Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just A Fun Day...

Belfast, ME 076

Welcome to Our Day...

Last night we slept with the windows open...and this morning, the first ray of light came peeking in at 4:32 am.  Not only had the light found it's way in, so had the cool morning breeze...53 degrees to be exact.  I tried pulling the covers up over my head to not only block out the light, but to keep my nose warm.  Then it wasn't long that the Loons started to sing.  Even with all of that, we managed to stay in bed until a little before 7:00.

After breakfast...we gathered cameras and maps and headed south.  We visited the little town of

Belfast, ME 006 Camden.  It is a beautiful little town by the sea.  We

Belfast, ME 011

walked by the harbor,

Belfast, ME 010 

smelled the beautiful flowers, and

Belfast, ME 043

shopped up and down all the streets.

We found this great little bakery with lots of

Belfast, ME 044

breads and

Belfast, ME 045

yummy pastries.  We decided on a raspberry Danish that we shared.

As we made our way back to the car, we passed by

Belfast, ME 038

this restaurant.  It isn't going to be long until

Belfast, ME 029

these guys will be on someone's lunch plate.

From Camden, we made our way towards Union by

Belfast, ME 063

way of this country road and this

Belfast, ME 092

Belfast, ME 095

scenic byway.  It was a beautiful drive and I was on a mission.

  While in Winterport, we picked up some wine for Molly.  However, they were out of the Cranberry Wine she wanted.  So, today while shopping in Camden, I heard about this

Belfast, ME 075

little winery in Union.  So, off we went...and Molly,

Belfast, ME 068

you now have Cranberry Wine.  I even watched them

Belfast, ME 069

put it in the bottle!

Next on my list was to find a lighthouse that we were suppose to be able to see from the

Belfast, ME 131

Rockport Harbor.  We had to look, but we finally

Belfast, ME 138

found it.

We had now worked our way several miles down south and it was getting to be mid-afternoon.  We decided that with all the shopping and walking we had done, that there were no if's, and's, or but's...it was time to

Belfast, ME 134

eat...no matter how you looked at it!

We had already made up our mind that we were going to a restaurant in Searsport that Darrell had recommended.  So, we slowly made our way back through

Belfast, ME 135

the small towns and the

Belfast, ME 151

beautiful country side.

We reached Searsport and the Angler's Seafood Restaurant around 4:00.  We shared a yummy seafood sampler plate.  Thanks again Darrell for another good tip.

Before heading back to the campground, we drove down to the Belfast Harbor and took a walk on the

Belfast, ME 156

pedestrian bridge across the bay.

Once back at the campground, we enjoyed a walk down to the beach which was a great way to finish off a fun day.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a full...fun packed day! Those temps make me envious since at 7 pm the last few days it was still 97 degrees.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri

  2. I'm a "new" RV wife.....and I have a question! My hubs is a seasoned traveler...no fear but respect for the traveling...in his earlier life, he has driven a semi, so a 36 ft RV is no big deal. BUT, I am filled with anxiety! I do "get into it" and calm down after we leave town...(we have only done trips within about 2 hours or so from our home). Is it normal to hear all the noises....the racket, the vibrations while going down the road? I keep telling myself that lots of folks do this and enjoy it...my enjoyment comes when we are parked! I hate the "road" time....is this just something I need to accept?

  3. You kids have sooooo much energy. You do in a day what it takes Judy and I a week to do. Boy, we'd better take a good nap before you get here!!!!

  4. I absolutely love your blog. You do such a good job with all the pics and telling the story. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.
    We are also fun timers and toured Maine and the northeast last summer. It is fun seeing familiar places and the occasional jealous moment realizing we missed that spot.

  5. Have a great time at "The Maine Event" & eat some lobster for us! Wish we could join you all! Hugs, JoAnn