Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In and Out...

August 1, 2014

I think we have set our all time record for service in and out of Red Bay.  After Bruce finished the body work on Wednesday and Thursday last week and the jacks were replaced on Friday, we figured our paperwork would be shuffled back with the others and the wait for the three hour bay would start.  However, late Friday afternoon, we got a call to report to Bay 32 on Monday morning!  Wow, record time indeed!

But, for now, it is Friday, and the question is, how do we spend our weekend  We decided it would be a great time to get a few more things marked off of The To Do List.

So, Saturday morning, we dropped the motor home off at


Ricky Johnson's home.  Ricky works in the Service Center Office and has a part time cleaning business.  Today, he is going to clean ours.  He cleans the inside from top to bottom, front to back, shampoos the carpets, cleans the tile floor, polishes the wood and counters.  He even does the windows!  And, while he is busy with the inside, his helper, John, is going to wash and wax the outside!  Just what we needed to clear away a little more of that Alaska dirt!

We decided since this would be an all day appointment, we would head to the Muscle Sholes area.  We stopped at


Simmons Tires where the Jeep got 4 new tires.

Afterwards, we drove


across the Tennessee River to Florence where we spent the rest of our day shopping, having lunch, and shopping a little longer.  By late afternoon, it was time to head back to Red Bay to pick up the motor home.  Thanks, Ricky and looks great!

We enjoyed a leisure rest of the weekend at Camp Red Bay.

August 4, 2014

When six forty-five, Monday morning arrived, we were sitting in front of Bay 32 where


Greg was waiting to pull us in.  Our list was pretty simple here, just a few adjustments here and there.  However, since we had been operating with no jacks over the last few months, we wanted to make sure that the big slide on the driver's side was not out of adjustment.  We told the techs that it had been a little on the sluggish side.  So, after a brief consultation, we decided that it was time for a new motor.  Wow, it never operated so slick!

We also had one recall they addressed.  It had to do with adding a fuse to the front and rear clearance lights.

And, with that, we were in and out of the service center.

In order to finish our list, we extended our stay at the campground for a couple of days.  So, yesterday, it was back to


Simmons Tires where six new tires were waiting


just for us!

Mike Simmons and his techs were great.  We used the Michelin Program through FMCA.  It worked great, easy sign up, and a fair discount.

While we were getting the new tires, Mark and the tech were discussing the wheels and how they needed to be cleaned.  He told us about a product that we could buy at Tri County Trucks, a local business in Muscle Sholes.  He told Mark it was really easy to use and no buffer needed!

So, you already know, our next stop was Tri County!  The product is


Purple Metal Polish.

Of course, as soon as we returned to the campground,


Mark had to give it a try.

I would say he has found


a new pass time!

  By the way, the label warns that this product could be I am guessing we will have the shiniest wheels on the road!

August 6, 2014

This morning, we were up early, and ready to address the last item on the list.  While, I dealt with the laundry, Mark headed to


Bay Diesel for our 50,000 mile check up.  Even with all sorts of oil changes, filters, lubes, new air dryer, a check of the air ride, and who know what else, we were still in and out by noon.

Wow, this has been a really big and pricey stop in Red Bay.  But, keeping  the motor home up and running in good condition is no more than keeping a sticks and bricks house operating.  Some necessary and some preventative, but, it's all done!

I know we all often fuss about the things that go wrong with them, but, while in Red Bay, we counted our blessings for the things that didn't go wrong.  And, you will too...



motor home in need of much TLC.  And, it made me almost cry because all of this damage was due to a wrecker driver that didn't know what he was doing!

So, remember, to count your blessing when you have to fix the little things or have the next routine maintenance done on your rig!

We are looking forward to the adventures the next 50,000 miles will bring us.  But, after 125 days and almost 12,000 miles, we are heading our motor home West for some much needed family time.

See you soon from Texas!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tuned In and Level...

August 1, 2014

One of the items on our service list was to check out the roof mounted TV antenna.  Even though, we primarily watch Direct TV, it is nice to be able to switch to the TV and catch the local news and weather wherever we are.   We have been having trouble for awhile getting it to work properly...just wouldn't tune in for some reason!  After finding out they no longer use the one we have, we decided to purchase a new redesigned one. And,


have one of the techs came to our campsite to install it. more 


controller hooked to a wire that never seemed to be accurate enough to dial in a good signal.  The new one is operated by a wireless perfect.

Today, we also got a call to come


to the service bay where they installed our new jacks.

If you remember, a few months ago, while we were in Montana, we had the jack that wouldn't retract and Mark and Wallace took it off.

  And, even though we made it all the way to Alaska and back without the jacks,


it is nice to too know level is just a few hours away.

And, like the newly designed antenna, we learned there is a new jack system.  After having to have several jacks replaced over the last few years, it was a no brainer for us to get the


newest jack system installed.

  Although it uses


the same style and size jacks, it comes with


a new wiring system that communicates with a new control system. 

Now, while I am not too sure what those wires are telling that controller, I do know this...

we now have


four jacks, they are all on the ground, all the slides are out, and we are level!

Another good day...tuned in and level in Red Bay!