Saturday, May 24, 2014

On To St. Mary...

Yesterday, we were ready to pack it up and move out, when the right rear jack on the motor home had a different idea.  Darn those jacks!  We tried and tried, but, it wasn't going to budge.  Mark said the only solution was to disconnect it and remove it.  So, with the help of Wallace, Bill, and Bennit, and some tools from each of them, soon the jack was off and resting in the back of Jeep.  However, it took Mark and his frustration until about noon to level out.  But, as I posted on Face Book, this


beautiful scenery was calming to the crazy start to the day.

After the fiasco of the morning, we had a beautiful travel day.  We took the scenic route from East of Bozeman to Great Falls, we traveled Highway 89.  We saw DSC_0453

cowboys riding the range and


deer that crossed the road...right in front of Wallace...glad we were bringing up the rear!

The farther we traveled North on 89 the more


snow we begin to see.  This is Showdown Ski Area in the Lewis and Clark National Forest.  We stopped for lunch at


this pullout where we enjoyed this


beautiful, isn't it almost June!

We made a stop in Great Falls for a last Wal-Mart fix before the Canadian Border.

Then it was on to


our day's end at


Johnson's Campground in St Mary, Montana and just short of the Canadian border.  And, who could ask for any better accommodations that to have this site with this view of


Glacier National Park!

We decided to stay here for two nights.  So, this morning Bea treated the 12 of us to



42 homemade biscuits.  It didn't take


these guys long to dive in.  Especially, when there was sausage gravy and scrambled eggs to go along with the biscuits.  Eat up never know when the microwave Completes with come out of hiding!

After breakfast there were a few project to undertake.  First,


Bob and Mark replaced the control panel for our front a/c unit.  Then, it was on to


Bea's motor home where Wallace is replacing the driver's side mirror.

Both Mark and Bea are grateful for overnight shipping!

We also found


Mary cleaning their windshield.

And, when all the projects were done, we decided to take a little trip to the park.  However, everything around here is just coming out of hibernation and the Saint Mary's entrance to the park is only open 1.5 miles into the park.  We did stop at the Visitor Center so Molly could get her National Park Stamp.  Then it was on to Many Glacier Road out of Bapp.  There, we found the road into the park open for 12 miles.  It was a beautiful drive.  There were a few


locals, hanging out on the mountainside.  These critters are hard to spot in the rocks!

On down the road we found this


beautiful waterfall.  This one is for you Jim Meacham!

And, at the end of the road, is this beautiful


lodge!  What a beautiful drive.

Once we were back at the campground, it was time to think about travel day tomorrow.  There were some things to get


straight and things to protect.  Time to pull out the


road wrap to help


protect the front of the Jeep from the Canadian and Alaskan highways.

Tomorrow, along with our travel companions, Bob and Molly, Wallace and Wanda, Bennit and Bea, Rich and Mary, and Bill and Judy, we will make our border crossing...first stop, Banff.  Then we will head towards Jasper and beyond.  We will be turning off our phones, etc. for our travels across Canada, so we will be off the grid for the next 10-12 days.  If we stay somewhere there is Wi-Fi, I will try to post.  Otherwise, see you when we get to Alaska!

So for now, as the sun sets


on Glacier National Park, we are anxiously awaiting the next leg of our adventure!

See you all back here real soon!


  1. Nice pictures..Can't wait to see more! Have fun and stay safe~


  2. Great pictures. There's sure a lot of you. Ginger and Jesse are in that area somewhere along with several others. What a great group!

    Have fun we'll follow along.