Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time To Catch Up

I know, it's Tuesday and I haven't written anything since Saturday. S0, I will try to catch you up on life in Rockport. I hope you all had a great Valentine's day and that is where I will pick up.

Saturday was kind of a quite day. Mark got sick on Friday night with one of those nasty stomach bugs and stayed in bed all day on Saturday. The only valentine I had for the day was a bottle of Lysol! LOL However, Jim and Ellie invited me to drive into town with them. Ellie and and I shopped at Beall's while Jim went to the auto store. Then we drove on down the road to locate an old book warehouse. Jim found several books he thought he couldn't do without, while Ellie and I had a good laugh looking through some 1990 magazines. Boy, how times have changed. Then it was back to the RV Park for the afternoon, where we found Mark still sleeping off the effects of the stomach bug. We finished up this day with a small dinner that Ellie and I put together for the three of us. Hope Mark is better tomorrow. I spent the rest of the evening just playing around on the computer.

Sunday, Mark was up and feeling much better. He even felt like taking a walk and just kicking around a little while, including a trip to Walmart for a few groceries. All in all it was a pretty uneventful day.

Monday morning we woke to a cool, cloudy, and windy day. We all got in our 2 mile morning walk. Mark and Jim are now on a mission, even though they say Ellie and I are trying to kill them with all the exercise and healthy food! LOL However, they have both lost almost 20 pounds each. You go guys!
After our walk, breakfast, and showers, we decided to get out for awhile. I needed to make a return to Walmart plus pick up a few items I didn't get the day before. After which we decided we had time to drive over to Port Aransas to Leonabelle Turnbull birding center.

This was the first sign we saw when arriving at the bird viewing area. Some of you might need 80 reasons, but...I only need one reason not to stay away from the alligators! Let's go find the birds.

Then we were off across the bridge to find some birds.
This is one of the first fellows we saw. Cute little tricolor heron.

As I turned around I saw the Roseate Spoonbills coming in.
This one is thinking, mirror, mirror, who's the prettiest spoonbill here today?
While this guy is just thinking, I wish the sun would come out and warm this place up.
And then there was Mr. Pelican coming in for a landing and hoping to catch lunch!

We had had enough of the wind, but all too soon it was time for us to head back across to get ready to go and have dinner with friends. However, as we were coming across on the ferry, we saw
that someone was in a hurry to get across on the ferry. Wow, I never thought about emergency vehicles on the ferry boat! Hope they were okay.

We made our way back to the RV Park and quickly cleaned up and Mark and I headed back out to go to meet up with family friends. Troy and LeAnn, their two precious children, and LeAnn's parents, Chuck and Sherri. LeAnn and our daughter, Karen were college roommates at Texas A&M. She and her family have become an extension of our family over the years. And we are so excited to be spending some time with them while we are in Rockport.
Troy and LeAnn are adding on/remodeling a house in Portland. They invited us out to see the progress on the house and then to have dinner with them and her parents. So, we drove into Portland and with great directions,

we found the house without any problems. When it is finished, LeAnn and Troy

will welcome you into their new home through this beautiful entry.

Troy and LeAnn, thanks for the tour of your new home. I know it is going to be a place that you and your family will be able to make some great memories. And, thanks to you, Troy, and your parents for a great dinner and a great visit last evening.

We have finally made it to Tuesday and this has been a full day. It started off by Mark taking the jeep back to the dealership. You remember that oil leak I told you we found on Friday the 13th. Well, his luck held out, and even though we are 700 miles out of warranty, Jeep is going to honor it and cover the repair all, but $25.00. He will be taking it in tomorrow for them to do the work.

When he returned from Aransas Pass, we finished getting things together and the four of us headed in to Corpus Christi for a day of shopping and lunch. We made our way through the Currcit City that was going out of business, Hobby Lobby before we decided it was lunchtime. We had a buy one/get one free coupon for TGI Friday's, so that was the lunch choice. Afterwards, Ellie and I walked down to Academy while Mark and Jim choose to drive and meet up with us. Then we made our way through Shoe Carnival, Bed Bath and Beyond before the guys were ready to find TCBY for a frozen yogurt. From there we headed out to make our way home via the ferry. We did make one other stop at The Islander T Shirt Shop.

Wow, I think I just made myself tired thinking about all that shopping we did today! And, I think that you now officially caught up with the last few days and all the happenings in and around Rockport.

Stayed tuned for what might happen next and I hope you all are having a great week so far.


  1. Yes, Dortha, when we were out at the Refuge, I could feel myself squeezing up my toes in my flipflops while I was taking photos of the alligators, I only need ONE reason to stay away from them! We enjoyed meeting you guys so much, hope to see you in Montana this summer.

  2. Oh I am having a diddy of a week! I need to pay these people for letting me work here it is so great! I wish I could lose 20 lbs. I just read about all the places you eat at and what you eat and I gain lb after lb!!