Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Maine Event

A few months ago, when I started posting about our summer travel plans to New York and beyond, we received an invitation from Darrell and Judy Patterson.  This was an invitation to join a group of fellow RVers in Topsham, Maine, for a week of food, fellowship, and fun all wrapped up in a week they have called "The Maine Event".

Of, course, it didn't take us long to respond...we would love to join.   And, ever since we were extended the invitation, we have been counting down the days to today.

This morning, we packed up in Belfast and headed

The Maine Event 001

inland to I-95 and the 81 miles to the town of Topsham, Maine which is just outside Brunswick.

We followed Darrell's great directions and easily found the Topsham Fairgrounds.  Sure enough he and Judy were

The Maine Event 006

parked right where they said they would be.

Soon, we too were

The Maine Event 008

were parked.

Not long after we arrived, Mike and Peggy, who live here in Topsham drove out to join to group...all we need now is for

The Maine Event 007

Glenn and Sylvia to arrive.

After everyone was settled in, we decided to head to

The Maine Event 009

Captain Mike's for an early dinner and

The Maine Event 011

more visiting.

After dinner, we took ourselves back to the campground were we discussed what everyone would like to do for the week.  Of, course, meal planning was the first thing on the list and shopping was a close second, site seeing was right in there too, maybe a boat trip and a baseball game.  Gosh, I am not sure a week is enough!

Now that everyone is in

The Maine Event 012

their place, and the fellowship has started, the food is under control, the activities are lined out...let the fun begin.

I am sorry to say that for the curves life sometimes throws our way, Randy and Terry, Gene and Judy, and Mike and Gerri are not able to join us this week.

You all will be missed.


  1. Glad everyone arrived safely and the fun is beginning. Wish we could have been there...we'll miss you all too.

    Have lots of fun for us too!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Good heavens, where have I seen Mike and Peggy's Tiffin before? Maybe in my driveway, it looks identical. LOL