Sunday, January 30, 2011

What A Weekend

Projects continue...

After the new cabinets were installed, we anxiously awaited the painter to come and work his magic.  And, when he had come and gone several times, we were


more than pleased with his work.

On Friday, I went to pick out the tile for the counter top.  Ramon will be here on Tuesday to install the counter top and backsplash.

I put the finishing touches on the


bathroom, adding this over the toilet shelf.  And, as soon as I pick out the pattern, Kathy, our next door neighbor is going to make me a piece of stained glass for the little window.  I can't wait.

I also did a little redecorating outside.  I found a


new butterfly for the front of the coach house.  So, I hung him


opposite the dragonfly, and moved the flowers


to the gate at the back.  Much better!

In the midst of all the work, we were happy to have Fort Worth friends,


Roy and Toni Knight, and their baby, Sadie, stop in for a visit.  Roy and Mark worked together at the fire department.  We spent the day enjoying the warm weather and catching up.

Then, as the weekend approached, we busied ourselves getting ready for our annual Western Night.  It was a big night...the clubhouse


took on a western theme, and everyone


put on their best duds and came to enjoy a fun evening.

Even, Mark


found himself a hat.



food was good and the


entertainment enjoyable.

Today was another busy day, as it was the annual "Walk Through The Village".  This is a sales promotion day for Retama, but, a fun day, where everyone opens their coach houses for an open house.

And, with temps in the upper 80's,


balloons flying, and


doors open, we were ready for our afternoon guests.

It was fun to show off our handiwork and share with those interested in our Village.  We were excited to see Barb and Roger, Escapee friends.  They said they had been following our project through the blog and wanted to come see for themselves.  It was great to see them, and we look forward to catching up with them and Cathy and Chuck later next week.

After a full day, we all decided to take ourselves to Applebee's for dinner which concluded a full weekend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Days...

As you recall, on Saturday, Raul came and measured for the cabinets and gave me some suggestions for the granite counter top.  On Monday, we headed out to search for a small piece of granite.  Well, no such luck.  We finally just decided that we would just replace the counter top with a laminate.  Well, we found out we would have to purchase a whole sheet.  That really seemed foolish, so I put those thoughts on hold and moved on to the next thing on the list.

We have known from the beginning that we wanted to also redo the bathroom.  So it was off to Lowes where I have had my eye on a new vanity.  We got everything we needed and headed back to Retama.

Of course, as soon as we were back,


Mark was ready to get started.  And, before the afternoon was over, he had the old vanity out.

Yesterday, while he was putting the new fixtures on the new vanity, I did some touch up painting on the wall.  And, by the time the paint was dry, he was finished with his part, and before I knew it...


we had a new bathroom vanity set.  I love the big sink.  Now, all the bathroom needs to be complete are a few accessories.  Sounds like reason to do a little shopping.

Today, the morning dawned with a chill in the air, but that soon gave way to a beautiful day.  I am really glad, because by mid morning,


the cabinets arrived and things got really busy.



got the washer/dryer moved, while the installer got busy.

It was shortly after noon when


this corner was transformed


into this.  Esteban, the cabinet builder, did a great job.

Now, back to that counter top.  I think, I have decided to forget the granite and the laminate, and go with a tiled top.  Tomorrow, I am going to look into that possibility.  I also will be waiting to talk to the painter about finishing the cabinets.

Almost before Esteban could finish his project, the guys from


South Texas Gutter arrived to


install the gutter on the coach house.

At the end of the day, Mark and I were both really pleased with our choices...can't wait to get to the finishing touches.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wow...another week gone

Another week is gone and we seem to be busier than ever, and enjoying every minute of it.

The week started off a little dreary, but the chilly mornings always seemed to give way to a beautiful afternoon.

Mark was able to put the finishing touches on the fence and a trip to Home Depot netted him a small outside storage shed.  With that behind him, he was ready to give thought to the next project.

  He had Raul come and measure


this corner of the coach house for some cabinets and shelves.  This will provide some needed storage space.  While Raul is having the cabinets made, we will be making a trip to pick out a small piece of granite for the counter top.  We should have them installed sometime this week.  Also, this week, we are having some gutter installed on the coach house.

I think once those projects are complete, the only other big item on the list is a new cabinet/vanity in the bathroom.

We also did a little more


flowerbed clean up.

One of the things we enjoy while here in the RGV is the fresh citrus products.  Every morning, we treat ourselves to


fresh squeezed orange juice.  The grapefruits, pineapples, and melons have also been outstanding.  And, with fruits now being "zero points" for Weight Watchers, it makes it all taste a lot better.

Our craft project this week was a simple


jewelry project.  We made beaded bracelets and earrings.

Here are a few of the


finished projects.

Mary Catherine


thought she might make hers long enough for a necklace.

Several of the ladies signed up for another beading session this week.  I am glad they all had so much fun.  Thanks to Donna for teaching this lesson.

Tuesday is Weight Watcher day.  We now have a group of seven ladies that get together and go into town to the weekly meeting.  Of, course, as soon as the meeting is over, we are making a lunch plan. LOL, but, we choose something healthy.  After lunch, we try to get in a shopping trip of some sort.  This week we choose the Sun Harvest store which reminds me of Trader Joe's.  I know I will be visiting there quite often.

Line Dancing has picked up the pace and I have enjoyed learning several new dances.

Yesterday, the Lark Drive gang got together and decided on an afternoon


bike ride.

We rode over to the


State Park, stopping along the way to


watch the birds.

We head that there had been a couple of bobcats sited in the park, but we never saw them.

We all had a great afternoon, but I think


Pat really enjoyed trying out Sue's recumbent bike.

Last night we all enjoyed a great dinner and some fun games at the clubhouse.

And, gosh...once again, the week was gone.

We started today and new week with sunshine, a great church service, a wonderfully warm afternoon filled with football, and look forward to yet another week of fun and friends in the RGV.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Week Gone By...

Weather wise, this past week was less than desirable.  Monday was the only really nice day,  and Victor and his crew


got the irrigation system hooked up and the mulch in the center flower bed.  In addition...

Mark was able to get the gate installed and most of the fence painted before the cooler rainy weather settled in across the Valley.

I have taken on the job of helping in the craft room here at Retama.  Along with a couple of the other ladies, we have been coming up with some make it/take it projects.  So, I spent some time working on a couple of


samples...a recipe file book and a photo album.  We are also going to make some really cute tea towels and do some beading projects.

On Wednesday, we had our monthly


ladies luncheon.  And, as always, there was great fellowship and


lots of delicious salads.  We even had an after Christmas


white elephant gift exchange.

By Thursday, the weather was down right chilly with an on and off misty rain.  A few of us gathered for some extra line dancing practice, but mostly everyone just hibernated.

By Friday evening we needed to get out, so...we got together with four other couples.  We had dinner at Rudy's and then drove to Edinburg to The University of Texas Pan American for a Mariachi Concert.  The program was presented by the award winning non-professional group Mariachi Aztlan.  They recently performed at the White House as well as with the Houston Opera.  Opening the program was an outstanding group of 7th and 8th graders from Rio Grande City.  Both groups did an excellent job of presenting music, song, and dance that represented their Mexican culture.

We woke Saturday to more rain.  I headed off to line dancing and when I returned around noon, I think Mark thought he was going stir he offered to take me to lunch and shopping.  I certainly wasn't going to turn down that offer.  We had a great afternoon, but by the time we returned, the rain had pretty much settled in for the evening.  It rained on and off during the night as the system moved East.  But, as promised, it was gone by the time we woke up this morning.

It was still chilly and a little foggy when we left for church, but by lunchtime, as promised...the sunshine was high in the sky and we could actually sit out and feel the warmth.

Tonight, several of us decided to go to BJ Brew House for dinner.  And, when we had worn out our welcome there, we moved the party to Dairy Queen for dessert and more visiting.

Even with the crummy weather this past week, we managed to stay busy and have fun with friends.  However, we are all looking forward to this next week and warmer days.  We are anxious to get back to walking, bike riding, water aerobics, fence painting...and any reason to be outside.

And, wherever you are...we wish you a great week!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Staying Busy

As we continue enjoy beautiful days with warm temperatures, the fun, fellowship, and projects keep us busy.



Mark was anxious to get back to his fence building.  So, it was up with


the rails...I even


gave him a helping hand.  Wish I could hang around and help,'s time for me to head to water aerobics.

After a full day, it was time to clean up and get a


side dish prepared for the


First Friday Night Cookout.  Everyone brings their own meat to grill and a side dish...soon,


there is a whole buffet.

We were glad


to welcome back Bruce and Linda from their trip home for the holidays.



our group is complete!

A great evening.

Saturday morning, Mark was up and heading to the clubhouse for coffee while I was busy getting ready for line dancing.  I made it through the beginner's class and most of the way through the intermediate class.  What fun.  I wish it were every day.

Okay, time to get back to the projects.  Mark and I made a run into town to Home Depot, where we found


one plant and the stepping stones for the center bed.  We also picked up


a few more blocks to add a row for the fence.

The afternoon passed by quick, and soon it was time to clean up and get ready to meet up with several other couples.  A few of us gathered at the clubhouse, enjoyed dinner, visiting, and few games of Wii Bowling.

Even after an overnight rain, this morning dawned a beautiful day.  We opted for the later morning church service today and enjoyed a great sermon by Pastor Eklund.

After church, we made a stop by Lowes to pick up the pickets for the fence.  A stop a Michael's for a new picture frame for the coach house, and a stop at the nursery for a few more plants.  By the end of the afternoon...


Mark had made a lot of progress on the fence, and


I had finished the flower bed.  Now, I am just waiting on Victor to come hook up the irrigation and add the much.

We had a nice surprise this afternoon, Niles and Sue brought us an


umbrella for the patio table.  Thanks guys, looks good!

What a great busy weekend.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Alone...

I'm not sure what happened to this week, but it is almost gone.  We have enjoyed beautiful days, warm temperatures, and lots of activity.

With the help of a few of the other ladies here at Retama, we have organized a craft day and look forward to getting that started in the next week or so.  Then there has been water aerobics, bike riding, line dancing, and shopping.

However, while I have been out having all the fun, Mark has been home alone...and that might not have been a good idea. LOL

Today while I was out having fun with the girls, he entertained himself by

having Victor and his crew


clean out the center flower bed.

  I wasn't really pleased


with the way it looked and wanted to do something a little different.  So, they made me a clean slate to work was out with the old...and the new is still to be determined.

After cleaning out the flower bed, the guys


removed a section of grass behind the coach house, so


Mark could start working on the fence.

  Thanks Niles


for lending a hand.

Of course, everyone needs supervision, and that job belonged to


Sue and Cathy and I.  We assured them they were doing a great job.

Once the post were all set, we sat, and enjoyed visiting and planning the next steps to the projects.  Looks like tomorrow there will be a trip to the nursery and the lumberyard!

And...I guess, I better think twice about leaving Mark home alone!