Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ready To Travel...

We have spent today just enjoying the beauty

Vermont 2010 100

of the  day and the peace and quite that this RV Park has to offer.

Mid afternoon, Mark grilled some pork chops and squash while I put together a salad of the fresh lettuce and tomatoes purchased from our stop at the Woodstock Market.

This afternoon we started the process of packing up and putting everything in it's place for tomorrow's travel. Our travel tomorrow will take us south out of Vermont, through New Hampshire, and into Massachusetts.

I am really sorry to leave Vermont, it is so pretty here, but it is time to move on.  And,  I am excited about our next destination...Boston.

We have reservations at the Boston Minuteman Campground in Littleton, Massachusetts.  It is northwest of Boston about 30 miles.  We have only planned for a week here, and  I know that probably isn't enough time for the area, but it will be a good start.  Maybe on our way back from Maine, we will stop again in the area.

Thanks to each of you for traveling with us through

Vermont 2010 171

Vermont...see you tomorrow from Massachusetts.


  1. Really enjoyed my trip.
    (all packed and ready to go to Massachusetts)

  2. Be sure and see the Kennedy Presidential Library. It takes you back to the time of his presidency, and will rekindle memories from your youth. We were quite moved at the end.

  3. I have really enjoyed traveling along with you all via blog. All the way back when you started with the two little "grands" to the bigger "grands" till now. It has been a blast. I took lots of notes!!
    You all travel safely!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Have a safe trip. It sounds as if you are going up into Maine. Be sure and ride the catamaran ferry to go over to Nova Scotia from Bar Harbor Maine. It was a great experience. I have really enjoyed your blog.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day for you and your family, specially because you appreciated it so much.

    Have a happy trip!