Monday, July 5, 2010

A Fabulous Fourth of July Weekend has been non stop since our trip into the city of Friday.  Greg and Kate flew into Newark and drove up to Newburgh late on Friday night.  And,  Saturday morning our almost non-stop weekend began.

McDonalds was our meeting spot which was between here and the hotel where the "parents" were staying!  Plus, it was located close to the entrance to the

New York Trip 2010 075

NY Thruway. And, we were heading out for a day of shopping at the Woodbury Common Outlet Mall.

What a mall...There were 220 stores not including all

New York Trip 2010 049

outside vendors.  This one was selling wraps that could be worn

New York Trip 2010 048

many different ways.  The trick is remembering all those 100 ways once you buy it.


New York Trip 2010 047

Granny C, said she was willing to try.  Keep us posted Cindy on all the different ways to wear your new wrap!

The shopping center was so big, that a couple of times we had

New York Trip 2010 045

stop and make a phone call to find out..."where are you?"

There were people for all over the world shopping here, especially in the high end stores.  We found that most of those stores

New York Trip 2010 055

had waiting lines outside.  Talk about crazy!!

We spent most of the day fact we shopped until

New York Trip 2010 076

we dropped.

However, with a little nap, we were all revived and ready to take in an evening

New York Trip 2010 083

at the local ballpark, which is home to the

New York Trip 2010 100

Hudson Valley Renegades.  It was a beautiful night and

New York Trip 2010 133


New York Trip 2010 104

enjoyed the game and the

New York Trip 2010 109

fun between the innings.

After the ballgame, we were thrilled by

New York Trip 2010 181

lots and

New York Trip 2010 196

lots of beautiful fireworks.

A perfect ending to a great day....but highlight of the weekend was yet to come.

Yesterday, we woke to

New York Trip 2010 003

a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley.  After meeting one more time at the McDonald's, we were off and

New York Trip 2010 008

up to Hunter Mountain which is about 60 miles north of Newburgh.

This is where our adventure would unfold.  We arrived

New York Trip 2010 014

at the tour office, signed in, and were all

New York Trip 2010 028

fitted with our safety gear.  We loaded on our tour bus and headed up the mountain.

We made a stop

New York Trip 2010 032

for a short lesson on how to "zip".

Now, that we fully understood just what it was we were in for, we headed up to the first

New York Trip 2010 041

platform.  Each time our guide would make sure all were secure by hooking our carabineer to the tree.  Then one at a time, we

New York Trip 2010 091 made our way

New York Trip 2010 092

New York Trip 2010 096


New York Trip 2010 055

the zip line to the next platform.


New York Trip 2010 087

we held on and

New York Trip 2010 089

sometimes we didn't...and sometimes

New York Trip 2010 134

our guide even convinced us it was okay to jump off backwards!

We zipped across 5 zip lines and crossed

New York Trip 2010 038

four swinging bridges before we came to the last of the platforms.

And, they saved the best one for was

New York Trip 2010 162

high in the trees and 650 feet long.  It zipped us right

New York Trip 2010 180

across to the last platform.

Again, some of us

New York Trip 2010 170

choose to hold on and

New York Trip 2010 164 others chose to just fly through the air.


New York Trip 2010 196

we were all across it was time to come down.  And, as the saying goes...what goes up...must

New York Trip 2010 232

come down.  And, the only way down from up was through

New York Trip 2010 222

this little hole

New York Trip 2010 227

a little repelling, and soon

New York Trip 2010 242

all were on the ground.  And, everyone was

New York Trip 2010 236

laughing and

New York Trip 2010 229

talking about what a great adventure we had

 New York Trip 2010 166

swinging through the trees.

Awesome...What an adventure!


New York Trip 2010 104

Jennifer for planning the ride!

It was then off to lunch and back down the mountain.  On the way back to Newburgh, we saw a sign for a light house.  Of, course, I had to we

New York Trip 2010 292

hiked down the 1/2 mile trail to find

New York Trip 2010 288

the Saugerties Lighthouse which sits on the Hudson River at Esopus Creek.

The original lighthouse was built in 1835.  In 1869, the present red-brick building was completed.  Today, the building is used as a bed and breakfast.

From the back patio, there is a great view of

New York Trip 2010 281

the Hudson River.

After our 1/2 mile back to the car, we were all ready to head back to the RV Park.  Since most of the good fireworks celebrations were on Saturday night, we decided to just hang out at the RV Park.

We topped off our last night with a

New York Trip 2010 306

campfire and a few S'mores.

All the big kids then headed back into town to their hotel, while Pop and I finished up our last evening with

New York Trip 2010 294

our three travelers, who voted this the "Best Trip Ever"

This morning came too fast for us and it was time

New York Trip 2010 328

Aunt Kate, to check everyone in at the airport.  And, then it was

New York Trip 2010 331

time for hugs and kisses and tears as the

New York Trip 2010 340

last of travelers made their way to the airport for travel back to Texas.

Now, as Poppa and I sit looking at each other, still with tears in our eyes...we want to thank each of you for traveling with us on this great grandkid vacation 2010.

And, we invite you to stay tuned as we plan and continue our great adventure in New England.


  1. I have enjoyed your vacation. Even sad myself to see them all leave.

    You guys are special grandparents!

    Happy Travels!!!

  2. I have had soooo much fun following your vacation with the "grands" I can only imagine the fun you guys had being there. I agree with made me sad to see them leave.
    You all have really provided a wonderful vacation full of memories for your "grands." Bless you guys!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. What an awesome vacation for those kids, that is truly the things that lifelong memories are made of, long after you guys are gone, the Grandkids will still be saying remember the trip to------- and the fun we had with grandpop and Grandma. God bless you all for being able to make those memries happen,Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  4. You are what grandparents should be.

  5. Awesome trip, you guys! Dortha, you are a better woman than I. There's no way on this earth anyone would EVER get me on that zip line!

  6. What a "grand" vacation this turned out to be. We enjoyed following along.

    Stay Safe

  7. Thanks for sharing Dortha, I look forward to when Gina and I can do what you and Mark are doing with your grandkids. I know y'all had a lot of fun. Stay safe and look forward to seeing y'all down the road.

    Rollie & Gina

  8. What a great memorable vacation. These are times our children and grandchildren will talk about for many years to come. I missed seeing Karen and her family.
    We are with our children, grandchidren, and great grandchildren and we are having a great time. We are going to Billings MT tomorrow.
    Love ya
    Jerry & Bev

  9. Wow, been following along too... such grandparents giving those kids a trip of a lifetime. These will be memories they will talk about for many many years long after you are gone. What a wonderful gift you have given them!

    And I would have NEVER done that zip line thing, you are a far far more braver grandma than I.....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. What an awesome time you guys had! Super! If you have a moment, you are invited to come visit my blogs: A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings and Levonne's Pretty Pics. I hope you'll leave a comment or decide to follow along. The Camp Host Housewife

  11. What a way to end the kids' vacation! But, I gotta tell ya, there is NO way you'd get me on that zip line.

    I know you had a blast with the kiddos and the MH will seem VERY big and empty for the next few days, but you'll be with some "kids" soon! See you in a few weeks!!