Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, Friday is finally here and at the time of this blog it is well on the way to being gone. I have just been painting today and boxing books for mailing. I am finally getting out the last of the special order books. With any luck, they will all be gone by Monday.

Mark had to take his mom to the doctor today for her checkup and that always includes lunch. So, I have had a pretty productive day here by myself. However, all is subject to change at any moment. Poppa has gone to pick up 2 grandkids from school. After which, the parents will be showing up and then 3 or more will arrive and then who ever knows what will happen from there. I am sure there will be a dinner plan in there somewhere, but that's okay, you have to eat. And, that fact would be according the my rvdreamer friend, James, who always has to know, "what's for dinner".

Well, here's hoping that all of you out there in blogland have a great weekend planned and I am sure we will be catching up during chat time. So, as my friend Speedy would say, see you, somewhere in time.

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