Monday, July 26, 2010

Oceanfront Property

Today was a travel day.  We were up early and while Mark was busy hooking up the Jeep and taking care of all the outside jobs, I was putting away the last of the inside items.  By 10:30, we were ready to move to the Moorings RV Park in Belfast...there was no need to hurry, we were just going

Belfast, ME 007

34 miles down the road.  Wow, this is my kind of travel day.

But, what a move...from the pumpkin patch field to

Belfast, ME 011

ocean front property.

The sites here by the water are 30 amp and no sewer, but they are great sites.  What a view of the

Belfast, ME 010 Penobscot Bay.

  Just a few feet away from the motor home are the

Belfast, ME 012

steps that take you down to the beach.  And, that is where I headed just as soon as my little feet would take me there.

The tide was in so, there wasn't much beach to walk on, so, I just enjoyed sitting

Belfast, ME 014

on the rocks.  It wasn't long before I was joined by

Belfast, ME 024

this little guy.  He hung out with me for a long time and both enjoyed just sitting by the

Belfast, ME 022


A little later in the afternoon, Mark and I made a trip into the quaint little town of

Belfast, ME 058

Belfast.  We enjoyed just walking the streets and looking in the

Belfast, ME 057

little shops and the

Belfast, ME 056

decorations that lined the streets.

We made a stop by the local

Belfast, ME 074

hardware store.  This store is owned by Darrell Patterson's aunt.  Darrell, we stopped in to meet your aunt, but she had just stepped out for awhile.  We did meet a young lady that told us she went to high school with you.  She however, wouldn't share any stories!

There is a nice walking tour you can take through town and all along the way you see these

Belfast, ME 073

markers explaining a little history of Belfast.  This one explains about the shoe industry that was started here in Belfast.

We then made a quick stop by the post office and the grocery store before heading back to the RV Park.

This evening, we made homemade grilled chicken sandwiches.  Afterwards, we headed out for a walk on the beach.

With the tide out, there was

Belfast, ME 081

now lots of beach to walk on.  What a difference from this morning.  We walked

Belfast, ME 115

out a long way and up and down the beach a good way.

We saw

Belfast, ME 114

a crab that the tide left behind,

Belfast, ME 107

a sea gull enjoying the cool evening,

Belfast, ME 136

giant rocks that will be almost covered up when the tide comes back in, and

Belfast, ME 141

a beautiful close to yet another amazing day.

We are so blessed!


  1. All very lovely, and great pictures.
    What a difference a tide makes!!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. What a wonderful RV park you are in. That scenery is fantastic and your pics were wonderful. Enjoy your stay there.

  3. OMG, I can't believe Mark is parked by the beach!!! LOL, also glad that you decided to sleep in and get on the road at a decent hour.

    Deb & Rod

  4. What a neat little quaint town.
    Don't you just love strolling through small towns??
    What a wonderful site with a view you all have!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Whew, I lucked out. The stories of my might not have been as pretty as I would have liked.

    Yes, Belfast has a lot of charm now but, when I was growing up (never did grow up) there you would never go near the waterfront. Belfast was a factory town with two shoe factory, a pants factory, two poultry plants, a sardine factory, and a mill all on or near the waterfront - the bay was poluted. What a transformation the city has made.

    By the way, another of my aunts was the City Manager for many years so our family has had quite an impact on that city. My brother still lives in the house the dad and mom bought back in 1949.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures; brings back fond memories.

  6. Great post. Looks like a nice place to visit. I like the walking tour...

  7. WOW, wonderful area! We'll be there hopefully next summer. Thanks for posting the area.

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