Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Great Adventure...

This morning as we were planning our day, I decided that before we did one more thing, I was getting a hair cut.  So, Mark decided that if I was going off to town, he would wash the motor home.  Okay...the plan for the morning was taken care of.  We would regroup after lunch.

As it was, I finished up in town with a hair cut and a pedicure and was back to the campground just as Mark was finishing the motor home.  We grabbed a quick bite of lunch and headed out.

  Our trip today was a drive from Bangor to Belfast.  We had not seen this area, plus we had madness to our motive...

First, we stopped in the little town of Winterport at the

Maine 003

winery.  Here we picked up a special order for Molly.

Cute little place. I was sorry we had already had lunch.  Maybe another day.

We drove on through the town of Searsport and just outside of Belfast, we stopped at the

Moorings RV Park to check for availability.  And, yes, in fact, they did have room for us for Monday and Tuesday.  Thanks Molly for telling us about this place.  We are looking forward to staying here, even if it is just a couple of days.

Once, we made our reservations, we decided to go into the little town of

Maine 008

Belfast.  We checked out the visitor center and a few of the

Maine 016


We walked down by the

Maine 027

waterfront.  We enjoyed the watching from one end to the

Maine 024


When it was time to talk about dinner, we neither one had to think about it too long.  And, the vote was

Maine 039

yet another place that Molly told us not to pass up.


Maine 043

picked our lobster from

Maine 044

all these guys.  And then we

Maine 046

waited for our number to be called.  Finally...#29...

Maine 049

And, as he opened the bags, first came the

Maine 050

clams, then the

Maine 051

lobster, and then the

Maine 052


The only thing that could have been better was to have eaten out on the deck, but unfortunately, there was a mist in the air.  So, we ate upstairs and enjoyed what view we had while enjoying every bite of this delicious dinner.

By the time we left Belfast our trip back to Bangor was

Maine 057

quite foggy.

We are back to the campground now and the rain and the thunderstorms have set in for the night, but are forecast to be out of here by mid-morning.

Even though today was no great adventure, it was day full of fun, laughs, and good eats!


  1. Thank you so much for getting the wine! I promise to share!!!
    You make my mouth water with the lobsters at Young's!!
    Have a safe trip and we'll see you in Goshen!! Hugs!

  2. Now that lobster dinner sure looked delicious!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Maine lobster cannot be beat! Thanks for all the great pics and sharing that area with us. Maine is one of our favorite states and darn if you didn't make me want to go back!!

  4. Oh, Dortha, it looks so beautiful up there--eat another lobster for me!

  5. okay thats it Maine here we come. Thanks for the tour

    Brenda Brown

  6. Oh man! I would have loved to have your day ..except for the washing the RV part ;) pedicures and lobsters! That's living!!


  7. Glad you made it to my home town. Colburn Shoe Store was owned by my first girl friends dad - Her brother owns it today. Right next door is my aunt's hardware store. My dad was the publisher of the Republican Journal Newspaper. We'll be there in August boondocking in my best buddy's backyard right in the city limits.
    By the way - Antler's Restaurant right down the road from the Moorings Campground is a great place to get some fried clams. She ya Wednesday.