Saturday, May 24, 2008

Recap of Our Holiday Weekend


started with Field Day at the elementary school. I have attached a few pictures of what fun the grand kids had with their classmates. This is definitely our little competitive granddaughter. Lauren is in the 2nd grade. She is like her dad and aunt and doesn't like to loose.This one would be entitled Ready, Set, Go, and I am going to win!
This is our grandson, Andrew, he is in the 4th grade. He and his principal are showing the others how this game is played.
He is ready for a good ole game of tug of war here. Go for it guys!
Here he is being crazy for the camera. He takes after his uncle and is becoming the clown of the family.

Our daughter, the one in the red shirt, is a first grade teacher. We had fun with her class too. I ended up taking 431 pictures for the day and am making some field day posters for the kids to enjoy at school. The hard part is picking out the pictures I want to use.


was a little slow getting started after field day. After, being out in the sun all day and my extreme picture taking, I was pooped. We are not as young as we use to be and need a little longer to get started after a big day. Who thought I would ever admit to that. However, after a shower, breakfast, and my Diet Dr. Pepper, I was ready for the day. There was lots to do and get accomplished and finish up for Lauren's birthday party in the evening. Her birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago, but we are just now getting around to having her family party.

The anticipation of waiting for the gifts.

All those gifts, clothes, clothes and more clothes...just right for her. Lauren has to wear uniforms to school, so by all means she wants to make sure that after school and the weekends she is "cute". And I think there was a jewelry bag or two in the mix. I am not sure what we will do with her at sixteen.
This is Lauren with our 3rd grandchild, Zachary. They are only 4 months apart and together they are trouble looking to happen. They are the twin cousins and love spending time with each other.

Again, Happy Birthday Lauren, we love you.

Thanks guys for mowing today, the yard looks really great.

we woke up to a beautiful morning and thankful for the overnight rain. However, Mr. Peacock, our neighborhood pet was on the roof next door. He had been enjoying the morning since 5 a.m. and thought that we to should be up with him.

We have had the pleasure of this fellow for about 5 years. No one knows where he came from. At one time we had Mr. Peacock and 2 hens. They have since disappeared, but he just keeps hanging around.

Now that you have the whole neighborhood awake, have a nice day.

After our morning visitor, we were off to church. We had good fellowship with our Sunday School class and heard a great sermon. Dr. Pearle reminded us today that no matter how old we get, that life is really short. As I reflect on the past, and wonder where did all those years go, I am aware that our lives are just a vapor and I am so thankful for everyday that is on this end of our journey. I hope you are making the most of your life's journey.

After church, Mark took me to my favorite Mexican food restaurant for lunch. It was yum yum. We ran a couple of errands while we were out. We just enjoyed a lazy afternoon in preparation for the two granddaughters for the evening. Lauren had reminded me the night before that "it was okay for her to come and spend the night anytime she wanted". So, of course, there is no school on Monday so she will take advantage of an overnight stay at Moppa's and Poppa's. We had a great time, Kourtney was in bed by 8 and the rest of the evening belonged to her.

She got a membership for Club Penguin, a computer game, so we did that for awhile and then we played paper dolls and decorated a house for them. Oh, my, how the paper dolls have changed since my childhood days.

This is her masterpiece.

and no camera today. I hope each of you had a great day and I just want to take a minute to thank all of our our military, both active and retired, for the job they do. I am so thankful for this beautiful country we live in and for the freedoms we have because of them. And God Bless The USA.

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  1. GREAT pics of the grandkids. I LOVE seeing other people's gkids. They're gorgeous!!

    Can't wait for the "gambling rally"