Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving On...

Yesterday after all the kids left and it was just the two of us...we didn't much like just sitting around. So, we loaded up with maps and cameras and headed out.

  We crossed the

New York Trip 2010 003

the Hudson River at the Mid-town bridge.  Just across the way we saw the

New York Trip 2010 004

new pedestrian bridge..."Walk across the Hudson".  However, it was too hot today to take the walking route.

Once we were across the river, we journeyed on to

New York Trip 2010 029

Hyde Park, which is the location of the

New York Trip 2010 007

National Historic Site of the the home, library, and museum of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The RangerNew York Trip 2010 011

led us on a guided tour past the

New York Trip 2010 021

Rose Garden,

New York Trip 2010 018

the flower gardens, and


New York Trip 2010 010

original main road that led to the

New York Trip 2010 013

home of FDR.

We took a tour of the home, but no cameras were allowed.  Thanks again to a new rule since 9-11.

We also saw

New York Trip 2010 019

the very simplistic burial spot of Franklin, Eleanor, and their two dogs.


New York Trip 2010 009

bronze figures sit outside

New York Trip 2010 025

the presidential library.  We were too late for the tour of the library and museum.

From these grounds we drove just a few miles down the road to the

New York Trip 2010 031

Vanderbilt Mansion.

The mansion is a

New York Trip 2010 036

54 room 19th Century home.  Again, we were too late to take the tour.

We walked around the grounds and from the back side of the house, one could just imagine what it would have been like to entertain family and friends from

New York Trip 2010 041

this back porch overlooking the

New York Trip 2010 044

Hudson River.

After our tour around Hyde Park, we found this

New York Trip 2010 026

old time diner.  We decided to try it out...great salad, good turkey sandwich...and yummy lemon pie.

After a full afternoon, it was then time to head back across the river to our RV Park.  Once we returned to the motor home, we started in doing a little brain storming about our next destination.  Short of throwing a push-pin at the map, we finally decided on the Lake Champagne Campground in Randolph Center, Vermont.

This campground is centrally located and it looks like we will be able to take several good day trips from this location.

So, after sleeping on our decision, I called this morning to see if they had availability.  Once I confirmed our arrival date for tomorrow, it was time to think about last minute things here.   We headed out to do the laundry, get the oil changed in the Jeep, and pick up a few needed items from Wal Mart.  Now, all that is left are those few things you can't do until the very last minute.

We are looking forward to the next several weeks as we travel in New England.  It is a new journey for us and we invite you to come along with us as we chart new territory in our travels.


  1. Wow, FDR certainly had a beautiful home. Quite different from the one down the street from us...FDRs Little White House.
    The Vanderbilt House certainly was incredible. That is a fantastic back porch!!
    You guys have fun touring New England...definitely on our "to see" list.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Need to drive up to Waterbury, VT to visit the Ben & Jerry's ice Cream factory.

  3. Central Vermont is a pretty place. Enjoy the lack of large advertising signs on the highway.

  4. We have been to Hyde Park too and found it as wonderful as you described. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to that area so much. I am eagerly waiting your posts from New England to see how you enjoy touring that area. Enjoy your drive...be safe!

  5. Oh gosh.. how can you stand the loneliness and quiet since the kids have all gone home?

    You sure had a whirlwind vacation with them, what fun! We really enjoyed all the adventures and the work you put into each blog post to keep us all interested and updated!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard