Friday, May 2, 2008

A Tale of Two Days

Well, my one down day turned into a few accomplish nothing days so it is now time to try to get back to a schedule. I can't believe it is already Saturday. Yesterday, I had my day all planned out, but as usual it never seems to happen quite like I have planned. But this is the way it went...

Mark was up early and off for a doctor's appointment and then to get the tires on the jeep rotated. I got up and was going to get ready to go to the YMCA to workout when I saw on the TV that there was a possible tornado in Canton. We have friends who still set up there, so now my mission was to start calling to see if I could make contact with them. No such luck, and the weatherman just kept talking about this storm.

I decided to call Joe and Sherri to see if they had heard about it because Joe's sister and her husband are also in Canton. By this time, our weatherman is saying that the tornado had touched down and there was possible damage. Still no answer from friends.

Mark was now home and I am filling him in on the tornado, which he didn't know about the one in Canton, he was more interested in the one in Kansas, where Joe's son lives. Now, I am back on the phone with Sherri to find out about the kids. It was not too close to them, and by the way she has talked with her sister-in-law in Canton and they are okay. I too have now talked with friends and all is okay. There was some damage, trees down on cars, etc., but all seemed in pretty good shape, just scary.

Okay, now I think I can get back to the regular schedule...decided it was too late to go to workout, so I just started the laundry. I mean to tell you we are either the dirtiest people or the cleanest. I am not sure which. Laundry is on and I am off to the paint room. I really do need to get both started and finished with these special orders so I can get them in the mail early next week. I have too many other things that need to be taking up my time other than work.

This is where I hang out when I am in the house. This is the only room I still claim. So, welcome to my paint room. I finished one book and sent it to the mailbox. I got started on several more and took a new order.

Mark played on the computer, which is also in my paint room. He was reading all the blogs and journals, and looking up RV parks, etc.

By now it is late afternoon on Friday, and Karen and Kourtney are home along with Aunt Ashley. Close behind are 3 more and they are all hungry.

So, we decided to take off and go eat some good ol' Mexican food. There was a little wait, but what do you expect on Friday night. Of course, by the time we got home and visited for a little while, it was time for all to depart and I was off to find my "chat friends". Like always it was a good visit. Then I decided I would I should go to bed since I had to babysit first thing in the morning.

I was in bed, reading and Mark had already gone to sleep when darling daughter called from inside the house. And the conversation when something like this...

"Mom, is Dad asleep?"
"Yes, what do you need?", I asked her.
"Mom, there is a mouse in my bathroom, where is the mousetrap? I know Dad has some."
I told her, I have no idea, but...

"I'll send your Dad in."

So calmly I woke him up and told him he needed to inside and catch a mouse...his remark was..."WHAT" from a dead sleep.

So he staggered out of the motor home with his sticky mouse trap full of peanut butter. Now trap in place, all is quite, and now just waiting on mouse to return.

I guess all was too quite, because the mouse didn't return.

It is now Saturday, almost noon in my story and things have been busy around here already. I am babysitting number 5 grandchild today. Also, still washing clothes and whatever else I can find. Oh, yes, still painting too. But, I have promised myself to be finished with these books and ready for mail and delivery by ... I had better just say soon as you already know how my plans work out.

Mark and number 2 son are out back working on the lawn mower replacing belts and blades.

Well, I think I have caught up with myself so here's hoping all is well with each of you and I will return later with the rest of the day.

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