Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weigh In and Walking

Today was weigh in day at Weight Watchers. Once again, Ellie and I both had a loss, but we laughed and said anything with a minus in front of the number would be okay this week. We have eaten out a lot this past week, plus a trip to Mexico yesterday. We will be more serious this week. And to get started in that direction, we decided that since we missed our walk at the RV Park this morning, we would
go to the beach this afternoon and do our walking. So, we got to the beach, took off our shoes and headed down the beach.

It looks like they manicured it just for us.

Now, Mark and Jim had already done their walking this morning, so they just took the camera and went across the road to the bay and found some photo opts...

Mark found this little bird digging around in the dirt.

And this is the prize he found

And off he goes with it to show his friends.

This fellow is just hanging out while

these big guys keep watch over the cleaning station!

By this time Ellie and I had finished our walk and returned to find Jim and Mark. We needed to make a quick stop by the farmer's market to get a couple of pineapples and Ellie needed to stop by Walgreen's for a battery for her pedometer. Afterwards, we headed back home for dinner. Tonight was my night to cook. We had shrimp with veggies and pasta. Ellie brought the salad and dessert was left over pineapple lush cake with strawberries. All of that for eight points.
Have a great evening and see you tomorrow.


  1. You two are doing so great on your weight watcher's program---Congrats to you! I need to get motivated to do something and soon---you guys are my inspiration!

  2. I'll have to say one thing you all eat good there. I have been fixing my own lunches and dinners and I don't have it as good. I'll be glad when Sherri is home to keep me healthy.