Wednesday, May 21, 2014

North To Alaska...

Before we start North, let me take you back a couple of weeks when

RVillage is at the 54th Escapade in Goshen, IN!  We're hosting a social meet-n-greet on Thursday at 4:30!  Stop on by!

the 54th Escapde was under way, and we were living life in the fast lane...

Our office


was set up. Wallace


was checking out all the radios while


Wanda was making a plan for how to direct everyone to the Rise n' Rolls Donuts.  Good job Wan!  According to my scales, I think we found them!

With the help of Greg and his fancy fork lift, Bob and Mark


hung all the sponsor signs...looking good guys!

And, before we knew it, things were in full swing.  There was




meetings, and

Photo: First seminar at Escapade. Great audience, lots of questions, too little time. Technology for travelers


Thanks Sharon and Don for recruiting 250 to 300


wonderful volunteers that

helped throughout the week.

And, wow....


look at all these first timers.  They were anxious to hear what


Molly, Wanda, and Susie had to say!

Of course, we don't want to forget the


socials, happy hours, and

absolute craziness that goes on!

But, like every other Escapade, the week was soon over,

Big Red was packed and on the way back to Texas.  We hope you are making your plans to join us in 2015 in Tucson!  We look forward to seeing you there. the meantime, we are packed up and headed


North To Alaska!

We left Goshen this past Sunday, danced around Chicago and landed at


Camp Wal-Mart in Iowa City for the night.

Monday, we traveled the


scenic route through Iowa to Austin, Minnesota.

This stop


was a must!

Tuesday, we traveled on to Mitchell, SD, home of the


Corn Palace.  The outside of the building is decorated with 12 kinds of corn!

This morning, we were up with


sun, and after a fuel stop, the gang was


on the move.  Next stop...Rapid City, SD for our next adventure!

Life is Good!


  1. Wish we were going with you, but we are having a fun time with family in Indiana. Heading back to the ranch in Dardenne Prairie Mo. on Friday. you guys safe travels. We will see ya down the road. Sam & Donna..

  2. We'll be watching for you as you cruise by Dogpound North. If you are stopping somewhere close by for the night let us know. If we can't entice you to come here we might stop by. Oh for the record close in Canada is anywhere in Southern Alberta.

  3. We just made it home after a long 8400 mile trip ... Including all the fun at Escapade. Thanks for all the work you and Mark put in. Looking forward to following along on your Alaskan Adventure.

  4. Wonderful recap Dortha and thanks so very much for a terrific job at Escapade hosting happy hours and dinners and keeping the "snack mobile" up and running! Looking forward to Alaska with y'all!

    Oh, but you left out all those wonderful haircuts! ;)