Friday, July 16, 2010

A Day with our 35th President

Our destination today was the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.

  Our plan...

Catch the Green Line T at Riverside travel to Park Street, pick up the Red Line T, and then take the free shuttle to the museum...but, somewhere between the campground and T, we decided to be brave and drive!

So, we passed up the

Boston 003

subway, reprogrammed the GPS on my Droid, and

Boston 020

along with everyone else, we headed into the city.

We passed

Boston 014

under where we had walked just yesterday and

Boston 017

with the help of the GPS, we soon found ourselves on

Boston 013

on our way through Boston.

We arrived at

Boston 026

Dorchester Bay, home of the University of Massachusetts and the

Boston 030

JFK Library.

We started our self guided tour with a short movie that took us from his boyhood to his acceptance speech at the

Boston 032

Democratic Convention.  The exhibits that followed took us right to the

Boston 036 1960 election results of our 35th president.

It was reported that he didn't even know he had been elected until he woke on the morning after the election.

We were reminded of those famous words from his

Boston 045

inaugural address.

We saw the bill that was passed to establish

Boston 041

the Peace Crops and our first efforts towards

Boston 053

travel in space and our quest to reach the moon.

Then there was his

Boston 071

his beautiful Jackie,

Boston 061

his brother, Robert, who he was very close to, and

Boston 067 his love for the water including the time he spent in the

Boston 069 

South Pacific in WWII on the PT109.

After a walk through the

Boston 065

oval office, we then

took a moment to remember

Boston 075

this date in history.

As I posted this blurry photo, I don't know about you, but there is no blur in my memory about that day.  And, I remember staying glued to the TV for the days that followed.

We concluded our tour in this

Boston 085

beautiful room.

Before leaving, we took a walk outside to view

Boston 089

Boston across the bay.

Back on the road, we programmed in our next stop...

Boston 103

the JFK birthplace in Brookline.  The Kennedy family lived here from 1914 to 1920.  With a growing family, they moved to

Boston 108

this house, just a few blocks away.  They lived here until 1927.

Two great tours today to remember

Boston 111

our 35th president.


  1. Great tour of the JFK Presidental Library. Great pics!! :)
    I also remember exactly where I was when the news came on that November day. Sad day!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Thanks for the tour, as most everyone I can remember where I was when I heard and the disbelief that was felt even in an elementary school far away in Western Canada.

  3. Great tour. Thanks for taking us along. Tell Mark hi.