Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is It Monday or Tuesday?

Do you ever have that confused feeling after a long weekend? You don't know for sure what day it is. This is one of those days. Everyone was off yesterday and now they are all back to work, so it should be Monday, but it is really Tuesday. For certain, this whole week will be off.

Today started early. Mark was up and off Scott's house to oversee a slab being poured for a new storage building. Jennifer brought Caden to spend the day with me. He was sick yesterday, and she didn't want him going to the the sitter today. Since he isn't feeling 100%, we have had a quite day. He has just played and slept, so I have just played catch up on a few things.

I just finished my blog from the weekend and got it published. Mark came home from his construction job and had just finished getting a snack when it started to rain. Oh, my, rain on the new concrete. He was out of here in a flash to go and cover up the newly poured slab. The concrete workers had already taken care of part of it. He finished and in just the nick of time. We had a good rain this afternoon. He was then off to my mom's to pick up some fresh turnip greens she had for him. While he was out, he made the school run.

It was a busy around here for a little while, but all extra children were accounted for and picked up. It was just myself, Mark, Karen, and Kourtney for dinner. Now all have been fed, the dishes in the the dishwasher and all has settled down for the night.

So here's hoping that you knew better than I that today was Tuesday and not Monday.


  1. I will be glad when I don't have to worry about what day it is...or what time it is for that matter.


  2. I agree with joe. I can't wait to not care what day it is. Right now I have to keep up with the days to know what time I go to work. Everyday is different. Thanks for the great blog.