Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I started out today being kind of lazy. Mark and Jim were off and about to Walmart, Lowes, HEB, and picture taking, so I decided to do a blog make over. Well....
I started working on the make over and it took on several new looks before I finished. I had so much fun, it might have a weekly change. You will have to stay tuned for that decision. Then...

I looked around on Facebook. I am still really new to that site and am just working my way through there. I am thinking that will take me a little time. I learn something new every time I open it. Well after that adventure...

I was off to log in my geocaches from yesterday. I also found that I had 2 people that wanted to be my friend and I needed to update my profile so I could accept friends. Oh my, oh my, all this computer stuff could really be more than one could handle!

By this time, I am thinking I should get out and take my walk. Since I haven't posted to many pictures from the RV park, I took my camera on my walk. So here are a few sights from around The Last Resort.
This is the entrance to the park
The first thing you pass is the motel

and then there are these to little cabins across the street from the motel

then it is on down the road to the office and right next door is the laundry room and bath/shower rooms.

Right across from the office is the rec room

There are eight of these little cottages in the park
This is one on the vacant RV sites

This is the newest loop in the park and where we are parked

And here we are and Ellie and Jim are parked right next to us.

I think this is a really neat little campground. Everyone is really nice. It is quite and peaceful here. It is a half mile walk around the park, so if you make it around 4 times you have had yourself a pretty good walk.

It is only a few miles either direction to a Walmart, HEB, etc. and it is only around the corner from the Big Fisherman!

We have had a great lazy Saturday and are looking forward to Deb, Rod, Sandra, and Gordon all coming over tomorrow for a shrimp boil and the super bowl.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Catch Up

The last few days have been filled with lots of things to do therefore, I have not be good about posting. So, I need to catch up on our adventures.
Wednesday was laundry day which took most of the morning. After that, I had planned to work on a scrapbook I needed to paint. But instead, I started playing with a digital picture frame that Mark got for Christmas. Ellie and I thought that we had it working, but it kept draining the batteries. So, we took it back to Wallmart and chose another one that doesn't need batteries. By the time we did that the day was gone.
Thursday, as many of you know was Ellie's birthday and the day for our weekly Weight Watchers meeting. She and I left out early and headed in to Rockport to get a pedicure before our meeting. Afterwards we set out to find a Starbucks, but the only one in town had closed, so we journeyed on to our WW meeting. I only showed a small loss this week. But that is okay as I am maintaining about 8 pounds below my goal weight. But, wow, Ellie lost 2 lbs and is now down 30 pounds from when we started in September. You go girl!
After we finished with our meeting, we headed home where Jim and Mark were waiting for us with Ellie's birthday lunch on the table. She had requested homemade hamburgers and I had already made an almost point friendly chocolate dessert. After lunch we drove in to Corpus to the mall and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. What a fun day. Again, Ellie, happy birthday, and I am glad we were here to share the big one with you. LOL
All of this brings us to today which is Friday and I was determined not to do one thing today until I

finished painting this book and had it ready to mail. This is about my 5th or 6th year to paint the scrapbook cover for the Women's Basketball team. I feel so special to get to do this.
While I was painting, Ellie and Jim needed to go to the store and Mark decided he was going out to take a few pictures. While Ellie and Jim only brought back shrimp for our boil on Sunday, Mark brought back a few pictures...

this blue heron is resting on the park bench while

these guys are catching lunch
while this guy stands guard!

By the time he finished his bird adventure and returned home, I was finished with the book and Jim and Ellie had returned from the store. Ellie came over and wanted to know if we wanted to go and do a little geocaching...sure! So I loaded some finds in "Flo" and off we went.

Our first stop was at a small birding area.
where we had to cross this bridge in order to

find this. We signed the log to document our find and then we were off to the next cach which took us just around the corner

Ellie spotted this one under a tree. Wow, we are two for two, and on a roll. Next, "Flo" directed us to the Rockport Cemetery where

Mark found this one. Once again, we signed the log, and placed it back in it's hiding spot and were on the road for find number 4. We knew that the next one was small, but...

small it was! And, there really was a log in there to sign! LOL This is such fun. I can hardly wait to take our grandchildren geocaching. They will have so much fun. However, I am afraid they will all want their own GPS.

Our next one, "Flo" directed us down by one of the piers, but Ellie didn't have it downloaded in her GPS, so we couldn't pinpoint the location and Flo only got us in the general area. We found where it might have been, but there was nothing on the end of the string. We will go back to see if we can find it. Well, we have time for one more today and

Ellie found this little yellow duck.
We had a great day and now the guys were telling us they were really really hungry and the China A buffet was calling their name. Those silly guys! Yes, they got their way.
We got back to the RV park in time for me to get in a 2 mile walk. I needed it after the China A. And, that about wraps up our last few days. We are looking forward to a great weekend. So, until next time, I hope you too have a great weekend and we look forward to catching up with each of you somewhere soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What A Nice Find...

It was decided that today we would take a day trip to the Wildlife Refuge. On the way there Ellie spotted...
these two Whooping Cranes. These birds are gradually becoming extinct and I understand that this was a very unusual place to see these birds. They were just out in the field beside the road were it seems they had located a feeding stand. We enjoyed them for a good while and watched as they took flight.
Once they were gone, we traveled on toward our destination...

The area here is so dry that the wildlife is pretty non existent. What a shame. However, we did find a few guys at home.

Right off we found this little fellow...he didn't mind at all that we were hovering over him taking his picture

Then there was this big guy. He was just enjoying a nap close to the shore. Thankfully, he was on the other side of the fence!

We made a u-turn to come back to see this fellow, a blue heron cooling his feet

and this red-tailed hawk was sitting on top of the world

From the observation deck we could see across the bay where there were two controlled burns taking place.

Jim is reviewing his pictures of the day and I am sure he got some good ones

We had a great day...I wish we could have seen a few more birds and a bit more wildlife, but maybe there will be another day.

So, I will leave you with a few other fun pictures of the day...and we hope you have are having a great adventure and enjoying each and every day.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Shopped Till We Dropped

Yes, after two days of cloudy cool weather, we finally woke up to the makings of a great day. The sun was up and temperature was up and all was good. Jim came over early and wanted to know if we wanted to go in to Corpus as Ellie wanted to go to Target. Sure.... I needed to deliver a scrapbook that I had painted for one of my longtime customers that lives over that direction. I called her to make sure she was going to be home and with that plan in place, we were off.

We decided that it would be closer to go across by ferry and into Corpus from the south. Once I got the book delivered, we were off to find some good shopping. However, we decided we had better stop at Wendy's and discuss the plan over lunch. Okay, that behind us, we were in search of Target where we picked up a few items. Next stop was the mall. We shopped in Dillards and Macy's for the rest of the afternoon. Ellie and I both found several things we couldn't live without. LOL Our last stop was Sam's and then it was back to the RV park.

This morning Jim had put a port tenderloin in the slow cooker, so, with little other prep, dinner was served!

We are hoping for another nice day tomorrow so we can do a little bird watching, geocaching, and picture taking. See you then.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Cloudy Cold Day

This was another cloudy and cold day. We were slow to get around and had nothing planned until later in the day, when we were to meet up with friends from Fort Worth.

Finally, after several cups of coffee, Mark went to wash the car and do a couple of loads of laundry. While he was gone, I decided to make some carrot cake muffins.

We just hung out this afternoon until time to go to dinner. We had friends from Fort Worth here in town. They had been on vacation at South Padre and were one their way home. It was back to the Big Fisherman, but they have such good food, you can't go wrong! It is the third time we have been there since last Monday, but I haven't had the same thing twice. LOL, being here for 6 weeks, I wonder if I will have the opportunity to try out one of everything?

Well, that has been our day here in cloudy, cold Rockport, Texas. I certainly hope tomorrow brings a ray of sunshine. And, I hope wherever you are, that you have ray of sunshine in your day and a blessed week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Cloudy Cool Saturday

Wouldn't you just know it. Saturday arrived and so did the cold front. We woke up this morning to a cloudy and cool morning. It seemed to go downhill from there, with a definite chill in the air. Mark wasn't feeling on top of the world today. I am not sure if is trying to take a cold or if it is just allergy related. So, we made a trip to Walgreen's to get him some medicine and then he decided he would feel better if we took a ride into Corpus Christi.

Come on Jim and Ellie, let's go!
So we were off for the afternoon!

First, we had to cross the big bridge and then we were off to shop

Our first they have a lot of great gadgets in this store!

Next stop...Ellie and I thought we might find some new clothes, but no luck, so let's move on

to see what Best Buy might have to offer. Actually, I was looking for a camera lens cover that connects to the camera so I won't loose it. Ellie was checking out the the Wii games. No luck here, by now

I am sure you all can guess what Mark and Jim are thinking....

You guessed it...lunch and nothing stops these two. LOL, we already knew we were coming here at Leann's suggestion. Thanks, Leann, it was great.

After a nice lunch and a good visit, we decided to find Sam's Club, but Flo was confused and couldn't locate it for us. Later, we found out that it was north, not south. That's okay, because now we have reason to take another day trip on another day.

Since we couldn't find Sam's and we were already heading south, we decided to take the long way back to Rockport through Port A. On our way to Mustang Island,

we could see this grass fire. But it wasn't until we were a little closer, that we realized that it was a pretty big fire...

A closer look...

This officer is blocking the other end of the fire.

Once we passed the fire, it was on to Port A. We took a quick drive through Pioneer RV Park. We wanted to show it to Jim and Ellie. It is a great park, however, not Mark's favorite. He says there is too much salt in the air for the motor home. We stayed there last year for a week when we went to the Sandfest, and he cleaned forever trying to wash away all the salt and sand.

Then we took a short drive down the beach, however, today was not a good beach day. So, I guess that means another day trip when the weather warms up. Now, after a great afternoon, it was time to head home.

by way of the ferry boat back to the mainland.

This guy was just hanging out by the dock. He doesn't seem to be affected by the cloudy, cool Saturday.
I hope you all are having a great weekend. See you soon.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Hooked

When we attended the RV-Dreams Rally this past June I was introduced to geocaching. I had absolutely no idea what geocaching was. Over the next several months I still continued to hear several of the dreamers talk about going geocaching. In fact, Ellie and I have discussed it on several occassions, but never got around to actually doing any geocaching.

So, yesterday, Ellie showed me how to set up an account, download to the GPS, etc. Then, this morning I ask if we could go look for a few caches. Oh, I hope I am using all the right terms! LOL There are so many to learn.

We were off to find geocach, GC11N45. Flo indicated that it was about 10 miles away in Ingleside
On the way to Ingleside, we saw this fire. It started out in a mobile home and then spread to a brush fire. It is very dry around here. In fact, the fire danger is at a high level almost every day.

On to find the geocach...

This is where "Flo" (our Garmin) for those of you who haven't met Flo led us to

Found it! My first geocach. There were severl little trinkets. Take one leave one, and sign the log. Then, we were off to find number 2. According to Flo, it should be just down the road.

Sure enough, Flo took us right down the road to our next find. It was a little more tricky, but we found it. It was a tiny one with only a log to sign. So, we signed the little paper, put it back in it's little container, and put the cach securely back in it's little hiding place to stay safe for the next person to locate. Wow, this is fun. I can hardly wait to find some more. This could be habit forming!

The guys are now ready for lunch, so we were off to find Subway. After lunch, we needed to make a stop at Walmart and then it was back for a nice afternoon at the RV park. Dinner is at Jim and Ellies tonight. Ellie is making a meat loaf, salad, and collard greens. I am making rutabagas, and banana pudding. It was all so good. After dinner, we played wii bowling. Ellie was the champion.

What a fun day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Visiting The Day Away

After a slow start to the morning, I finally needed to pick up the pace a little. So I cleaned around the motor home a little and it was time for me to get ready to meet Ellie. We were going to our weekly Weight Watchers meeting. Yeah, we both posted a loss! Wow, am I glad because...

With that behind us, we headed back to the RV Park to pick up Mark and Jim and were off to meet Deb and Rod at The Big Fisherman for their Thursday lunch special which is only $2.25 for a fish or chicken fried steak lunch. Ellie was a little more disciplined than I was. She had a grilled seafood platter, but I couldn't resist the chicken livers. But, that was my only meal for the day except for a small bowl of cereal this evening.

The guys are wanting to go back on Tuesday because on that day their lunch special is "all you can eat" for $2.25. That one might still be out for a vote. And if that wasn't enough they wanted to go to the Dairy Queen for a blizzard! Ellie and I chose a small ice cream cone. Wow, did I say thank goodness Ellie and I weighed in before lunch. LOL

After the trip to the Dairy Queen, we went down the road to the open air market. We got some grapefruit and oranges and a few veggies. We then headed back to the RV Park while Deb and Rod ran a couple of errands and then they came over to our park so we could continue our visit.

This had been a pretty slow paced day, and how nice it was. See you tomorrow for a new adventure and maybe a few pictures.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun, Food, and Friends

After a slow start to the day, we decided to take a trip over to Goose Island. Ever since we took Ellie and Jim to see the big tree, Angel Oak, in Charleston, S.C., they have told us there was a big tree in Rockport, TX. So today, we went to see the Goose Island Big Tree.

This is the Angel Oak in Charleston, S.C.

This is the Big Tree in Rockport, TX

Then we drove over to the State Park.

We looked at the RV sites where Gordon and Sandra will be staying next week when they arrive from the Port Lavaca area.

Then we visited with a few of the residents of Goose Island...

It was then time to head back to the RV park and get our food ready for the pot luck tonight.

Afterwards, Troy, Leann, and their two children came by to visit with us. They are part owners of this RV park and Leann was one of our daughter's college roommate from Texas A&M. It was nice to see them. I am sure that we will see them several times while we are here.

Stayed tuned for the next adventure!