Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life in 1830

Today's plan today took us to Sturbridge, Massachusetts to meet Glenn and Sylvia.  This is the location of the Old Sturbridge Village, where we would experience life as it was in 1830.

We started our walk through the

Boston 009

town, pass this small home where we found a

Boston 011

colonial lady making baskets.  She has the bed folded away to give her more working space.

Just down the lane was the

Boston 209

meeting hall/church.

Boston 017

The doors were always open to welcome everyone to Sunday worship services.  This Congregational church held morning and afternoon services, each over two hours long.  Easter and Christmas services were very rare, but there was always a special Thanksgiving morning service.

Meetings and concerts were also held in this building.

Next we saw this lady who

Boston 047


Boston 045

preparing big pots of boiling water.  She will be adding Madder root to the water to make an orange colored dye.  Then she will dye the white yarn you see hanging on the clothes lines.

This is the way

Boston 046

it will turn out.

All of the colors for dying the yarn come from roots, herbs, or barks.

We would have shopped in the

Boston 082

General Store for our

Boston 214

fabrics for making

Boston 052


There was a visit to the

Boston 077


Boston 088

the bookbinder,

Boston 090

and the printer.

A stroll through the

Boston 143

covered bridge and around the

Boston 153

pond took us out the lane to the

Boston 185


  Taking care of the

Boston 187

crops, gardens, and

Boston 193

animals always came first.  When the colonist weren't farming, they worked with the

Boston 198


Boston 175

blacksmith, or

Boston 206

cobbler.  They took on these extra jobs to have extra money for their families.

Our last stop was by the

Boston 203

school house to see if we could lean anything new from the

Boston 202


What a fun day, taking a walk with the

Boston 095

locals.  We thank them for inviting us into their

Boston 131

homes and their

Boston 057

businesses where we learned what life was like in 1830.

We then took ourselves to the

Boston 215

Piccadilly Pub to enjoy dinner and continue our visit with

Boston 216

Glenn and Sylvia.

Yet another great day in New England!


  1. Thanks for the interesting trip back in time (glad I have more modern things to work with). Nice pics!
    Glad you got to meet up with Glenn and Sylvia.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. What a great day. I would have loved to spent a little time in the quilt shop. Can't wait to see where I am going tomorrow.


  3. You write your blog so that we always feel like we're right there with you on your adventures, wish we were!

    Glad you got together with Glenn and Sylvia.

    We'll see you soon, take care!