Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something Old…Made New

Over the last couple of years the Fort Worth Children’s Museum has been being rebuilt.  It finally reopened just about a month ago.

Today, we decided to go and take a look at the

Fort Worth Museum 064

new facility.   I think

Fort Worth Museum 060

everyone in town was there today as well.  But, we still managed to

Fort Worth Museum 002

shoot parachutes up through this wind tube and

Fort Worth Museum 001

turn all the big wooden gears and wheels.  Then we were

Fort Worth Museum 011

off to find the dinosaurs.  Who ever knew they had

Fort Worth Museum 014

such big feet?

The fun didn’t stop there, and soon it was our turn to view the 3-D movie about energy.  But, everyone had to

Fort Worth Museum 050

Fort Worth Museum 049

wear these silly glasses.

After the movie, we

Fort Worth Museum 038

enjoyed some water activities.  Andrew had no problem shooting the water really high in the sky!

Caden found

Fort Worth Museum 027

roads to build and

Fort Worth Museum 047

ambulances to drive.

Kourtney was more interested in

Fort Worth Museum 020

walking on the balance beams and

Fort Worth Museum 044

checking out groceries in the

Fort Worth Museum 039

miniature grocery store.

We had a great day at the new Children’s Museum and will defiantly go back for another visit because in the same facility is the I-Max which was showing 3 different movies, and the Planetarium.  And, if you get your fill of this museum, you can go right next door and take in

Fort Worth Museum 065

The National Cowgirls Hall of Fame.

Again, what a great day we shared with the kids in our beautiful

Fort Worth Museum 059

downtown Fort Worth.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

On The Third Day of Christmas

This afternoon the

Christmas 2009 048

gang arrived and these five were ready to tear into

Christmas 2009 045

all of these gifts that for the most part all belonged to them.  They had a great time…

Andrew got

Christmas 2009 086

hats and shirts, and

Christmas 2009 031

a car that goes fast.

Lauren loved

Christmas 2009 088

the cute shirts and

Christmas 2009 081 

Christmas 2009 026

two new dolls that were welcomed with love.

Zachary made out with lots

Christmas 2009 069

burnt orange….and in a house full of Aggies that’s a hoot.


Christmas 2009 095

loved his big green friend and lots of Thomas trains...while


Christmas 2009 078

was excited to unwrap her very own motor home…just like Poppa’s.

What an exciting time to see Christmas through the eyes of little children.  Tonight we spent precious time with our five reasons to be in Texas for the holidays!

And this concludes Christmas 2009!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Three Days of Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and the first of our three days of Christmas celebrations.  We woke to a cold rain that was soon mixed with snow.  What…a white Christmas in Texas.  That is almost unheard of.  But, as promised, by afternoon when it was time to head out for my mom’s house, this

Christmas 2009 006

was what it looked like.

Mark and I stopped to pick up his mom and then it was on to mom’s.  From the den window, I found mom’s

Christmas 2009 010

backyard looking like a winter wonderland.

One by

Christmas 2009 013

one everyone arrived.  Greg and Kate

Christmas 2009 014

drove about 25 miles in this frightful weather.  Thank goodness the temperatures were in the 70’s the day before or this would have been a real mess.

Now, for a few hours, we were all snug and warm, and together and

Christmas 2009 015

dinner was waiting.

During the evening, I was able to catch a few group pictures…there was

Christmas 2009 012  Scott and Caden, and

Christmas 2009 019

Caden and Kourtney.

I found

Christmas 2009 033

Kate and Zachary hanging out waiting for present time.  Soon the kids

Christmas 2009 040

tore into their gifts, while

Christmas 2009 046

my nephew, my sister, and my mom were waiting for their number to be called so they can choose a

Christmas 2009 042

gift card from the table. This is a game we play on Christmas Eve.  Choose a card and hope it doesn’t get stolen by the next person, especially if you get a really good one.  Lots of fun and laughs during the evening.

By this time, the weather was getting so bad that we all decided we should head home.  It was a slow go, but everyone made it home safely.  And soon all were tucked into bed to await Santa’s arrival.

This morning, Christmas morning, we were awakened with a phone call from Kourtney.  Santa had visited her and she was calling for us to come in from the bus to the house to see

Christmas 2009 053

her new red tricycle.  And, then there was all the goodies

Christmas 2009 060

in her stocking.

We spent the morning with her before Karen and Kenneth headed out to his mom’s house.  Greg and Kate would be spending the day with her family. Scott came by for a little while this afternoon, but for the most part, Mark and I have have a quite Christmas Day.

I actually enjoyed the last of the

Christmas 2009 050

snow from inside the motor home while getting ready for tomorrow which will be our third day of this year’s  Christmas celebration.

  Tomorrow will be a big day as all of the kids and grandkids will be with us.  And when they arrive, they will be anxious to see what

Christmas 2009 082 

has been hidden in all these presents for so long.

As we continue our celebration, we hope each of you had a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Treat

With all the shopping and wrapping done, Zachary had a great idea.  He wanted to go the ice exhibit at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, Texas.  This is something the Gaylord has done for several years it is amazing.  This year Pop and I had the opportunity to go and what a treat it was.

We arrived at the

The Gaylord Christmas 003

Gaylord to find the lights had all been hung with care.  And the

The Gaylord Christmas 106

the Christmas tree was shining bright.  And, if you look up, this

The Gaylord Christmas 105

is what you see.

We found this old sled and stopped

The Gaylord Christmas 011

for a picture or

The Gaylord Christmas 007

two.  Now, Zachary was here for only one thing and that

The Gaylord Christmas 019

was to find our way to the ice show.

Our tickets were for 7:30 and we had a little wait, but soon it was our time, but first we were given these

The Gaylord Christmas 032

beautiful blue coats to wear.  Yes, we paid money to walk through the ice show where the temperatures are kept a 9 degrees or below.

  Now, remember as you journey through with us, that all you see is made of ice…and

if you haven’t already guessed, this year’s theme

The Gaylord Christmas 039

was all about the Grinch.  We soon found

The Gaylord Christmas 043

that we were right in the middle of

The Gaylord Christmas 044

Who Ville and all

The Gaylord Christmas 046

the who’s that live there.  Of, course…

The Gaylord Christmas 049

we found the Grinch was everywhere.  He even had

The Gaylord Christmas 051

disguised himself as Santa.

Right in the middle of Who Ville, we found the

The Gaylord Christmas 068  slide made of ice…and we

The Gaylord Christmas 064 The Gaylord Christmas 065 The Gaylord Christmas 062

all took a turn sliding down.

After a time or two on the slide, we walked through

The Gaylord Christmas 083

an ice cave only to find more

The Gaylord Christmas 085

whos who were dancing and having a good time…because as we all know the Grinch

The Gaylord Christmas 086

actually had a change of heart.  He even had a great

The Gaylord Christmas 092

Christmas lunch with all the whos!  And, like all stories we came to

The Gaylord Christmas 093

the end and it was

The Gaylord Christmas 101 time to find the hot chocolate and

The Gaylord Christmas 121 warm up by the fire.

Thanks Zachary for a great fun evening!  Pop and I loved it.

Now….before I end this adventure…

The Gaylord Christmas 099

Mark and I would like to wish you all a very blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And…in the mist of all the Christmas hustle, bustle, and fun we stop to remember

The Gaylord Christmas 097

the real reason that we celebrate this season.