Friday, July 30, 2010


Again this morning we woke to crisp air coming through the open windows.  Peggy says, this is the start of fall in Maine.

  We had no plans until around 10, so I had plenty of time to get out for my morning walk.

And, as planned...we were all ready when Mike and Peggy arrived.  Our trip today was taking us into Portland, which is about 30 miles down the coast from Topsham.  Our actual destination was Fort Williams Park located at the Portland Harbor.

  From the 1750's Portland Harbor was of economic importance as the closest American harbor to Europe and of strategic importance as protective anchorage for the Navy.

It is also home of the

The Maine Event 031

Portland Head Lighthouse.

We enjoyed the walk around and through

The Maine Event 084

the park.

We got some great pictures of the

The Maine Event 054


Sylvia even went out

The Maine Event 077

on the ledge to get a better shot of the

The Maine Event 079

light house.

We watched the

The Maine Event 098

waves, looked at the

The Maine Event 053

flowers and chased the

The Maine Event 044


Then there was a

The Maine Event 068

committee meeting to make a decision about lunch.  We all wished we had thought to pack a picnic, but since we didn't, the vote was to drive to Freeport for

The Maine Event 113

some BBQ.  The food was good enough that the guys all decided that we should return to the campground for a afternoon nap!

After a leisure afternoon, we gathered again around 6 with drinks and snacks. Peggy, Judy, and I got in an evening walk before it

The Maine Event 122

got too dark. The only thing that was missing was a good old campfire.  But, since we had no wood and the night was cooling fast, it was time to conclude another day from the Maine event.

And, as for me and my love for lighthouses, the day was Awesome!


  1. I'm glad you got to see a lighthouse today! Fantastic! I love that part of Maine. I like going to LL Beans. I love Pemaquid Point area too. Picture perfect. And there is a lighthouse there.

  2. There are certainly some lovely lighthouses there. Gordon would love that!

  3. Isn't the Portland Head Light terrific? We make a stop whenever we're in the area (which is not often enough); I never tire of the varying moods of the sea and air there.

    The Nubble Lighthouse is great too! Great ambiance.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for taking us along on your trip out East :-)

  5. Your photos look fantastic. I am glad you had such an awesome day, looking at your photos I can understand why.

  6. I'm so glad you're having such a good time. And that you've been able to meet Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy. They are such wonderful folks. I knew you'd have fun!