Monday, May 5, 2008

A Long Needed Visit

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go Dallas and visit with Joe and Sherri, our long time friends. As you can tell it doesn't take Mark and Joe long to start catching up on whatever subject they want to discuss. You will have to read Joe's blog at: if you want to see pictures of Sherri and I catching up. With the four of us there is probably not a subject that hasn't been covered. We did get to think ahead and make a few travel plans for the rally. Also, spent a little time trying to convince Joe it is time retire!

After visiting for most of the afternoon and letting time sneak away from us, we sent the guys out to start grilling. Yum, Yum, we took some steak and chicken over and Sherri made salad. Joe's contribution to dinner was the potatoes for baking. It was all Sherri could do to get the 2 of the out of the pantry. I think we had enough potatoes for the park, but we seemed to manage to eat them ourselves. Sherri had also made a banana pudding, the low cal kind, you know the recipe...reduced fat vanilla wafers, skim milk, fat free, sugar free pudding and EAGLE BRAND MILK. It was wonderful, and we all made little pigs out of ourselves by having a second helping. That means a longer walk tomorrow.
This is Joe checking out the temperature of the meat. He is making sure his steak is medium, my chicken is just done and Mark and Sherri's burned! What an evening, great friends, good food, and memories that are priceless...
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  1. We enjoyed the day sooo much. We have always seemed to have good times when we are all together. I hope that we can do this again before the Rally. If not we will have fun there. Guess I will see you at chat tonight...maybe we will be party free???

    Joe and Sherri