Friday, July 9, 2010

Not All Who Wander Are Lost...

We had a lazy morning, enjoying a breakfast of cranberry waffles topped with the Vermont Maple Syrup we purchased yesterday.  Yummy!

  After which, we got our plan for the day together and started off on our journey.

Again, this morning we headed North.  This time to the little town of Barre, home of the

Vermont 2010 049

Rock of Ages Granite Quarries.  We located the

Vermont 2010 007

visitor center and found that we were just in time to board the next

Vermont 2010 006

tour bus.

We drove from the factory out to the

Vermont 2010 017

quarries.  They were not working this week due to the heat.  We certainly understand, but were disappointed that we did not get to see the process of extracting the granite.  Our guide told us that this quarry has been digging in this spot for about 60 years and that there was enough granite here to last for another 2,000 years.  Sounds like job security.

These are some of the

Vermont 2010 028 granite benches that have been extracted.

This photo was taken from the movie we watched, shows how they

Vermont 2010 034

lift it from the quarry.  The benches are 50' long, 20' wide, and 10' thick, and weighs several tons.

Once we were back to the factory, which was also closed for this week, we were able to take a self guided tour.  We saw

Vermont 2010 039

were the artisans take pieces of the granite and turn them into statues, monuments, and

Vermont 2010 041

tombstones.  Thus, the name...Rock of Ages.

I also had the opportunity to

Vermont 2010 036

sandblast my own granite

Vermont 2010 185

Vermont souvenir.

After the tour, we drove out to the Hope Cemetery.  We wandered around and saw some very unusual headstones that have been done over the years by the artisans from Rock of Ages Factory.

  There were

Vermont 2010 071

soccer balls,

Vermont 2010 075


Vermont 2010 081


Vermont 2010 078

race cars, and

Vermont 2010 082


Amazing talent.

From here, we decided to wander the

Vermont 2010 086

back roads looking for

Vermont 2010 094

covered bridges.  This one, was built in 1872 as the Northfield Upper River Bridge.  It was located just inside the town of

Vermont 2010 106

Northfield...established in 1781.

Wandering down this

Vermont 2010 116

back road, we found

Vermont 2010 118

a smaller back road that took us to a

Vermont 2010 126

floating bridge, that no longer floats.  The first bridge was constructed in 1820.  This one was the seventh closed!

These were some of the houses and buildings sitting

Vermont 2010 127  right on the river banks.

Back to our wanderings...we found

Vermont 2010 107

this old church,

Vermont 2010 136

an old general store,

Vermont 2010 134

a beautiful Vermont farm,

Vermont 2010 146

another covered bridge...and

Vermont 2010 145

a back road that took us to a dead end.  We had to back out of this one.

We saw

Vermont 2010 151

little streams,

Vermont 2010 137 silly road signs, and

Vermont 2010 176

cows that had the right of way.

Wander we did, but lost we were not...what another great day in

Vermont 2010 142

Green Mountain State of Vermont!


  1. That granite quarry is incredible. Love the pictures. And I want waffles and real maple syrup for breakfast this weekend! Have fun!