Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day With The Girls

This morning was another beautiful morning. We all got out first thing and made our 2 mile walk around the park. Ellie and I then got ready to go and meet up with Deb for lunch. Ellie had picked out a cute little place in downtown Rockport. So, programed the address into "Flo" and headed out. Just as we were driving up into the parking lot, so were Deb and Rod. However, to our amazement, this is what we saw...

Oh, no! Well, on to plan B. We decided on a little Mexican Food place. Afterwards, the three of us met Sandra at the Beall's for a little shopping. Ellie found a couple of shirts and Sandra looked at some lotion. Then it was time to get on with our afternoon plan of geocaching.
Today was Deb's first attempt at geocaching and she picked right up on the process. Our first find was behind

This was a geoduck find. We signed the log and headed on to the next cache.

This one was located at Triangle Park and was a little tricky to find. Again, we signed the log, placed it back in its secure hiding spot and took off to find the next cache, which was at the park by the bay. Deb now has a few finds behind her and she has caught on to the game. But at the next find
she is thinking, how can they put anything into a tube this small. We explained to her that that container was small, but that we hadn't found a "nano" yet, which is the smallest container I have seen.

We took a little while to look around the park before locating our next few caches.

This is the pool located at the park, and the beach is right across the street! Our next cache was located not far from here

You look up and I'll look down, but you will have to look all around! Wow, I am not sure how people figure out where to hid some of these caches. They are good.

We had only planned for 6 caches today, but had time for a few extra ones. Ellie and I took Deb and Sandra to a couple we had already located and to one that we had looked for but couldn't find. This one Sandra found and it is a "nano" container. I told you they were small!

Sandra finally got the log out of it, signed it, and returned it to its resting spot for the next visitor to locate. What a great day we have had. We dropped Sandra off at her truck, took Deb to "Big D" and headed back to The Last Resort.

However, she and I had to make a small detour to get home...

there had been a large grass fire this afternoon and we got in the middle of the clean up! We finally made our way home. Ellie made flat out pizzas tonight and then we all settled in for the rest of the evening.
Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to check out the Farmers Market!

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  1. So much fun and I could not open the pictures??? I just put my new compurter on line so it must be something in the firewall I need to adjust?