started after field day. After, being out in the sun all day and my extreme picture taking, I was pooped. We are not as young as we use to be and need a little longer to get started after a big day. Who thought I would ever admit to that. However, after a shower, breakfast, and my Diet Dr. Pepper, I was ready for the day. There was lots to do and get accomplished and finish up for Lauren's birthday party in the evening. Her birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago, but we are just now getting around to having her family party.

The anticipation of waiting for the gifts.

All those gifts, clothes, clothes and more clothes...just right for her. Lauren has to wear uniforms to school, so by all means she wants to make sure that after school and the weekends she is "cute". And I think there was a jewelry bag or two in the mix. I am not sure what we will do with her at sixteen.
This is Lauren with our 3rd grandchild, Zachary. They are only 4 months apart and together they are trouble looking to happen. They are the twin cousins and love spending time with each other.

Again, Happy Birthday Lauren, we love you.

Thanks guys for mowing today, the yard looks really great.

we woke up to a beautiful morning and thankful for the overnight rain. However, Mr. Peacock, our neighborhood pet was on the roof next door. He had been enjoying the morning since 5 a.m. and thought that we to should be up with him.

We have had the pleasure of this fellow for about 5 years. No one knows where he came from. At one time we had Mr. Peacock and 2 hens. They have since disappeared, but he just keeps hanging around.

Now that you have the whole neighborhood awake, have a nice day.

After our morning visitor, we were off to church. We had good fellowship with our Sunday School class and heard a great sermon. Dr. Pearle reminded us today that no matter how old we get, that life is really short. As I reflect on the past, and wonder where did all those years go, I am aware that our lives are just a vapor and I am so thankful for everyday that is on this end of our journey. I hope you are making the most of your life's journey.

After church, Mark took me to my favorite Mexican food restaurant for lunch. It was yum yum. We ran a couple of errands while we were out. We just enjoyed a lazy afternoon in preparation for the two granddaughters for the evening. Lauren had reminded me the night before that "it was okay for her to come and spend the night anytime she wanted". So, of course, there is no school on Monday so she will take advantage of an overnight stay at Moppa's and Poppa's. We had a great time, Kourtney was in bed by 8 and the rest of the evening belonged to her.

She got a membership for Club Penguin, a computer game, so we did that for awhile and then we played paper dolls and decorated a house for them. Oh, my, how the paper dolls have changed since my childhood days.

This is her masterpiece.

and no camera today. I hope each of you had a great day and I just want to take a minute to thank all of our our military, both active and retired, for the job they do. I am so thankful for this beautiful country we live in and for the freedoms we have because of them. And God Bless The USA.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today started a little late for me. I stayed in the chat room way too late last night. But, I met a new friend, Lois. She and her DH will be joining us at the rally in Branson, MO in June.

Anyway, when I finally got my eyes open, the clock indicated that I should have been up a hour before. But, that's okay, I didn't really have a plan for the day. Mark was still in the recliner, drinking coffee, playing on the computer and watching GMA. He showered and left to go make a run to the camper store for a little chat about our a/c. It has developed a small noise. He was back pretty quick. The next thing I know he is dragging the vacuum cleaner up on top of the motor home. And I am thinking....this is not good. He cleaned it all, got back down with no accidents with himself or the vacuum. However, we still have the noise.

While he was on the roof I was inside doing a little picking up. I opened a small door in the bedroom that never gets opened and found a money bag that contained a lot of coins (change from my days at Canton). So, I decided to take it to the bank and cash it return was $42.00. Yeah, now we are off to Wally World, to inquire about Mark's new Rx's. We have always done mail-in prescriptions through our insurance, but found out that he has three of the five that qualify for the 90 days for $10.00. So, we saved $60.00 on his medicine today. I am thinking that I have pocketed some diesel money for the rally. But, then reality set in, and I am thinking that this big $102.00 will not even get me out of Texas. The last time I went to Branson, which was only summer before last, I got a round trip of diesel for $102.00.

Well, while Mark was busy saving money at Walmart, I was busy replacing the snacks from where 2 little mice had dinner in the motor home last night. By the way, they no longer are a concern. I think we have that problem taken care of as I have purchased mothballs and distributed them in the basement. Thanks to my chat friends who educated me about how to keep these little critters from breaking and entering. I was really mad that they had helped themselves to my snack cakes, peanut butter bars, and the peppermint patties. They didn't even pick up their paper.

The rest of this afternoon has been quite. I am just catching up on my posting and waiting on the next wave of activity. Pop is going to be off to watch soccer and I am off to a spring program. Our daughter's first graders are performing at the PTA meeting tonight and our 4th grade grandson is in the second half of the program. So, where did the afternoon go, because, I am looking at the clock now and realize that the wave is not too far from shore, so I guess I had better get my act together.

And, yes, I am thankful for this Thursday and hope you too had a blessed day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Midweek Update

I am just checking in to say "hi" to all that read. I can't believe it is already Wednesday. We have been busy this week just doing the things that have to be taken care of. Monday, I spent the day with my mom, errands, lunch, of course, an eye doctor appointment for her, and a piano recital for number one granddaughter.

Yesterday, was more of the same. My nephew dropped mom off here at the house and we left to run more errands, lunch, again, another doctor's appointment and then off to run the after school "jeep" route. It was then home to get homework done and get to a soccer game and of course don't forget dinner and a stop at Wally World.

By this time it is time to sign on for a visit with all of my chat room friends. WOW, we have really had a full house the last couple of nights. It is fun to visit everynight and see what is going on with everyone across the miles. I have made a couple of new friends this week and am glad that they have joined in on our little party. I am so excited that all of you are as excited as we are about the upcoming rally. We are going to have so much fun. I am just disappointed that all of us can't be in attendance.

Today, I am back to the regular routine, a little laundry, painting a couple of books, a little cleaning in the motor home, and catching up on my blog. I am not going to bore anyone with this routine schedule, so for now I will just say hope everyone out there is having a great week and looking forward to the holiday weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yeah, It's The Weekend

Well, I thought this day was going to be a relaxing do nothing day. I got up this morning, we had breakfast and Mark ask me if I would install a new trip program on the laptop for him. Sure, no problem. I had installed it on the PC yesterday, so no big deal.

I got it started on it and in just a few minutes some error message appeared on the screen. Well, I just stopped it and started it again. No such luck, after the third attempt, I decided to enlist some help. So I brought it in the house to ask our son-in-law if he knew what the problem might be. In the meantime, I had looked up the microsoft hotline number.

Kenneth started the installation and got only as far as I had gotten on my attempts. Okay, I'm thinking, well maybe I am not as dumb as I was feeling. Now, Kenneth is on the phone with Microsoft and they are trying to work through this problem. And, so as not to bore you, I will just get to the bottom line. Two hours later, the program was finally installed and up and running. Thanks, Kennth for using up your morning. But, with all said and done, Mark is now happy as can be and even though he can't afford the fuel to go anywhere, he can plan all the trips he wants.
I also purchased a new photo software, I am anxious to try, but I think I have had enough software for one day. Other than that, we have had a pretty normal weekend. The usual trip to Walmart and Sams, a couple of soccer games, lawn mowing, etc. I did get the last of my special orders mailed or delivered on Friday. However, since that time I have managed to gather up a few more, but nothing like the first bunch. Oh, well, I figure that every book I paint is fuel to take us about 50 miles down the road. Gosh, I guess I had better get busy if I want to go very far.

I thought I would share some of the special order books I have been working on lately.

These are the books I have been painting for one of our local high schools. They are doing a fundrasier for the class of 2010.

This book is one I do for Texas A&M University. We participate in a craft show there every year during Parent's Weekend. Our daughter is from the class of '99.

Below are just a couple of others I have been working on the last few days.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To You

Taking a moment to wish our granddaughter, Lauren, a big
Happy 8th Birthday. She is seen here with Andrew, her big brother and Caden, her baby brother. What a beautiful young lady you are. Poppa and I are so proud of you.
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and this is hoping all of you mothers out there had a great day. I hope you were as fortunate as I was and got to see each of your children. It is has been a come and go sort of day around here, some came and went, and then others came, and then the first ones came back. We visited, and ate, and visited some more and ate some more. I enjoyed every minute of the day as I always enjoy it when I have a child or a grandchild around.

I count my blessings each time I see them. I am so grateful to have watched my children grow into successful and responsible adults. They each have their own families now and I marvel at watching them parent their children. It is such an awesome responsibility in the world we live in today. And I truly know that it is by the grace of God that they too will become successful young adults.

Again, here is to all of you mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day and at heart we all truly know that everyday is mother's day.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, Friday is finally here and at the time of this blog it is well on the way to being gone. I have just been painting today and boxing books for mailing. I am finally getting out the last of the special order books. With any luck, they will all be gone by Monday.

Mark had to take his mom to the doctor today for her checkup and that always includes lunch. So, I have had a pretty productive day here by myself. However, all is subject to change at any moment. Poppa has gone to pick up 2 grandkids from school. After which, the parents will be showing up and then 3 or more will arrive and then who ever knows what will happen from there. I am sure there will be a dinner plan in there somewhere, but that's okay, you have to eat. And, that fact would be according the my rvdreamer friend, James, who always has to know, "what's for dinner".

Well, here's hoping that all of you out there in blogland have a great weekend planned and I am sure we will be catching up during chat time. So, as my friend Speedy would say, see you, somewhere in time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where Has The Week Gone?

I can't believe that this week is almost gone. It's Thursday and I am not sure what happened to the last few days. There hasn't been anything of real interest going on here, but the time has gone somewhere.

I have had baby Kourtney a couple of days and then there was washing and ironing and painting and doctors and dentists and telephone calls and paying bills and now it is time to do the washing again. And least, I should not forget all the chatting I have to do with my rv dream friends each evening. Oh my, oh my...

and then there is the trip to Wal-mart.

It is such a waste, the grocery store. You go, you take the groceries off the shelf and put them in the basket and then you get to the check stand and take them out of the basket. Next, thing you know, the cashier has sacked them up and you are wondering how did I spend that much money on nothing. Now you put them back in the basket to take them to your car to unload them out of the basket and into you car. Upon arrival back at home it is time to take them out of the car and carry them into the motor home to unpack them from the sack the cashier put them in just minutes earlier. And from this point on, it takes a total of less than 48 hours for someone to say, "I can't find a thing to eat, what's for dinner?"

Well, so much for my do nothing week. I am looking forward to Mother's Day. You know the day well, the one where all the kids and grand kids come over and you cook and clean up the kitchen while they are all having fun, laughing and talking to dear old Dad. I really joke about this, my kids are great and, by the way, my guys are good cooks. I love you all.

I think that weeks like this mean that it is almost time for a trip. Can't wait for the rally, only 33 more days and counting...See you there.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Long Needed Visit

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go Dallas and visit with Joe and Sherri, our long time friends. As you can tell it doesn't take Mark and Joe long to start catching up on whatever subject they want to discuss. You will have to read Joe's blog at: if you want to see pictures of Sherri and I catching up. With the four of us there is probably not a subject that hasn't been covered. We did get to think ahead and make a few travel plans for the rally. Also, spent a little time trying to convince Joe it is time retire!

After visiting for most of the afternoon and letting time sneak away from us, we sent the guys out to start grilling. Yum, Yum, we took some steak and chicken over and Sherri made salad. Joe's contribution to dinner was the potatoes for baking. It was all Sherri could do to get the 2 of the out of the pantry. I think we had enough potatoes for the park, but we seemed to manage to eat them ourselves. Sherri had also made a banana pudding, the low cal kind, you know the recipe...reduced fat vanilla wafers, skim milk, fat free, sugar free pudding and EAGLE BRAND MILK. It was wonderful, and we all made little pigs out of ourselves by having a second helping. That means a longer walk tomorrow.
This is Joe checking out the temperature of the meat. He is making sure his steak is medium, my chicken is just done and Mark and Sherri's burned! What an evening, great friends, good food, and memories that are priceless...
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rest of The Day...

Not much exciting happened for the rest of the day. I got a little more painting done and then it was time to go to a soccer game. We came home, had a nice dinner and I cleaned the kitchen. Our number 3 grandchild came over for a visit. And now, I am waiting my friends to arrive to chat.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Tale of Two Days

Well, my one down day turned into a few accomplish nothing days so it is now time to try to get back to a schedule. I can't believe it is already Saturday. Yesterday, I had my day all planned out, but as usual it never seems to happen quite like I have planned. But this is the way it went...

Mark was up early and off for a doctor's appointment and then to get the tires on the jeep rotated. I got up and was going to get ready to go to the YMCA to workout when I saw on the TV that there was a possible tornado in Canton. We have friends who still set up there, so now my mission was to start calling to see if I could make contact with them. No such luck, and the weatherman just kept talking about this storm.

I decided to call Joe and Sherri to see if they had heard about it because Joe's sister and her husband are also in Canton. By this time, our weatherman is saying that the tornado had touched down and there was possible damage. Still no answer from friends.

Mark was now home and I am filling him in on the tornado, which he didn't know about the one in Canton, he was more interested in the one in Kansas, where Joe's son lives. Now, I am back on the phone with Sherri to find out about the kids. It was not too close to them, and by the way she has talked with her sister-in-law in Canton and they are okay. I too have now talked with friends and all is okay. There was some damage, trees down on cars, etc., but all seemed in pretty good shape, just scary.

Okay, now I think I can get back to the regular schedule...decided it was too late to go to workout, so I just started the laundry. I mean to tell you we are either the dirtiest people or the cleanest. I am not sure which. Laundry is on and I am off to the paint room. I really do need to get both started and finished with these special orders so I can get them in the mail early next week. I have too many other things that need to be taking up my time other than work.

This is where I hang out when I am in the house. This is the only room I still claim. So, welcome to my paint room. I finished one book and sent it to the mailbox. I got started on several more and took a new order.

Mark played on the computer, which is also in my paint room. He was reading all the blogs and journals, and looking up RV parks, etc.

By now it is late afternoon on Friday, and Karen and Kourtney are home along with Aunt Ashley. Close behind are 3 more and they are all hungry.

So, we decided to take off and go eat some good ol' Mexican food. There was a little wait, but what do you expect on Friday night. Of course, by the time we got home and visited for a little while, it was time for all to depart and I was off to find my "chat friends". Like always it was a good visit. Then I decided I would I should go to bed since I had to babysit first thing in the morning.

I was in bed, reading and Mark had already gone to sleep when darling daughter called from inside the house. And the conversation when something like this...

"Mom, is Dad asleep?"
"Yes, what do you need?", I asked her.
"Mom, there is a mouse in my bathroom, where is the mousetrap? I know Dad has some."
I told her, I have no idea, but...

"I'll send your Dad in."

So calmly I woke him up and told him he needed to inside and catch a mouse...his remark was..."WHAT" from a dead sleep.

So he staggered out of the motor home with his sticky mouse trap full of peanut butter. Now trap in place, all is quite, and now just waiting on mouse to return.

I guess all was too quite, because the mouse didn't return.

It is now Saturday, almost noon in my story and things have been busy around here already. I am babysitting number 5 grandchild today. Also, still washing clothes and whatever else I can find. Oh, yes, still painting too. But, I have promised myself to be finished with these books and ready for mail and delivery by ... I had better just say soon as you already know how my plans work out.

Mark and number 2 son are out back working on the lawn mower replacing belts and blades.

Well, I think I have caught up with myself so here's hoping all is well with each of you and I will return later with the rest of the day.